The Dusk Zone's actions necessitated the escape of two of the Garden of Light's protectors, odd talkative creatures named Mepple and Mipple.
The initial run of the series has Cure White and Cure Black searching for the Prism Stones, which they collect in a heart shaped device known as the Prism Hopish. The series motifs are rainbows and hearts, and the Cures' signature motif is the two parts of the Yin-Yang symbol, though it was later omitted in the sequel.
On February 25, 2006, 4Kids Entertainment announced broadcasting and distribution rights for Pretty Cure in the United States of America.[1] However, 4Kids Entertainment never aired the show or produced an English version of it. On December 16, 2008, Anime News Network, citing Animation Magazine, reported that Toei Animation made an agreement with the Canadian cable network YTV to air an English-dubbed version of the first Pretty Cure series in Canada. In 2009, Funimation licensed the series for online distribution on the company's website as well as several other Toei titles[6], but Funimation no longer streams the show. It was also recently announced that the YTV version has begun airing on the UK Sky Digital Channel PopGirl.
Misumi Nagisa (?????, Misumi Nagisa?) (Natalie "Nat" Blackstone in the English dub): Nagisa is the athletic heroine of the series. Yukishiro Honoka (?????, Yukishiro Honoka?) (Hannah Whitehouse in the English dub): Honoka is the best student in the class, and loves reading books and science. Mepple (????, Meppuru?): He is the chosen protector of the Princess of Hope, and is in Nagisa's care. Pollun (???, Porun?): The Prince of Light who is sent to be with Pretty Cure in the second half of the series.
Poisony (?????, Poizoni?) (Pandora in the English dub): The only female of the Denizens, Poisony is the third of them.
Kiriya (???, Kiriya?) (Kirea in the English dub): The youngest and fourth of the denizens, and Poisony's little brother. Ilkubo (?????, Irukubo?): The last and strongest of the denizens, emotionless Illkubo can be considered the Dark King's right hand man. Belzei Gertrude (???????????, Beruzei Gatorudo?): One of the Seeds of Darkness that appears in the second half of the series. Dark King (???????, Jakukingu?): The imprisoned ruler of the Dusk Zone, and also the series' main antagonist. Wisdom (?????, Wizudamu?): Wisdom is the mysterious guardian of the Prism Stones who usually appears when summoned by Pretty Cure and who's name is only mentioned once by Ilkubo. Kubota Shiho (?????, Kubota Shiho?) (Shauna in the English dub): The other friend of Nagisa. Takenouchi Yoshimi (?????, Takenouchi Yoshimi?) (Yvette Woodgrove in the English dub): The teacher of Verone Academy's Cherry Blossom class. Fujimura Shougo (????, Fujimura Shougo?) (Shawn Ferguson in the English dub): Honoka's childhood friend, whom Nagisa has had a crush on from before the series' start. Kimata (??, Kimata?) (Kossner in the English dub): Shougo's best friend who is also part of the football team. Fujita Akane (?? ???, Fujita Akane?) (Alex in the English dub): Former lacrosse captain when she was a Verone Academy student, she now owns a mobile takoyaki shop that Nagisa, Honoka and their friends frequently visit.
Nakagawa Yumiko (, Nakagawa Yumiko?) (Nickie in the English dub): The present captain of the lacrosse team and a senior student. Pretty Cure Rainbow Bracelets - A power-up received later in the series that lets them use Pretty Cure Rainbow Storm.
Garden of Rainbows (???, Niji no Sono?): The term used by residents of the Garden of Light and Dusk Zone that refers to the Earth. Garden of Light (???, Hikari no Sono?): The world where Mepple, Mipple, Porun and Lulun come from. The story revolves around two girls, Misumi Nagisa and Yukishiro Honoka, who fight the forces of the Dusk Zone; a dimension of evil that encroached on the Garden of Light. Nagisa and Honoka have not really spoken to each other, and hardly know the other exists because of their differences.
After defeating the first denizen, the girls find a Prism Stone, one of the seven artifacts that protected the Garden of Light from danger, whereas now most of them are in the hands of each of the denizens. Once they have discovered all the Prism Stones, its power takes them to the Garden of Light and repairs most of the damage done by the Dusk Zone. After fighting with Pretty Cure for a long time, the Seeds of Darkness realize that as soon as the Dark King is back in control, they will cease to exist, and thus plan to take over him and the Prism Stones' powers.
