This land of “vast, silent spaces” inspired America’s Bull Moose to begin saving wilderness treasures.
North Dakota's Theodore Roosevelt National ParkWild horses may gallop off if you get too close, but it’s worth the effort and patience to capture the perfect shot. North Dakota's Theodore Roosevelt National ParkThis protected sanctuary shelters hundreds of species of wildlife, including shy pronghorns. North Dakota's Theodore Roosevelt National ParkVibrant foliage and mild weather make autumn an ideal time to visit the park. Lost in the vastness of the Great Plains in western North Dakota, Theodore Roosevelt National Park encompasses 70,467 acres of protected prairie wilderness. Described by its namesake as “a land of vast, silent spaces,” the park welcomes visitors modestly at first, with an undulating expanse of green.
But look closer: This serene landscape is gouged in places by a mysterious badland architecture of jumbled gullies, valleys, buttes, pinnacles and spires painted with a remarkable color palette. Teddy Roosevelt traveled to Dakota Territory from New York to hunt bison in 1883, but he found that their once-great numbers had dwindled alarmingly. Theodore Roosevelt National Park is the largest protected mixed-grass prairie ecosystem in the U.S. Wildlife photography can be challenging if you are intent on capturing a shot of a special bird or drawing close to the wary pronghorn or wild horses.

But the bison, elk and deer are accustomed to people, and I shoot them at my leisure right out the side door of my motor home. I can grab close-ups of wildflowers, cacti and small critters like chipmunks and prairie dogs by hiking the numerous trails. Both sections of the park also offer scenic drives that allow for easy wildlife observation and panoramic views up and down the Missouri River valley.
July marks the beginning of the bison rut, when gigantic bulls bellow, plow up the prairie with horns and hooves, and battle one another in dust-raising head-to-head battles.
September offers the nicest weather, with fair skies and mild temperatures that provide relief from the sweltering humidity of August. While the scenery and wildlife attract photographers, the park’s well-preserved attractions, including Roosevelt’s original ranch cabin and several Civilian Conservation Corps projects—a legacy of the other President Roosevelt, FDR—appeal to history buffs. In and around the restored frontier town of Medora, museums, displays, live theater and historic sites provide insight into the challenges of settling this wild country. Medora offers plenty of shopping, restaurants and lodging, but I prefer to stay in the park’s campgrounds, surrounded by nature, keeping my camera handy to capture each breathtaking detail of the High Plains. Free Download New Latest HD Virat Kohli Play Best Shot in Cricket Match Wallpapers Wallpaper Under Cricket Sports Category For High Quality and High Definition Wide Screen Computer, PC and Laptop Desktop Background Photos, Images and Pictures.
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Here the deer and the antelope really do play, to the delight of wildlife photographers like me. Its waters support trees and shrubs that make this expanse of pristine wilderness into a hot spot for viewing wildlife.
As he spent more time in the region, he grew more concerned about the damage to the land and the loss of wildlife. It is home to bison, wild horses, elk, bighorn sheep, white-tailed and mule deer, prairie dogs and nearly 200 species of birds, including golden eagles, sharp-tailed grouse and wild turkeys. Tales of legendary personalities like the Marquis de Mores, a French entrepreneur who named Medora after his wife, make the past come alive. His observations from that trip shaped a conservation policy that benefits America to this very day.

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