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Billed as a€?an oasis of tranquility in New Yorka€™s East Village,a€? the Creative Little Garden is an example of how New Yorkers can make the most out of any space, no matter how small it is. At the far edge of Brooklyn, bordering Jamaica Bay, lies the largest community garden in New York City with nearly 500 plots. Astoria doesna€™t have too many gardens, which is why Two Coves Community Garden is so great. When it comes to sustainable landscaping, Portland, Oregon is home to quintessential examples of how to do it right. Rain garden: Because rain freely falls in the Pacific Northwest, it’s important to reduce standing water and minimize the runoff that ends up in local watersheds.
Organic fertilizers: While chemical fertilizers can help make plants look pretty, they degrade the quality of the soil. Using nature to reduce energy costs: When placed strategically, trees and vegetation can help keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.
Sustainable maintenance: In addition to using organic fertilizers, sustainable landscaping maintenance includes using hand-pruning techniques, organic landscaping care and an integrated pest management utilizing natural pest control. Community Gardens: If you don’t have enough room to grow vegetables, get a plot at a Portland community garden.
Leach Botanical Garden: Take classes in natural gardening and learn how to start your own compost pile.
Sustainable landscaping isn’t difficult to do, nor is it a trend that you dismiss in a couple years. Guest author Steve Stewart is President of Landscape East & West, Portland, Oregon’s landscaping design professionals.
Welcome to On Blueberry Hill, designed to share ideas, creations and inspirations for knitting, quilting and sewing, mosaics and ceramics, photography, and more.

Sublime Garden Design is a full-service boutique landscape design firm serving Snohomish County, Seattle, and surrounding areas. Clients Say…"I now have an amazing outdoor living space that is better than I could have ever imagined.
Opened in 1982 on the site of a former tenement building that burned down, this 24-by-100-foot garden, with 40 to 80 members at any one time, features a winding birch-chip path, eight sculptures, a waterfall, a wide variety of flora and fauna, and more birdhouses than local schoolchildren can count.
Built on what was the citya€™s first airfield, the lush Floyd Bennett Field Community Garden at the Gateway National Recreation Area is as big as it is beautiful. Ita€™s a beautiful garden that should be included in your list, if for no other reason than its history. More than a design trend, landscaping with sustainability in mind is about making a choice to care for the earth and conserve what it offers.
By setting up a rainwater collection system, you can use the water you capture during the fall, winter and spring months to water your plants during the summer.  Rainwater harvesting can be as simple as connecting a rain barrel to your gutters or as involved as building an underground cistern.
A rain garden looks like a modern landscaping element but uses layers of specially placed soil and native plants to soak up and filter the water, returning it to the ground.
If your house doesn’t have air conditioning, like many in the Portland area, the natural shade complements an oscillating fan well. Save water and help the earth by reducing the size of your lawn or using a lawn alternative. It’s a practice that helps the environment and keeps your property beautiful at the same time.
I appreciate the way Heidi took into account my lifestyle, taste and the existing plants that I already had into her design. Sidman NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Sunday, May 6, 2012, 6:00 AM facebook Tweet email The Creative Little Garden, 'an oasis of tranquility in New York's East Village' (Jacob E. The path winds past colorful azaleas, tulips, hydrangeas, ferns, rose bushes and bleeding hearts, before culminating in a slate patio nestled under the shade of a large willow tree. Carrots, tomatoes, asparagus, basil, green beans and Swiss chard can all be found growing during summer.

The Hands and Heart Garden opened in 2007 on the site of a long-abandoned, weed-choked lot to promote local sustainable agriculture in East New York, a neighborhood with few fresh-food options. You can make your own compost pile from materials such as lawn clippings, fall leaves, manure, branches, dried plants, shredded and torn paper, coffee grounds, used tea bags, eggshells, fruit peels and vegetable discards. They require little watering, don’t need fertilizers, thrive in the winter and demand minimal maintenance.
But the best part of the Creative Little Garden is that it is open every day and everyone is welcome, including leashed pets.
Since then, the half-acre garden has thrived, growing to 33 members, most of whom grow West Indian crops like okra, hot peppers, collard greens and tomatoes.
Ita€™s open every day from 11 till 6 ; other gardens in the neighborhood are rarely open and usually just on weekends. The vegetables are then sold at a market right outside the garden gate on Wednesdays and at another nearby market on Saturdays.
Ita€™s not the biggest, sunniest or showiest, but it has a wonderful charm, with fountains, a small waterfall, beautiful plantings and places to sit and tables to work or eat at. This relatively new garden even has a wait-list now, and members often farm soil-enriching crops in winter. The best thing about it is that ita€™s always filled with birds who are constantly singing, drowning out the city noise. An all-moss lawn is simple to grow in Oregon, looks beautiful, doesn’t need mowing and gets all the water it needs from seasonal rainfall.

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