Hybrids have been on the market over 15 years now and today they are often overshadowed by plug-in hybrids and full electric cars.
Just a few years ago, the subcompact crossover segment didn't even exist and now almost every automaker has introduced or is about to introduce one. The current generation of the Hyundai Elantra is on its way out, since it will soon be replaced by an all-new model that debuted last month at the Los Angeles Auto Show.
To date, Scion has spent $100 million on the arts to help engrain the brand into youth culture and it seems to have worked with the lowest average age for buyers of any car brand. Mitsubishi recently announced that it's refocusing its limited resources on its SUV lineup, but although we now know how Mitsubishi plans to stay alive in the competitive industry, we will have to wait a few years to see these new models.
One of Jeep's brand objectives is that all of its products must be capable off-roaders (or at least have a variant that is up to the task).
Driving the brand's first ever hybrid, there's an immediate sense that the German automaker has succeeded in delivering customer satisfaction without many compromises.
Chevrolet is now offering the subcompact Trax crossover for American consumption after a two-year run in the land of maple syrup and hockey.
With the compact crossover market red-hot right now, it makes sense that Lincoln chose this segment for its next premium import fighter.
What we have here is the all-new tenth generation 2016 Honda Civic, which is new from the ground up as Honda attempts to bring the Civic back to its roots. While Acura's sedan lineup has had its ups and downs over the years, one part of its lineup has remained the shinning star - its SUV lineup. Even though the minivan continues to be one of the most versatile vehicles on the market, the stigma that's attached to the people mover continues to hamper its appeal.
The small coupe segment continues to shrink as more buyers choose more practical sedans and even compact SUVs. The midsize sedan segment has been one of the most competitive segments for years with top players like the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry vying for the top spot. Today Volvo's lineup as grown quite stale with the only updates being mild updates to its existing lineup, but some big things are on the horizon for the Swedish brand. Ten years ago no one would have ever put the words luxury and Hyundai in the same sentence, but 30 years after the first Sonata rolled off the line, Hyundai has proven that it can build respectable luxury models with the Genesis and Equus. I'm often asked what is the best small car on the market and the list always includes top models, like the Honda Fit and Mazda3, but one small car easily makes the top list - the VW Golf and specifically the GTI. It's been decades since we had rear-wheel-drive coupes, like the Toyota Supra, Nissan 240SX and Mazda RX-7 and even though today we do have the Scion FR-S and BR-Z twins, the rear-wheel-drive coupe market is now largely dominated by the Mustang, Camaro and Challenger, but what about the Hyundai Genesis? The compact crossover segment is now one of the fastest growing segments with almost every automaker jumping in. The generous use of chrome is probably the most prominent aspect of the 2015 Ford Edge, where it carries out from the rims to the door handles, and front grille. Ford is telling a nice story with the design of the dash, it’s pretty with a marriage of curving soft touch materials that shade over the smooth almost real wood. MyFord Touch is an in-car communications and entertainment system developed by the Ford Motor Company and Microsoft.
With a starting price of AED 105,000, the 2015 Ford Edge comes with a 3.5L V6 engine that chucks out 285 horsepower and is matted to a FWD drivetrain, or an optional AWD system. The cabin has many aspects that feel cheap, and many users have complained that the MyFord Touch system is too laggy and frustrating to use. I checked nissan xtrail and wasnt happy with engine noise also sales guy was least interested and bluntly said no delivery till nov end. Ford is now offering ford edge sports model for 145,000 as they want to clear old stock till the new edge 2016 comes out. Purchasing old stock can always be tempting, especially at a great price, but it isn’t the wisest thing to do.
I am writing with regard of My Car BMW 640i, 2015 that was purchased from Abu Dhabi Motors Showroom Um Al Nar last August 2015. September 2015 : The car was sent to the service center in Abu Dhabi for brakes noises issue. Last but not the least, yesterday the 30th of July 2016 at 10pm: Engine did not ignite and whenever tried to start up the car everything goes to failure! With the above said and bearing in mind that the car has also sent to the Service center on regular basis, I am amazed that I have suffered such an experience in less than a year with a prestigious company such as BMW with German specifications. At this stage, I believe that this email should be taken with high consideration and should not be dealt as a normal case such as an un-pleasant experience with the customer services or employees and such so. Please note that I hereby reserve my right to report to the Consumer Protection that falls under the Department of Economic Development if this matter is not taken with tremendous attention.
