Rack Attack Mississauga opened in May 2002 to serve the growing demand for a rack specialty store in the Western GTA.
Central Vermont's favorite store for outdoor gear since we opened our doors in 1974 - everything you need for your "Muscles Not Motors" adventures. Catch up on the special deals, our latest sales and new products by joining our e-newsletter. Item Number: SR9035The SportRack Vista Roof Basket is the perfect rooftop vehicle carrying options for fair-weather climate travel.
It doesn't sound very rugged like Shane, but our family mostly uses the SportRack Vista Roof Basket for picnics and day trips to the state park, and it's equally as suited. DescriptionSpecsIf your day's put-in isn't all that far away from your front door, dropping a whole ton of cash on a luggage rack system, plus a rigid frame kayak rack is probably unnecessary. Rack Attack Mississauga is a full service car rack and hitch centre with the most complete selection of Thule, Yakima and Saris racks in Mississauga. But if you prefer keeping luggage at the rear of your vehicle, whether for fuel economy purposes or convenience, the SportRack Vista Folding Hitch Basket is for you.
The SportRack Vista Folding Hitch Basket sits 3” above the shank, lending the over-all installed system greater clearance, particularly when backing down, or driving up steep driveways or road transitions.

Whether that means cycling, running, hiking, backpacking or walking the dog, our knowledgeable staff will help you find the right clothing, equipment or knowledge to fit your needs and to make the most of your adventures! With 45” by 39” of caged storage space, the SportRack Vista Roof Basket excels at transporting unshapely or disorganized gear safely to your destination.
But for the dedicated adventurous families traveling in fair weather or desert-like environments, baskets like the SportRack Vista Roof Basket are invaluable pieces of equipment.
As well as stocking a full line of rooftop cargo boxes, Rack Attack Mississauga also carries a wide selection of hitch mounted bike racks. The SportRack Vista Folding Hitch Basket comes complete with an anti-wobble hitch bolt that stabilizes the whole rack and reduces road chatter.
Come on in to Onion River Sports, our Montpelier, VT flagship store or check out any of our online stores.
Featuring over three and a half feet by three feet of storage space, the SportRack Vista Roof Basket is perfect for schlepping items that are not easily stowed away in an enclosed roof box. Also, it's low-profile design allows us to keep the SportRack Vista Roof Basket on top of our truck almost all the time. Available in 12 or 16” options the SportRack Jetty Kayak Kit comes complete with everything you need to get your kayak to the put-in on a budget.

Rack Attack also sells and installs trailer hitches to mount bike racks and can custom install roof rack systems on many hard to fit vehicles.
Plus, the SportRack Vista Folding Hitch Basket comes backed by SportRack's lifetime guarantee. The SportRack Vista Roof Basket mounts to most factory and after-market crossbar systems with bar diameters of up to 3.5”, and features an aerodynamic plastic bug shield to keep your camping gear a little bit less bug-smeared.
The SportRack Jetty Kayak Kit includes two V-notched foam craddles that accommodate a wide range of hull sizes, and can be moved completely independently to accommodate any over-all boat length. Our friendly staff is knowledgeable, experienced and can help you get the best fit for your vehicle.Rack Attack Mississauga is located at 3145 Dundas St. Constructed out of closed-cell foam, the SportRack Jetty Kayak Kit won't mark up your vehicle's roof, and are built to hold up to years of abuse through their simplistic and durable design.

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