At the very end of the series, Mepple and Mipple bid a tearful goodbye to Nagisa and Honoka, who beg the two of them not to go. Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart follows what happens after the summer break, in the girls' third and last year at Verone Academy. The series has proven popular enough with Japanese viewers to warrant five spin-off series. In a TV Asahi opinion poll, Pretty Cure appeared in the 45th position, above other series of the magical girl genre like Cutie Honey, Cardcaptor Sakura, and Magical Angel Creamy Mami. Futari wa Pretty Cure is the very first series in what is, as of 2015, a franchise consisting of ten different series, twelve seasons and 18 different movies. Futari wa Pretty Cure is the only season so far that has only one ending song; all others have two different ending songs. Futari wa Pretty Cure is the only season with only one transformation sequence, while all other seasons have at least two different transformation sequences, including its sequel. It is the only (old) season that has no villain who has been revived in Pretty Cure All Stars DX 2: Kibou no Hikari - Rainbow Jewel o Mamore!. Futari wa Pretty Cure is the first and one of two seasons to have a sequel, with Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart. A special Audio Drama was created pairing up the characters of Futari wa Pretty Cure with the characters of the then-current Tokusatsu Super Sentai series Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger. Futari wa Pretty Cure and it's sequel is the only season so far where the lead Cure's main color is not pink, but black instead. Futari wa Pretty Cure, or simply "Pretty Cure," is a magical girl anime directed by Daisuke Nishio. As Nagisa and Honoka cheer for Fujipi and his Soccer Team, Baldez captures Hikari and Pollun.
In her bedroom, Nagisa continues to think when Pyuan, the Heartiel they captured the day before shows impression with her feelings. The next day at school, Nagisa tells Hikari and Honoka her idea to make a flag to cheer for Fujipi.
Later on, at the Cafe, Hikari begins to wonder what "liking someone" means, and from the Chairect she hears the Queen's voice, explaining that it is a pure feeling. Meanwhile, at the Mansion of Darkness, the boy is playing with a new toy - a helicopter, while Circulas told Baldez about the Heartiels. The girls returned to the game to see that it is now 2nd half with the last minutes remaining.

Later, Fujipi thanks Nagisa for what she did to help him feel better and give him the strength needed. Michiru and Kaoru sit in the Fountain of Sky while thinking about how they originally didn't care what Akudaikan did.
Kaoru and Michiru seem genuinely happy with this idea and they agree to help Pretty Cure, officially befriending them for real. Goyan introduces the girls as Cure Bloom and Cure Egret, then Michiru and Kaoru beg with Akudaikan to reconsider destroying the world. As Akudaikan prepares to attack again, Michiru and Kaoru rise and use their powers to temporarily protect Bloom and Egret. As they stand, returned to their normal form, the girls begin to weep the loss of their friends. They serve as a source of information and peanut gallery for the series and are usually found within Card Communes, transformation devices which resemble mobile phones. For some periods, they can transform into their real selves and interact more easily with each other. The series premiered on March 6, 2009,[4] with Nagisa and Honoka renamed as "Natalie Blackstone" and "Hannah Whitehouse" respectively.[5] The dub is produced by Ocean Studios in Vancouver, BC, Canada, and recorded at Blue Water Studios in Calgary, Alberta. He is quite arrogant and constantly argues with with his care-taker, but he loves Mipple, and they are often seen having a "lovey-dovey" relationship. Unlike Mepple, she is reserved and seems to get along well with her care-taker, but she still cares very much for him. She is much more sly and careful than the others, and usually transforms into a human to gain Pretty Cure's trust first. Despite his wisdom, he often keeps forgetting Nagisa and Honoka's names and referring to them as the Pretty Cure. She is the trio's wisest when she needs to be, and is also the defense of the lacrosse team. Out of the trio, she is the most hyper one, and can often be heard repeating certain words thrice. Weaver in the English dub): The vice-Principal of Verone Academy, and tries desperately to be on the principal's good side, following him everywhere.
The Dusk Zone's power takes the form of the Zakenna, creatures that infect people or items to turn them evil. However, when they meet Mepple and Mipple, and are led to each other through them, they are able to use the power of light to transform into Cure Black and Cure White and fight the denizens of the Dusk Zone. Now that they have gotten the first Prism Stone from the hands of danger, they look for the Prism Hopish and its guardian, Wisdom, to keep the stones safe. However, they have to defeat the Dark King himself, using all of their strength to manage that.