As you can see, the dilemma that I went through its neither due to a scratch on the door or dents on any part, all the above mentioned are primary and dominant elements.
I must insist herewith that you should take immediate action to solve the above and do whatever it takes from your side to improve the quality of your services and IF this car got repaired and undertaking to be surrendered that no such deformity to be repeated. This is for your information and prompt action, keeping in mind as per BMW service confirmation today morning, the car has been received, and as usual there will be no sense of urgency to go to fast track for urgent and quick diagnose and repair, as the in charge person who has called me (Ahmed) confirming that he will come back to me in two days’ time !!!!!!! Ford Motor Company last year has announced starting production of the second generation of its model Edge, and has decided to expand market when it comes to this model. First model of the second generation is already in the plant, and expectation is that model will appear this spring as 2016 model year, related to the US car market. When it comes to changes, 2016 Edge, built on the new platform will characterize slightly increased overall dimensions.
Powertrain segment is part of vehicle which is one of the most important things when it comes to this manufacturer. Jeep Grand Cherokee, then Nissan Murano, Volkswagen Touareg and Mazda CX-9 present top vehicles and the biggest competitors in this segment, while the closest rivals for Edge model are models such as Toyota Highlander, Nissan Xterra and Buick Enclave. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The 2016 Lincoln MKX is the latest evolution of design language in a mid-size premium crossover. What’s Best: Improved handling, new power choices, more technologies and features for 2016. What’s Worst: Not a lot to complain about frankly, but if you can live without the Lincoln cachet and extra goodies, a fully-loaded Ford Edge sibling costs nearly the same as the MKX starting price. MONTREAL, PQ: The best qualities of Montreal seem to coalesce from opposite ends of the historical spectrum with traditional old world charm somehow synchronized to the beat of a gritty contemporary edge.
Which made this town a fitting venue for a Lincoln launch, as a brand rich in heritage seeks to reinvent itself with new products for a next generation of customers. The 2016 MKX is the latest evolution of Lincoln design language and this mid-size premium crossover has been revised with refreshed styling cues, a new added power choice and with a whole new slate of available amenities and dynamic technologies. I had grabbed the keys to a model dressed in Bronze Fire Metallic, a novel colour even more handsome than my usual Ruby Red favourite, and a quick walk-around revealed a new balance of rounded curves and sharp edges. The old vertical waterfall grille gives way to the strongest application so far of Lincoln’s new split-wing style, the lines of the grille meeting the complementary, horizontal blade-styled headlamps on the corners. Available adaptive LED headlights feature wide illumination at low speeds, narrowing to more focused beams at higher speeds. The sleek yet muscular profile tapers to a rear end featuring full-width LED signature tail lights, a wide hands-free, foot-activated liftgate, dual bright exhaust tips peeking out from under the skirts and a powerdome antenna tucked within the rooftop spoiler. The MKX is an attractive sum of its improved parts and as I prepare to open the vehicle, I’m reminded that I don’t even really need the key fob in my hand to do that.
A free downloadable MyLincoln Mobile app installed on your smartphone and connecting through an available modem embedded in the MKX will locate where you last parked, lock, unlock and also start the vehicle.
But even before we hit the unlock button, the Lincoln Experiences package starts to greet the approaching driver.   LED daytime running lights start to brighten, a Lincoln logo “welcome mat” is projected on the ground from the mirrors and door handles light up in a shade tuned to the exterior colour. Passengers will feel special enough inside a roomy midsize cabin decorated in a choice of four colour combos, mixing different shades of soft perforated leather with real wood and aluminum trim pieces. The standard bells and whistles content of Lincoln’s MKX is naturally higher than that of the Ford Edge sharing the same foundation. But our tester was loaded even further with pampering options that include voice-activated navigation, a Vista roof with power sunshade and, new for the 2016 model year, a 22-way power adjustable drivers seat with massage function and Harman’s Revel Ultima 19-speaker sound system. Those are just some of the features offered in a new 2016 MKX that has been designed to bolster Lincoln’s position in a burgeoning premium midsize utility segment, one of the largest niches in the Canadian market.
