21-year-old Leon Wilson has been charged with the murder of his 42-year-old pregnant mother, Scarlett Wilson. Upon arrival to the scene, authorities found Leon, whose clothing was covered in blood, in possession of a bloody knife. Though Wilson suffered from multiple stab wounds, her baby was able to be safely delivered at Cooper University Hospital.
During Leona€™s arraignment on Monday, assistant Camden County prosecutor Howard Gilfert noted that Leon had previously been charged with possession of a controlled substance and was known for missing court dates. There has been a water feature-worth of champagne for garden designer Andy Sturgeon in the past few days to celebrate his Best in Show award for his Jurassic-inspired Telegraph Garden.
Endless warm wishes (and flutes of fizz) from peers, family and friends have joined with more reserved commendations from the Chelsea Garden Show regulars – discreet nods from below a well-worn panama hat or the swish of a floral scarf. There has even been botanical tribute: on the morning we meet, the day after his award was announced – an overawed German gardener proffers a seedling brought all the way from northern Europe in a Tupperware box. Indeed, the only element missing is the delight of his partner Sarah Didinal, mother of their three children: Luke, 16, Cameron, 13, and 11-year-old Tom, who died of sudden heart failure in June 2009, the year before Sturgeon’s first Best in Show, also for a Telegraph Garden.
Not just of the wonderful garden, with its hidden planting and contrasting angles and textures.
There’s no denying Sturgeon has achieved an extraordinary amount, especially as garden design itself wasn’t even a “thing” when he left school in 1984. He enrolled on a course in interior landscaping at the Welsh College of Horticulture, now Northop College, in Flintshire, and worked at the Royal Horticultural Society’s garden at Wisley. His first job post-college was with the pioneering garden designer David Stevens, himself a winner of Best in Show at Chelsea, and numerous awards and medals.
Eventually, the yacht was towed back to Richards Bay, but Sturgeon hitched a ride back out on a trimaran. He also narrowly avoided becoming fish food, during an impromptu wash off the back of the boat.

He went on to South East Asia, meeting up with his younger sister who was living in Thailand, and her old school friend, Sarah: “funny, beautiful and beguiling. By the time Sturgeon got back to the UK aged 31, in May 1997, the landscape for gardeners had changed irrevocably.
The final piece fell into place when Sarah came back to London in autumn 1998, engaged to an Australian, forcing Sturgeon to get his skates on.
And then one morning, when the boys were three, five and nine, Sturgeon woke up to discover Sarah – aged 37 – dead in bed beside him.
Au pairs have come and gone – some wonderful, some woeful – but one of the most useful, therapeutic things Sturgeon did was to get a dog – a Labrador-Boxer cross who, remarkably, shares the same birthday as Sarah and Luke, too. Sturgeon is now in a settled relationship with Thea Thompson, a landscape architect who works for his company, which seems logical as he is still clearly overwhelming driven by his passion for design. He admits all his sons talk about space and form quite naturally when they visit his gardens, and Luke has ambitions to be an architect. The dream post-Chelsea is to be designing gardens around the world in the style he has shown this week on a bigger scale. November 20, 2015 by Debbie Chapman 1 Comment Last year on a freezing cold day in November, I wrapped our Christmas lights around the pillars on our front porch and on the bushes in our front yard by myself. Those days may be dreary, but they totally inspire me to bust out the Christmas carols and pull out some decorations!
Surely Sarah would be most proud of how far Sturgeon has come in the past six years as a father, building and then juggling his successful business with bringing up their three young men at the family home in Brighton. Unfortunately, Sturgeon was caught out by the recession in 1989, when he decided to go freelance.
The experience of caring for lawns and pruning wisteria was invaluable later, Sturgeon admits, but drove him mad at the time.
This time he witnessed dolphins gliding through bioluminescence in the water, “surfing the bow waves, under a wide horizon of stars”.

Ground Force had become a staple TV show, and the Telegraph had produced its first gardening supplement.
He wrote Planted which was considered fresh and innovative, and then Potted, produced newspaper columns, and became a TV regular. In the meantime, as the show ends, the plants will go back to the nursery to be sold, and the stone slabs and sculptures will be stored until they find life in a new design. It wasn’t over the top fancy, but I was 9 MONTHS PREGNANT with my son at the time! Crazy me, I had hoped that if I climbed up some chairs and did some bending over it might make him come out sooner, but nope!
My girls love crafts, and when we can make Christmas related crafts, it makes coming up with ideas so much easier! Whether you’re looking for kids crafts or grown up crafts, there are tons of awesome projects here to inspire you!
But she is remembered everywhere – a tree was planted at the boys’ school, another in the local park.
And do you know what’s perfect to do on a cold, wintery day with Christmas carols blaring in the background? And I was told at the time, that kids under four like Tom are unlikely to remember that time, but I think he does. And to top it all off, he actually ended up running over some of the Christmas lights with the snowblower before the season was over.

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