Funds were used to purchase supples for Oklahoma Minute to Win It game and Pop, Pop, Popcorn lesson.
They were amazed with the chicks hatching, the fact and fiction concerning pigs, the breeds of cows and making butter, and planting radishes in shoes. My students learned how food goes from a seed to the shelf at the store and the different ways animals help us and what they produce for us. The funds were used to buy books (mostly non-fiction) that correlate with Oklahoma Ag in the Classroom lessons. My students are now more aware of the food groups, different plant parts we eat, how certain plants are grown and the process of making butter.
The funds were used to purchase a triple beam balance and petri dishes for an Ag in the Classroom lesson.
Students learned that every ear of corn has an even number of rows, that cornmeal is just ground dry corn and that asparagus actually tastes good and is easy to grow.

Funds were used to purchase ag-related non-fiction and fiction books and fruits and veggies for a tasting party.
Funds used to purchase materials for teaching Ag in the Classroom lessons throughout the school year. The children learned that even at age 5, they are capable of making their own healthy snacks and that choosing healthy foods at school and at home make a bit difference in their overall wellbeing. Individual designs for small and not so small spaces.  Sunnyside has the materials and the know-how to create gardening gems of all shapes and sizes.
Nick and the Sunnyside team were great to work with- they devised a plan that met our needs and were responsive to our questions and concerns prior to installation and afterwards. I have worked on two different projects with the gang at Sunnyside Gardens and I would recommend them to anyone.
Sunnyside Gardens continually impresses me by their outstanding customer service, work ethic, creativity and attention to detail.

They learned that it first starts on a farm and takes many people to get that one crop to the store. They learned that butterflies and other insects are important to our food supplay and that they pollinate flowers, which increases crop yield. All my experiences with Sunnyside have been extremely favorable and I wouldn't consider using anyone else as the end results have been amazing!!

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