Of course, there’s one other feature that makes the MKX especially worthy of consideration.
And that’s a doorplate, fastened by the line workers at Ford’s Oakville Ontario Assembly Complex, declaring the “Made in Canada” origins of this thoroughly revised and re-engineered 2016 Lincoln MKX luxury crossover. We have great news, we`ve seen at the LA Auto Show that new generation of Escape will be produced for 2017 Ford`s lineup with two totally new engine options to be powered with. Confira o Preco e a Ficha Tecnica da Nova L200 Triton 201728 mar 20160 CommentAdeilson CamposA Mitsubishi divulgou a nova L200 Triton 2017 no salao de Genebra ja com seu preco e ficha tecnica para o mexico onde o modelo ja esta sendo vendido. A nova L200 Triton 2017 chegara ao Brasil por meio de importacao, as mudancas que se destacam sao os novos farois maiores e com LED, tambem com uma vasta grade cromada.Nas laterais a picape segue as linhas gerais da atual L200, porem, o que mudam sao as novas estampagens da cacamba, portas e para-lamas com nova estampagem.
Conheca a nova geracao da Ford Ranger e da Edge 201711 mar 20160 CommentAdeilson CamposNesse mes a Ford revelou detalhes de como sera as tracoes da nova Ranger e do novo Edge no territorio nacional.
Fiat Toro supera S-10 em vendas11 mar 20160 CommentAdeilson CamposA picape media da Fiat, a Toro, surge como 4? comercial leve mais vendido do Brasil em marco, com 649 unidades comercializadas nos oito primeiros dias do mes, superando a Chevrolet S-10, e ficando atras apenas da Strada, HIlux e Saveiro. O estoque inicial de unidades ja foi esgotado, a maioria das concessionarias da marca nao tem unidades para pronta entrega.
A nova picape esta sendo produzida no Brasil na unidade da Jeep na cidade de Goiana (PE), a mesma do Jeep Renegade, modelo, que vai emprestar a plataforma para a novidade. A Fiat Toro tera os seguintes conjuntos mecanicos possiveis – 1.8 flex, equipada com cambio manual de seis marchas ou automatico de seis velocidades, dependendo da versao. E importante considerar que esses valores sofrerao um reajuste de 2% cerca de 2 meses apos o lancamento, segundo informacoes de concessionarias da marca. Mitsubishi lancara serie especial para a Pajero Dakar16 jan 20160 CommentAdeilson CamposA Mitsubishi lanca nesta semana no mercado brasileiro uma serie especial para a Pajero Dakar. De serie, a edicao especial traz sistema multimidia de 7? (engloba GPS, CD, DVD e MP3 Player e Bluetooth com viva-voz e camera de re), bancos de couro com regulagem eletrica nos dianteiros, direcao hidraulica, borboletas para trocas de marcha, sensor de chuva e acendimento automatico dos farois, ar-condicionado automatico, keyless para abertura e fechamento das portas, retrovisores com rebatimento eletrico e oito airbags (dois frontais, dois laterais e quatro de cortina).
Completam as novidades do Mitsubishi Pajero HPE luzes diurnas de LED integradas ao para-choque e, no interior, bancos na cor bright grey com costura especial.
Sob o capo, o motor 3.2 turbodiesel rende 180 cavalos e 38 kgfm de torque maximo, vindo sempre associado a um cambio automatico de cinco marchas. Inaugurando um novo segmento no espaco existente entre as picapes compactas e as medias, a Renault lanca no Brasil a nova picape Duster Oroch. Aproveitando sua experiencia no segmento de veiculos comerciais e pegando carona em um dos principais atributos do SUV Duster, a picape Oroch aposta na robustez e porte nao tao exagerado como as das picapes medias para conquistar consumidores dos modelos menores e que dispensam uma picape mais avantajada.
