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Perennial plants are often thought of as hardy plants that can survive long-term through a variety of conditions. Smaller perennial flowers often develop a special means of surviving through winter which can include specialized stems, bulbs, crowns, and so forth.
Whether it’s a tree that lives for several millennia, or a tiny flower that survives for just two seasons, both are considered perennials. The perennial plants you choose for your own garden will depend largely on your own tastes, the level of effort you are willing to put into a plant’s care, whether your garden receives lots of sun or spends more time in the shade, how cold your winters and how hot your summers are, and many other factors.
If your garden receives a lot of sun, then you might want to consider perennial flowers that enjoy receiving plenty of sun. Plant stores often have perennials for sale that are hardy and known for their resistance to drought, heat, cold, and other stresses.
If your garden experience less sunlight and more shade, then look for perennials designed to survive in low-sunlight conditions. Check with a salesman at your favorite gardening store to ensure that the plants and flowers you look at have been bred specifically for durability under a wide variety of harsh conditions. Choose your perennials, flowers, and other plants wisely, and you’ll be able to derive years of enjoyment from your garden. Valid comments are always encouraged and welcome, but please remember this is not a platform for self-promotion. August 11, 2012 by Jennifer Ebeling Leave a Comment This past spring, I visited Tonkadale Nursery for many weekend workshops.
These little pots are available at Michael’s Craft store and you can fill them with any variety of items.
I have many of these iron items for my fairy garden and they can get lost in the plant material.

My friend, Jen, will be joining me this fall to explain the therapeutic value and meanings behind fairy gardening.
First of all, buy your watercress, just a bunch like you would use normally in the kitchen. Using a plastic container, a large plant pot, bucket or suchlike, making sure it has drainage holes in, fill with compost, any compost will do.
When the watercress has established and is growing new shoots, begin to feed with a good quality plant feed. This weekend, while Unhusband was otherwise engaged, I spent a back-crunching few hours trying to remove the gardening equivalent of felt tip pen on the walls, from the strawberry patch.
While I was busy eroding my lower vertebrae, J and D were diligently terrorising the local insect population. Not being much of an entomologist, I suggested it could be both, though Google later informed me this wasn’t technically correct.
When my back couldn’t take any more, we went to collect manure from a steaming, buzzing mountain. But the actual definition of a perennial plant is any long-lived plant from the smallest flowers to the largest trees. Trees are formed of robust woody tissue that allows them to live thousands of years in many cases. Perennials plants that are meant to be in the sun are often of this hardy variety, specifically developed for high heat and drought-like conditions, requiring little care. Plants that thrive in the shade are less likely to be drought resistant and will probably require more watering and care than usual, so if that’s what you need, be sure to check on that. Staffed by those who love gardening, every plant purchased from their website is guaranteed to flourish.
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Gardening PodcastJennifer Ebeling (the 6ftmama) is a Master Gardener and a professional home & garden blogger. I thought, like many people I expect, that you needed running water, (a stream) to grow it.
A good place to find watercress is a farm shop where it will be fresh and generally will still have some roots on. Fill to within three to four inches from the top, this will help to contain your growing watercress.
It sends its mafia of roots to all corners of the veg patch to choke the life out of anything edible. These kinds of plants will do well in desert states such as Utah, Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico. Firm your compost down, saturate with water, and once the water has drained away, insert your stems of watercress, firming around the stems with your fingers.
Now comes the important bit – your watercress will need watering every day to keep the compost damp. It’s so indestructible you can’t even chuck it on the compost heap, as it’ll only come back to life as, guess what, more couch grass. I carted it off to the weed pile (away from the plots) with the rest of the fruits of my neglect. When she's not teaching her four kids a new card game - or driving them somewhere - she loves inspiring individuals and groups to maximize and personalize their home & garden. Spread that over your plot and you may as well give up trying to grow your own, and head to Tescos, or at least invest in a good chiropractor.

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