I used this book as part of my Step 1 studying and found it easy to use, well organized and great for self-testing with helpful chart formats. Fantastic review, very well written and presented Easy ,even funny form of presentation makes studying much easier. I'm a medical student in Canada, and I really enjoyed using your Boards Step 1 Made Ridiculously Simple book.
Carl's simple, but comprehensive paperback text is an outstanding adjunct to preparation and study for the USMLE step one exam. It's terrific for last minute reviewing and also for getting a good framework to organize the material as you learn it.

Contains the majority of informations necessary to pass an exams that requires lots of associations between facts that just need to be memorized.
High-yield content is presented in tabular format to review large amounts of material in a short space of time. This is a review book, so if you haven't learned the material previously don't expect to learn it from this book.
The new edition (2002) has been greatly improved, it is better than other more popular comprehensive reviews. The book looks thick but that is only because the charts and diagrams are big and clear and there is plenty of room to add notes.

I found this volume particularly useful during the final few days prior to the examination.
First Aid is probably a must to have for Step 1 but it's way harder to read or use when you just remembered something and want to quickly check it.
It's a nice change from last-minute cramming of questions and information that can really add a few extra points to your score on this exam.

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