O visual e acabamento interno sao os mesmo do Duster, mas diferente do SUV, traz suspensao traseira do tipo multilink em todas as versoes para garantir melhor dinamica de conducao e seguranca. Lancamento mais aguardado da Toyota para este semestre, a nova geracao da picape Hilux nao deve demorar para se tornar conhecida do publico. Em termos de tecnologia, a maior novidade ficara por conta do sistema de frenagem autonoma Autonomous Emergency Breaking (AEB). A nova Triton L200 2016 deve chegar ao Brasil no segundo semestre deste ano, para o contentamento dos amantes de pick-ups.
As mudancas continuam em seu interior, que agora esta ainda maior, com novo painel, novos itens tecnologicos, amplas saida de ar e central multimidia com tela touch de 7 polegadas. Lancada serie limitada da Mitsubishi L200 Triton Savana 201524 mar 20150 CommentAdeilson CamposEm comemoracao aos 20 anos do rali Mitsubishi Motorsports, o L200 Triton 2015 Savana acaba de ganhar uma serie limitada em 200 unidades que chega ao mercado em maio.
O L200 Triton 2015 Savana 20 anos vai custar R$118.900 e traz visual exclusivo inspirado nas picapes de rali, como rodas de liga leve na cor grafite, adesivos nas postas traseiras e no capo, emblema de 20 anos do rali cravado na traseira e na lateral, logotipo Savana nos bancos e carroceria pintada na cor Bege Jizan. A famosa marca Mitsubishi anunciou que, ainda no primeiro trimestre de 2015, lancara uma versao SUV hibrida que recebera o nome de Outlander PHEV, que sera exibida no proximo salao do automovel em Sao Paulo.
E nao precisa colocar na tomada (embora possa ser colocado em tomadas de 110v ou 220v), gracas a um sistema capaz de regenerar a energia por meio de cinetica. A nova pick-up Ford F-150 Raptor nao trara apenas um visual mais agressivo e imponente, mas tambem uma nova plataforma, uma nova caixa de transmissao automatica com 10 velocidades e um novo motor turbo seis cilindros em “V”, substituindo o gigante motor V8 anterior.
Para completar, a pick-up de alto desempenho possui suspensao especial com curso alongado para 12,1 polegadas (antes eram 11,2 polegadas) e molas Fox Racing Shox com tecnologia bypass, que enrijece a suspensao em terrenos acidentados.
Acoplado ao propulsor V6 esta uma nova transmissao automatica com 10 velocidades, que trabalha em conjunto com a tracao integral 4?4. Disponivel nos tamanhos SuperCab e SuperCrew, os precos da nova F-150 Raptor ainda nao foram divulgados pela Ford.
2017 Ford Explorer Release Date, Review, Colors, Specs – The new 2017 Ford Explorer comes with several highlights to its name which include a stronger turbocharged V6 powerplant, creature comforts, generous cargo volume, lots of standard features, and a quiet driving experience. Moving on, the vehicle comes with important updates including its refreshed exterior styling, a revised suspension, subtle interior revisions, a new engine option, and updates safety technologies. The new Explorer for 2017 is particularly handy when you have a large family with you since you most likely want a spacious and large vehicle to do the herculean task for you. Despite the many improvements the new Explorer comes adorned in, several drawbacks are also present.

The vehicle comes as a three-row SUV available in five variants: base, mid-trims XLT, Limited and Sport, and the top-of-the line Platinum model. Several packages are provided for the XLT which include the Equipment Group 201A that adds a premium audio system, remote start, and climate control. The 2017 Ford Explorer Limited bundles all of the XLT’s 202A equipment list plus driver memory settings, a navigation system, front-view camera, 20” wheels, hands-free power liftgate, heated front seats, power folding third row seat, power adjustable pedals, 12-speaker audio system, heated second-row seats, 110V power outlet, HD radio, and chrome exterior trim. Optional features for the 2017 Ford Explorer Limited is the 301A package that comes with Trailer Tow package, blind spot warning system, cruise control, lane departure system, inflatable seatbelts, automatic wipers, automatic high beams, forward collision warning, rear cross traffic alert, perpendicular and parallel parking system, and brake priming.