He transforms into what looks like an electronic notebook, and stays with Nagisa in order to help them fight against the Seeds of Darkness, which are creatures that the Dark King managed to make right before he got destroyed. Eventually, they are able to fuse together and acquire the power of light, which makes them unstoppable in the fight against Pretty Cure. Although they are no longer Pretty Cure, Nagisa and Honoka continue being best friends, and still keep their Card Communes that Mepple and Mipple are now asleep in. Sailor Moon appears in the Top 20[7][8], and was the winner of the "Best Theme Song Award" at the 9th Animation Kobe (2004) for Mayumi Gojo's "Danzen! The Queen disappears, it is revealed that the Dark King is going through a resurrection, new and even stronger servants of the dark powers appear, and the girls get a new ally; a girl named Kujou Hikari who can transform into Shiny Luminous. It does, however, change one scene of the animation sequence where the villains from the first half are replaced by the Seeds of Darkness and Mepple, Mipple, and Pollun are added to the final scene. It is also the first of the nine Pretty Cure anime series, all of which revolve around a team of magically empowered young females who seek to defeat evil.
Seekun comments that Pyuan is very sensitive to pure hearts, but Mepple laughs and says that Nagisa is always like this when it comes to her crush. Honoka offers to help out, but Nagisa would rather make it on her own and Hikari asks why she is behaving so oddly.
Baldez, in a fit of anger destroys the nearby candles and tells him to go and find out more.
She shows Honoka and Hikari the design but when after Mepple criticizes it, Honoka points out that the flag is important because she made it and it contains her feelings for Fujipi. The Captain gives the ball to Fujipi and just as he prepares to kick the ball, Nagisa reveals her flag.
The fountain was dried, trees broken, not a single ray of light or blowing wind - they believed it was fine for Akudaikan to do this. The ask the girls why they won't fight them back and Bloom tells them that they are friends.
To their surprise, Goyan's voice can be heard and a hole in the ground opens, revealing himself to them. He refuses, and asks them to destroy Pretty Cure again, but the girls refuse and ask him to listen to them again.
The girls thank them and hand over the remaining six Miracle Drops before teleporting Bloom and Egret back to the Land of Greenery before Akudaikan kills them. The story revolves around two girls, Misumi Nagisa and Yukishiro Honoka, who fight the forces of the Dusk Zone — a dimension of evil that encroached on the Garden of Light. Once they have collected all of the Prism Stones, their power takes them to the Garden of Light and repairs most of the damage.
In July 2008, they began making episodes available through IGN's Direct2Drive service subtitled into English.[2]Toei also made those same episodes available for free internet streaming on the Crunchyroll website. Although she is bad at school and is immature, she has her own sense of justice and never lets anyone dear to her down. She had a special bond with Kiriya, helping to teach him the virtues of kindness and friendship. He was sent to the Garden Of Rainbows to spy on Nagisa and Honoka but fails because of Honoka's kindness and relationship with him.
He wants the Prism Stones to prevent the power to consume all things to consume himself, and to gain immortality to destroy all worlds. She is always seen sitting on her throne with closed eyes, never moving even if she is talking. Though he does not like it, friends call him Fujipi (?P, Fujipi?) (Fergie in the English dub).
In Max Heart, Pretty Cure went to the same place to find a piece of shining earth that "contained great power of hope which was surrounded by six pillars" in Lake Hyoutan. The Princess of Hope, Mipple, and her chosen warrior Mepple are told to go to the Garden of Rainbows where it is said that they will find the legendary warriors, Pretty Cure.
When the Seeds of Darkness awaken, they begin working together in order to revive the Dark King. However, Dark King uses all of his strength to suck the fused Seeds of Darkness within him, and also the power of the Prism Stones.

Nagisa Kiai no Ouenki?) is the fourteenth episode of the season Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart, the sequel of Futari wa Pretty Cure, and also the 63rd episode of Pretty Cure franchise overall. He chats about the upcoming Soccer Match this Saturday and Nagisa promises to come to it in order to cheer for him. Mepple reveals that she has a crush on Fujipu, and Nagisa begins to make threats against him while denying it. She snaps at Pyuan, Seekun, and Mepple after they begin to talk very loudly and accuses them of not being able to focus.
He summons a Zakenna using the statue and the girls transform into Pretty Cure and begin to fight. Kyoui no AKUDAIKAAN"?) is the 23rd episode of the season Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star, and also the 119th episode of Pretty Cure franchise overall. Bloom and Egret voice their opinions of this by saying a destiny can be changed, but as Michiru prepares to attack again, she is stopped by Kaoru.
He asks them why they are not fighting, even though it was their order - but Egret interrupts by saying they are friends, so they don't need to fight.
