Garden Gnomes are so passe, and if you want to make a loud statement to that effect, look no further than the Rampaging Kaiju Garden Gnome. Many people have garden gnomes in the yard but very few have a cool T-rex dinosaur attacking the garden gnomes. I am glad to have landed on it and with the tips provided, I am pretty sure that this will be a soft ride! Yes the gravestone is rice krispie attached to a support board, then covered in grey fondant. We stacked and filled the cake with swiss buttecream and slightly carved the bottom of the cake where the neck would be.

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Just press the action icon and move it across all the garden beds for a quick, smooth harvesting. We covered him in yellowish grey fondant then airbrushed black, after that we went in with light green petal dust and touched up.
For the facial features I made cake pop batter (baked cake with icing) and formed the forhead, nose, and jowels.

Zombies Gw2 "super Brainz" #79SOLDPlants Vs Zombies Gw2 Super Brainz Target Exclusive Funko Pop! 95% of the scultping was to the cake then after we laid the fondant on we used a paintbrush to emphasis detail and add a few extra wrinkles. Vinyl Figure #79SOLDFunko Pop Plants Vs Zombies Gw2 Super Brainz #79 Target ExclusiveSOLDFunko Pop!

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