The Sport comes with 20” wheels, heated steering wheel, adaptive cruise control, sport tuned suspension, driver memory settings, rear cross traffic alert, perforated front seats, 110V outlet, power-adjustable steering, and unique exterior and interior trim details. The top-of-the-line 2017 Ford Explorer Platinum comes with all of the 301A package nitty-gritties plus premium Sony audio system, dual-panel sunroof, upgraded leather upholstery, wood interior trim, wood and aluminum interior trim, and rear entertainment system. Under the hood of the new SUV are three engines paired to a 6-speed auto transmission system. The Sport and Platinum trims come with a 3.5L V6 engine good for 365 horsepower and 350 pounds of torque.
Finally, the 2.3L 4-cyl powerplant capable of generating 270 horsepower and 300 pounds of torque comes optional on the base, XLT and Limited variants. Ford Motor Company has determined to bring such vehicles that are equipped with the latest technologies that exist on the market.
A premium quality audio streaming system is installed and equipped with the latest functions such as climatic control, cruise control option and along with USB charging and Bluetooth connectivity. At the other end of the spectrum, regular combustion-powered vehicles have caught up with hybrids in the MPG race, with models like the Honda Civic getting a very hybrid-like 42 mpg highway rating. Over the last year we've received new entries, like the Fiat 500X, Honda HR-V and Jeep Renegade. Even though it's about to be replaced, the current Elantra has done well for Hyundai and proven that a compact sedan doesn't have to look boring.
Still, the child of Toyota has suffered a lack of popularity in recent years, due mostly to some rather stale product. Over at Dodge, a hydrogen bomb was lobbed into the horsepower wars with the introduction of the 707-hp Challenger Hellcat. How VW managed to do so is by combining a 1.4-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine with a 27-hp electric motor, regenerative braking and an all-electric, zero-emissions operation.
With an overall length of 168.5 inches, the Trax slots in between its two main competitors, the longer Mitsubishi Outlander Sport and the shorter Nissan Juke. Keeping with current Lincoln tradition, the MKC is based on a Ford platform, the Escape in this case.
With the current generation Civic, Honda somewhat lost its way when it decided to bring a de-contented and quite stale looking Civic to market in 2012.
It's easily one of the most competitive segments, which explains why almost every automaker plays in it.
The MDX continues to be the best-selling luxury three-row crossover and the smaller RDX has managed to outgun rivals, like the Audi Q5 and BMW X3.
In the 1990s almost every automaker had a minivan, but since then the number of offerings continues to disappear as more buyers flock to crossovers.
But even though these two sedans may win the most signatures at dealers, are they truly the best? Long established as the benchmark by which others are judged, it stands the test of time by being unique in that it's occasionally the best at one criteria, yet as often very good at almost all of them. Based on the Civic it was Acura's attempt to compete in the ever growing small car luxury segment. Having received a slight facelift last year, this year Volvo has imbued the S60 with its new range of impressive Drive-E powertrains. Entering it's second generation the Rogue has grown in size and styling just in time, as the small SUV segment is currently the most hotly contested. What we have here is the all-new 2016 Volvo XC90 SUV, which is getting its first full redesign since it was introduced way back in 2002. With the first generation Genesis sedan, Hyundai sought to prove that it could build a large, rear-wheel-drive luxury sedan that could sit in the same ring as BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Lexus. The last-generation GTI was the definition of the perfect hot hatch and I loved it so much, that I actually bought one.