Goyan claims that they are unable to obey orders because they can't destroy their friends, causing Akudaikan to get angry and shock them with his powers.
The Dusk Zone's power takes the form of the Zakenna (?????, Zakenna?), creatures that infect people or items to turn them evil. Her alter ego is Cure Black (????????, Kyua Burakku?), with her special abilities lying in her great physical strength and prowess.
The friends that she has are very close to her, and she will do everything to protect them. Eventually, they kidnap Wisdom, but he manages to put the power of the Prism Stones inside of Pollun before he is taken away.
The girls try all their might to fight him, and with the help of Pollun and the Queen, are able to defeat him once and for all. The pair of guardians teach them how to fight the forces of the Dark Zone: a realm of evil energies and entropy. The rival team gets the ball and Honoka determines the best time to start cheering for Fujipi. Egret realizes that Michiru and Kaoru had been the two who saved them some days back, and they thank him, causing Michiru and Kaoru to express confusion.
Goyan resumes teasing them and attacks the girls, grabbing Michiru and Kaoru in an attempt to take them away. Bloom demands to know why he won't listen to them and he reveals to be their father, stating that they have to obey his orders. The subtitles were produced by "Nippon Golden Network", a Hawaii-based cable network that broadcasts Asian programming, mostly from Japan. Mepple and Mipple had visited the Garden of Rainbows 100 years before the start of the series.
Following this, whenever Pollun becomes agitated, he shoots out power, granting Pretty Cure their Rainbow Bracelets. This Dark Zone has breached the Garden of Light and is now poised to afflict Earth, also called the Garden of Rainbows, with the same fate.
Can Pollun help Pretty Cure save the world from Jyaku-King and a world of darkness or is Jyaku-King too powerful to overcome? Pyuan arrives to try to get in the way, but he catches her and Seekun, but after Luminous tries to use Heartiel Action they are able to get free. They remind them that they are not friends again, then claim their saving them wasn't intentional. Bloom and Egret have been able to do so much for everyone, and reveal that they had been the ones to destroy the Fountain of the Sky.
Bloom and Egret grab their hands and try to stop him, causing all four girls to fall through the hole and land in Dark Fall, right before Akudaikan. Bloom argues by saying they have finally found their true life wish, but this does nothing for him. On Crunchyroll, the show appears in low video quality with a slight amount of white noise can be heard throughout.
Her alter ego is Cure White (????????, Kyua Howaito?), with her abilities lying in her vast intelligence and agility. The first major quest that Cure White and Cure Black receive is to seek out the heart-shaped "Prism Stones," magical batteries for an artifact called the Prism Hopish. What will become of Pretty Cure, Mipple, Mepple and Pollun?Episode 48 - The Greatest Final Battle! Honoka and Hikari also spot him and she asks for the girls to go for a bit, so that he wont try anything. Flappy and Choppy assure them that they can fix it though, by gathering the seven Miracle Drops, and the Fountain can be as beautiful as the Land of Greenery. He starts to shoot lightning in all directions again and Bloom and Egret form their spiritual shields to protect them.
Only when all the Prism Stones are collected will the Hopish's magical energies activate, transporting Nagisa and Honoka to the corrupted Garden of Light.
It is at the Garden of Light where using the combined force of all the stones to repair the chaos and corruption inflicted by the Dark Zone.
Kiriya has been wandering between the threshold of light and darkness ever since he left the Field of Rainbows.
Jyaku-King battles the single colossal dark warrior that was created by the Power of Creation within Belzay, Juna and Regine.
Starting with the "Dark Five," to the "Three Seeds of Darkness," who give way to the final squadron of the "Dark Guardians" of Valdess, Circulas, Uraganos, and Viblis. The three warriors rolled into one, face off with Jyaku-King who is determined to get his hands on the Power of Creation. Without the power of the stones, Pretty Cure is pretty much powerless against the evil forces of Dotsuku Zone. Will Pretty Cure be able to fight the evil forces of darkness, and regain the Power of Creation or will this be the end of Pretty Cure?Episode 47 - The Most Powerful Warrior Appears! The three have decided to turn against Jyaku-King, and keep the Power of Creation for themselves, and take control of Dotsuku Zone. Now that the power of the stones is in the hands of the dark warriors, will Pretty Cure survive the battle against their most powerful opponent?Episode 46 - It's the Pits! Once captured, they return the power of the stones to the Prism Hopish, and disappear with Stone Keeper once again.

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