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The most common questions about gardening come from people just starting out: What do I do?
Thinking big in the beginning is good, but understand that nature is complicated, and most beginning vegetable gardeners run into all kinds of issues in the first few years.
Ideally, your garden will be somewhere that you will walk through every day and will have easy access to a source of water.
Rarely will the soil have enough nutrients by itself to encourage the kind of growth we want to see.
We have 3 general growing seasons in the north Texas region:  1) cool weather, 2) warm weather, and 3) way too hot weather. Since this article was written, the Citizen Gardener education program has become available in the DFW area.
Some varieties of garlic store longer than others; but basically keeping it in a cool, dry, dark place will let you store your garlic until almost time to harvest the next crop. I disagree somewhat with your recommendation of Mel’s book as a good starting place for DFW gardeners. Great post, I was wondering if you could advise me on my vegetable garden, which fertilizer would you recommend to add into the soil? Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Slugs are soil-dwelling creatures closely related to snails, clams, and other members of the phylum Mollusca. An air pocket in the soil allowed slugs to eat the roots of this fountain grass (Pennisetum); when replanted without the air pocket, the plant recovered completely. Social class in the UK, despite the best efforts of Politicians trying to convince us otherwise is as strong as ever in terms of the division and privileges associated with it.
A persons social class, particularly if you are in the lower echelons has a profound effect on a persons ability to access a whole host of things, including – Health, education, a decent living wage, and all of the resources that many take for granted.
It is fair to say that those who have a greater access to general resources create more waste and pollution than those with a limited access. Breaking down the barriers of social class is no small task, a true classless society would mean dismantling the hierarchical mechanism through taking control of the means of production, and running the industries of the future in the manner of cooperatives, guilds and associations, but isn’t this what we all want, A world free of divisions?
There is no place for social class in the type of future that we need where the well being of people and planet walk hand in hand, Capitalism, and the control of resources by Capitalists has created and perpetuated the class system which divides us all, it is also capitalism that is draining away the last of the worlds resources to service the colossal debt generated by the Banking sector during the credit crunch.

For commoners, alternative thinkers, tinkerers, future thinking creatives, radical activists, nowtopians, permaculturists and all human beings who want a PERMANENT CULTURE NOW.
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Coreopsis  - This is another daisy-like flower with smaller blooms than the Black-eyed-Susan and Coneflowers.
Lantana - Blooms are clustered atop dark green foliage in yellow, orange, red, lavender, white and bi-colors are fragrant. Salvia - There are many different types of Salvia in different sizes and many different color. Sun Parasol Mandevilla - These new Mandevilla vines are bred for their gorgeous rich red color and long-lasting blooms.
Lemon Slice Calibrachoa - Calibrachoas are closely related to petunias - they actually look like mini petunias and are commonly called million bells. I get really overwhelmed at all the info and the H-E-A-T killing everything, so this post (and the one about when to plant on your other site) are going to help a lot. All the garlic you by in stores has been cured, which is a form of preservation and make sit last way longer.
I think it would be just asking for trouble – our weather is so varied from extreme heat to weird cycles of warmth and freezing through the winter; not a stable environment! Use 5-inch grit barrier; such as, diatomaceous earth, sharp or builder's sand, ground gritty nut hulls, or ground egg shells. This piece is not about causing antagonisms between people from different backgrounds, there is enough of that sort of thing going on by the very fact that there is a class system so heavily rooted in British society, it is more an attempt to discuss some of the issues relating to social class and ecology.
The higher up the greasy pole of the social ladder a person is, the greater all round access they have to what I have mentioned above. For working class people who live on a tight budget the waste that they generate is likely to be lower than those from middle and upper class backgrounds simply because they do not have the economic means to generate the levels of waste and pollution that those with disposable incomes do. A world without social class can only occur in a world without capitalism, an ecologically sound future can only occur without capitalism. Since my childhood in Michigan (where we ate stuff from the yard all the time) I have wanted to do the same for my kids, but I am a)ignorant and b)a little bit lazy. Say you go through a whole head of garlic per week–all you need to plant then is 50-60 cloves in the fall and dry them in the spring! The succulent tissues of young seedlings and bulbs are especially susceptible to slug damage.

Because slugs are soft-bodied and require cool, moist conditions to survive, they avoid the sun during the day and hide under leaves, rocks, boards, and overturned pots in the garden.
They have a soft bump in the center of their bodies and eyes at the tips of their small tentacles. Diatomaceous earth, sold as Perma-Guard, is made from the ground skeletons of small fossilized plants.
Copper strips or copper wire placed around the base of plants or pots is an effective barrier or deterrent to slugs.
Granules or baits containing metaldehyde are effective in controlling slugs but need to be used with caution. The green movement, for want of a title is very middle class, this isn’t because people down the social ladder are unwilling to live ecologically sound lives, it is down to the fact that people from working class backgrounds are not educated about social issues and do not come from cultural backgrounds where education is promoted with any sort of vigour, people from lower down the social ladder also cannot afford to buy products that are ecologically sensitive.
If there is to be anything like a class war, it should mean that we wage war on the class system itself and come together to share resource, skills and new practices. At midday, collect and dispose of the slugs which are escaping the mid-day sun on the undersides of the boards. It has many sharp edges that lacerate the bodies of slugs, causing them to dehydrate and die.
They cannot be used on vegetables and should not be used where children or pets may pick them up or eat them. Coming from a very working class background myself, my entrance into understanding politics and ecology came about through my involvement with alternative culture in the 80s and 90s, which had its origins in Punk rock music which I got into whilst I was at secondary school in the late 70s.
They climb 12 - 15 feet high and are perfect as a trailing plant in hanging baskets and window boxes or to climb over trellises and arbors.
Placing the bait in a partially flattened tin can will limit the access children and pets have to the bait. At the time I was seen as an outcast by some members of my own community because I chose not to ‘get my head down and work’ However once I explained to them what I was trying to achieve and learn as part of following this different life route I received some sympathy and moral support from those who I grew up with.

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