Six years ago Hyundai decided to add more spirited models to its lineup with the introduction of the rear-wheel-drive Genesis sedan and coupe and while the Genesis sedan had aspirations to take on the best from Germany, the Genesis Coupe sought to take on models like the Mustang and Camaro, in addition to somewhat filling the gap that Japanese automakers once held. The 2016 Honda HR-V is set to arrive this month and will be one of the heavy hitters that will compete with other new models, like the Fiat 500X, Jeep Renegade, Chevy Trax and Mazda CX-3. Its swooping roof line and massive 22” wheels give it that sportier Edge over its rivals, the Japanese Nissan Murano and Mazda CX-7. All of a sudden the music ends abruptly, however, with the sound of a scratching record, someone decided to unload a mountain of black gloss on the centre console that looks cheaper than a toy from the Karama market. It allows you to SYNC your music as well as your messaging and other phone utilities to the car’s large touch screen. The Sport variant, however, comes with a 3.7L V6 that puts out 20 horsepower more and brings a stiffer sport tuned suspension for AED 175,000 instead of the independent front and rear suspension. Even though Ford has updated the system, so far the only Edge it seems to have over the competition is its stylish exterior. I would also prefer dealership which is across UAE as I might relocate from current AUH to DXB in future.
I was thinking of buying the sports model but worry that its resale value will not be good due to it being 2014.
With the all-new Edge being significantly better than the current model, it seems a little pointless to settle for something that isn’t the best. After several trials that deemed to be useless, BMW road assistance were called and your technician showed up and their analysis were redundant and hopeless. Its obvious that there are major defects with this car and I had been sold this car by Abu Dhabi Motors to have the comfort, luxury and the amenity of owning a BRAND NEW CAR from BMW. It is about new 2.0-liter twin-turbo I4 gasoline engine, capable to produce up to 245 horsepower. You can check fuel, tire pressure, odometer and battery life on your phone, as well as set a remote start schedule for cold winter mornings.
Interior LED lighting illuminates in a sequential pattern, first the lower lights then the cupholders, the pass-through instrument panel, front door handles, front map pockets and rear doors. This staged greeting and departure ceremony is just a small example of the attention to detail designed to make the MKX experience feel a little extra special. Both engines are mated to a six-speed SelectShift automatic transmission with paddle shifters and Lincoln Canada is importing only all-wheel-drive models. Estimated monthly payments provided may not accurately reflect your actual car-related payments. When we take a look on that 2017 Ford Escape we can see that it doesn`t fell that much different but it is more than obvious to see that Ford took some exterior details from the Edge and placed it on new Escape like new trapezoidal shape grille. Next to the grille we can see newly designed and updated HID headlights which now receives newly added LED daytime running lights for better visibility. Instrument board is completely redesigned and changed with some stuffs similar to the previous generation and the central display is now color screen that is larger. O novo modelo teve mudancas significativas em seu visual e tambem ira contar com um novo motor, o lancamento para o Brasil acontecera ainda este ano, entao conheca um pouco mais sobre o novo modelo da montadora. O modelo conta com diversos equipamentos de serie, como controle de tracao e de estabilidade, tracao integral permanente, detector de faixas, sete airbags e ainda assistente de partida em rampa.
A nova geracao da picape ainda conta com duas variacoes de um 2.5 turbo diesel que geram 128cv e 24,4kgfm e 178cv e 40,7kgfm.
O crossover talvez seja importado somente com motor mais potente da linha, ou seja, com o 3.5 V6 de 289 cv e 38,02 kgfm de torque. A picape ja aparece no site oficial da Ford e sera importada da Argentina, ja houve varios flagras do modelo com camuflagem rodando por ai. O resultado e que ja ha filas de espera de 90 dias pela Toro na rede de concessionarias – situacao confirmada oficialmente pela Fiat ao site AutosSegredos. E o 2.0 a diesel, podendo sair de fabrica com o manual de seis marchas ou tendo como opcao o cambio automatico de nove velocidades.
Carregando o sobrenome HPE-S e com apenas 200 unidades produzidas (todas numeradas), a novidade se diferencia das demais variantes pelo visual com detalhes exclusivos associado a lista de equipamentos mais recheada. Se no irmao o espaco interno ja era bom, fica ainda melhor por conta da distancia entre-eixos de 2.829 mm (150 mm maior). Com apresentacao na Tailandia confirmada para o proximo dia 21, mas a expectativa gerada pela marca em torno do modelo e grande.
