This full service garden centre literally bursts onto the sidewalk with an array of seasonal plants and accessories.
A traditional florist shop with a hidden secret garden centre, East of Eliza is perfect for finding that pretty little something for a special event or a permanent fixture in your garden oasis.
If you live in the west end and are in need of a gardening fix, Plant World is the place to be. Islington Nurseries offers a well-rounded selection of seasonal plants and gardening accessories. In operation since 1976, Woodhill Garden Centre provides a variety of garden needs and services. For sustainable urban gardening that gives a nod to our "roots", Urban Harvest can't be beat. 1604 Queen Street West threw me off as it's home to Coriander Girl (great florist), but upon checking the website it appears that they are sharing the space. I know they're up in arms about the current construction affecting they're business, so I made it a point of shopping there for that reason. BTW, if they could provide thoughtful bunches of fresh cut flowers, then I wouldn't need to resort to Loblaws!!
Sorry, East End - I like to support local businesses but not if they're going to treat me like crap. We have gone to Tumino's for years, they are lovely knowledgeable people and Silvana's very creative with containers and planters. The guy at 165 geary street was nothing short of awesome, went to get supplies, he was very helpful, lots of info and patience for a somewhat newbie green thumb, and even makes his own nutrients!
Hi, I am looking for Royal Star Magnolias tree to plant into my garden this year, but cannot find it anywhere :( Dose anyone know where I may find one?
Down 2 Earth at Parklawn south of Queensway in Etobicoke (JUST barely in Etobicoke) has a pretty good selection of annuals and perennials for city folk. Don't forget to support local farmers from Ontario this season at one of Toronto's many Farmers' Markets! If you feel like a drive to Caledon, Plant Paradise Country Gardens will amaze you with the quality of plants and the friendly helpful advice. After reading this article I called East End Garden Centre to enquire if they sold a particular plant, and also what the price range for that plant would be. I didn't try the sake at Ontario Spring Water Sake Company last timea€¦ it was too crowded! If you want a guided tour you can sign up for the Segway tour or take one of the walking tours. Paradise Views Landscaping Toronto, Etobicoke construction contractors designing and building beautiful landscapes for residential commercial properties. Toronto residential landscaping services company in Etobicoke, garden and construction contractors designing and building beautiful landscapes for residential commercial spaces specializing in hardscapes using interlock or flagstone for paving. Sausages fresh from the grill and the aroma of juicy steaks hanging in the air: A tried-and-true recipe for a fun-filled grilling evening.
Sofa Furniture Toronto is a Toronto based Furniture Retail focus on Fabri and Leather Sofa. Sofas: Transitional and contemporary modern sofa beds in different upholsteriesm including microfiber and leather.

Waterfront Toronto has officially opened Underpass Park at River Street in the West Don Lands, a key piece of their West Don Lands development project. The event also marked the official unveiling of artist Paul Raff's installation "Mirage", composed of mirrored panels mounted below the transport infrastructure above, reflecting the activites occuring within the park and brightening up the space for users. We were happy to see the park's varied facilities being used, even if a little extra activity was drawn due to the the official event. While all the the speeches were taking place, the real action was taking place in the already well-used and liked skate park. With UrbanToronto's new offices located relatively close to Underpass Park you can be sure we'll be checking up on how it is used over the ensuing months. Underpass Park will be the most extensive park to ever be built under an overpass in Canada, and the first ever in Toronto.
Every great urban gardener will tell you that sourcing your plants and gardening supplies from a quality garden centre is key to your planting success.
In addition to annuals, perennials, plants, trees, shrubs and every type of gardening gear you could possibly think of, East End Garden Centre also carries hardware, electrical and plumbing supplies and offers landscaping services. Owner Reed Russell is known for her earthy and whimsical approach to planter boxes and floral arrangements.
With 5 acres of retail space, and year round greenhouses, this store truly has everything your green thumb is itching for.
Lee Valley Tools has three locations around the city that provide every possible gardening tool imaginable. The prices at Woodhill are generally a little cheaper than the average garden store and there is a wide selection of annuals, perennials, trees, shrubs and vines available.
I am currently carless and not sure how a taxi will take to carrying bags of manure potting soil and plants around.
Dont forget all those little variety stores that sell veggies and flowers during the summer .
Now, I profess to knowing nothing about gardening, and I was upfront about that, but there's nothing quite like feeling like an idiot in front of other people in line.
It's better to go there for the Belong Cafe that's beside them and then go to a place like Humber Nurseries who carry everything including natives! The lady very rudely dismissed me and said she didn't know the price but they do have the plant and hung up.
Toronto landscapers who use wood structures, water features, interlock, natural stone and Plantings to construct the best design spaces, for your backyard, pool area or front entrance,  Paradise Views Landscaping for all your Landscape needs, and commercial snow removal services in Etobicoke. The grill cart "Toronto XXL" is the perfect companion for real BBQ fun whether on warm summer nights or during the colder months. The event had a number of notable photo-ops, including those that we tweeted earlier today. The event marked the opening of phase 1 of the park, which encompasses the land between St.
Following Ford's ascent a barrage of cameras surrounded the playground equipment, eager to capture the mayor's new angle. For all of the project renderings, information and related stories head over to the associated dataBase listing below. Ask to visit the back lot for a seemingly endless supply of soil, mulch, wood chips and gravel.

Although most known as a great independent grocery store, Fiesta Farms also boasts an awesome garden centre, which is open seasonally. Plant World's location has remained a hub for the gardening crowd since its inception way back in 1889.
They carry a variety of heirloom, organic and non-genetically modified seeds and plants that you won't find in most other garden centers.
Definitely will be taking my business elsewhere even if other places end up being more expensive. The "Toronto XXL" offers a broad range of possibilities for grilling and turns every barbecue into an event. Lawrence Street and Bayview and consists of a playground area, basketball courts, and a skate park; phase 2 will span from St. The store carries plants, accessories, tools and raw materials like soils, fertilizers and plant care products. Head to their stone yard at 270 Evans Avenue for a large selection of landscaping materials and supplies. The American-style grill cart features a coal tray with six-fold variable height adjustment for perfect control of the grilling temperature. Bill's also offers a range of organic products and other nifty items like bird baths, trellises, benches and bird houses. Meanwhile, I was looking to buy at least $50 in soil and then a few seeds and plants as well. Adjust the distance between the coals and the grill rack to adjust the cooking temperature for your food. So I told her never mind and that she was obviously too busy to make a sale, put down all of the plants I had chosen and left. The lid allows you to enclose the grill surface, trapping heat inside the grill with your food. Special air vents ensure even air circulation during grilling and prevent the coals from going out while the lid is closed.
The smooth-action lid makes indirect grilling simple - a cooking method where the food lies in a enclosed space, not directly above the flame. Easily monitor the temperature inside your grill with the built-in lid thermometer and know exactly when to add more charcoal so your barbecue lasts long into the evening. The "Toronto XXL" can be tipped to the side and rolled around, making it especially handy and convenient. In addition, both side trays can be folded down, which makes it easy to store the "Toronto XXL" away and save space for periods of disuse.
In addition to the above-mentioned features, other small features - such as the bottle opener and utensil hooks - make the "Toronto XXL" grill the ideal BBQ companion!

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