Dieses Stereo-Radio-CD-System ist ausgestattet mit AUX-Eingang im Handschuhfach, Keycode-Diebstahlsichrung, 24 Senderspeicher, 8 Lautsprecher und Audio-Fernbedienung über die linke Lenkradwippe (Wunschausstattung). Dension Gateway 300 adapter allows you to connect iPod, iPhone and USB storage devices to car multimedia system and control them via original buttons. The Dension Gateway 300 emulates a CD changer and uses CD changer controls to access audio sources and Dension GW accessories.

If your car is fitted with a CD changer you can replace it by Dension Gateway 300 adapter or retain it by fitting a CD retention kit. If you have questions concerning this product or want to share your experience of its installation or application, visit our forum.Product specifications, appearance and package content may differ from those presented on the website and can be changed without notice.

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