O recurso sera adotado especialmente por conta do uso cada vez mais urbano da picape e tera a capacidade de frear automaticamente o veiculo para evitar acidentes em baixas velocidades. A Mitsubishi divulgou na Tailandia a nova geracao da pick-up L200 Triton 2016, com um novo design, seguindo a nova proposta de conceito da Mitsubishi. O consumidor brasileiro logo podera conhecer de perto o novo volante multifuncional, agora com mais comandos, novo botao giratorio localizado entre os bancos abaixo da alavanca de cambio, para fazer a selecao da tracao, novos mostradores e inovador sistema de partida por botao. Porem os interessados poderao reservar a novidade por meio de pre-reserva no hotsite feito exclusivamente para a serie especial. E mais, tracao nas quatro rodas com reduzida, diferencial traseiro de escorregamento limitado (transfere automaticamente a tracao para a roda que mais necessita de forca), suspensao dianteira independente, freios com sistema anti-travamento (ABS) e distribuicao de frenagem (EBD) e airbag duplo frontal. Visualmente, a nova Ford F-150 Raptor segue os padroes esteticos adotados pela fabricante norte-americana, acrescentando detalhes para deixar a caminhonete grandalhona mais agressiva e robusta. Por fim, a traseira dispoe de nova tampa da cacamba com o nome da fabricante fixado em componente preto, saida dupla de escape e das novas lanternas traseiras compostas por LEDs.
Com isso, a marca aposta em um visual mais sofisticado e agradavel, alem de um interior mais confortavel e com layout mais proximo de seus carros de passeio. Alimentado por dois turbocompressores e dispondo de injecao direta de combustivel, o novo propulsor 3.5 V6 EcoBoost e capaz de entregar 450 cv de potencia.
A tracao traz sistema ajustavel para as diversas condicoes de terreno, como neve, rochas e lama.
Sadly, its release date has been left for speculation as no one really knows when this machine will debut in the auto shows. The engine is a 2.3L EcoBoost 4-cyl one which is going to be matched by an all-wheel-drive system. The vehicle to your advantage comes with good fuel economy figures and descent road manners. Next one is the Driver Connect package that avails configurable gauge cluster displays, auto-dimming rearview mirrors, an SD card reader, Sync functionality, and an 8” display. As for the price, expect the new 2017 Ford Explorer to start at around $30,000, making it cheaper than some of its rivals like the 2017 Dodge Durango and GMC Acadia SUV. The new 2015 Ford Kuga is one of these vehicles which made a great impact on the market in terms of sale.
It is has got a 1.6-liter petrol engine which is said to produce 240 lb-ft of torque and 147 hp, characterized by FWD operated type and with AWD automatic optionaly. While the segment may be getting a bit crowded, Mazda may have just introduced one of the best subcompact crossovers you can buy today. Buyers continue to flock to it, since the Elantra is one of the automaker's best selling models.
Helping solve part of the problem, Scion launched the new FR-S model into the lineup to increase interest in the brand.
While the larger Outlander just received a through redo with a long list of updates, the smaller Outlander has remain largely unchanged the last few years (note a refreshed Outlander Sport is coming for 2016). They claimed the changes this vehicle received are much more significant than what most cars and trucks get during mid-cycle updates.
Mopar fans looking for a bit more style and a few more cylinders, there's good news as the sinister Viper is still available. Although taller than either of those vehicles, the Trax's 6.2 inches of ground clearance is less than the Outlander Sport or the Juke, highlighting the little Chevrolet's mission as more of an urban run-about than a mild off-roader.
After a quick refresh the Civic did improve a bit, but not to levels that would satisfy diehard Honda fans. To gain some insight as to why, Subaru went straight to customers and found the key issues with the car were its exterior styling, interior quality and lackluster infotainment system. Hyundai has been a player in the segment for years with the Santa Fe and with every new generation it continues to get better. For 2016 Acura gave the RDX a nice update that adds a little more styling pizzaz, a little more fun under the hood and some small interior updates. Here we have the 2015 Kia Forte Koup, which competes primarily with the Honda Civic Coupe and Scion tC.
There are alternatives in the segment, like the Mazda6 that in some cases may offer more than the typical best sellers. Since it's introduction in 1957 the Suburban has evolved from it's barebones roots into a true luxury ride coddling its occupants.

There weren't any other players at the time, except for perhaps Mini one size down, but that's more a niche player. The S60 competes in one of the most hotly contested segments, the near-luxury class that contains some formidable players such as the Audi A4, Mercedes-Benz C-Class, and the king of the class, BMW 3-Series.
With stalwarts such as the Ford Escape, Honda CR-V, and Toyota RAV4, Nissan had its work cut out for it to remain competitive.
The new XC90 is also the first of many new Volvo models, since Volvo says that by 2018 every model in its current lineup will be replaced. Now Hyundai has released an all-new second-generation Genesis, which Hyundai hopes will move the brand further away from the econocar status that it held for years. The HR-V borrows its platform from the small Fit, nabs the Civic's engine and comes filled with features that Honda hopes will set it apart, does it work?
While waiting for the 2016 model is probably going to be very difficult, have you considered a Grand Cherokee perhaps?
It is primarily related to the European car market, where with new 2016 Ford Edge will started new part in development of this model, which is well-known to the US market, since 2006, when model was started production. This change leads us to the conclusion that the other models which shared the same platform with the first-generation of Edge will get a new platform in the next period.
New version will get changed shape of front grille, redesigned light-groups at the front end, completely new interior which will be roomy. Power units that have been used were declared as one of the top 10 when it comes to this category of vehicles.
Further, unlike to the current version of 2.0L engine, this new one will characterize increased towing capacity with maximum of 3,500 pounds, offered in AWD mode. So, expectation is that new 2016 Ford Edge will cost somewhere between $ 28,500 and $ 41,500. There’s even a parking timer built into the app that will remind you when it’s time to go out and re-feed the parking meter. Vehicle pricing and availability varies and dealers may sell for less than the MSRP; contact your local dealer for accurate stock and pricing information. On the front part of 2017 Ford Escape we can see that even the bumper is slightly changed so it looks like Ford really took a lot of care with this new generation of popular SUV. Seats are extra comfortable and cargo space is quite enough and with the folded second row of seats it can be increased. A Mitsubishi ainda manteve o mesmo o visual da Triton  para o modelo 2017, nao adotou o visual europeu para o Brasil. No interior da L200 a novidade e os novos quadro de instrumentos, volante e central multimidia com tela de 7 polegadas.
A nova L200 ainda conta com um motor 2.4 a gasolina que rende 128cv de potencia e torque de 19,8kgfm. De acordo com informacoes de bastidores, a nova Hilux 2016 sera equipada com dois motores a diesel e um a gasolina.
Ainda mais sofisticada e ampla, o motor da nova Triton L200 2016 tambem e uma novidade, sendo mais potente e eficaz. Sobre o acabamento da nova Triton L200 2016, destacam-se os novos revestimentos como plastico liso, detalhes que imitam aluminio e apliques em Black Piano, novas forracoes, macanetas e descanso de braco das portas. O novo L200 Triton Savana 20 anos, sera ainda numerado de 1 a 200 identificado com uma placa com a inscricao “Limited Edition”. O motor eletrico do Outlander PHEV possui 82 cavalos de potencia e a bateria tem a duracao de 52 quilometros. O motor a gasolina tem 121cv, totalizando 203cv quando usado em serie com o motor eletrico.
Entre as novidades, a nova caminhonete possui painel de instrumento com belo display, moderna central de entretenimento, novas saidas de ar, controle de ar-condicionado remodelado, novo volante multifuncional e acabamento das portas e do painel mais refinado. Embora a Raptor perca o lindo ronco do bloco V8, a fabricante estadunidense afirma que o novo motor V6 nao e apenas mais potente, como tambem eficiente energeticamente.
Alem disso, ha um botao no volante e um menu no cluster que adapta tambem as caracteristicas e repostas do motor, da transmissao e do controle de estabilidade, tudo para melhorar a performance da F-150 Raptor. For seasoned users, the new Explorer doesn’t look any different from the outgoing model apart from the subtle changes inside, which require a hawk-eyed person to unmask them. The 202A package bundles front parking sensors, front heated seats, and leather upholstery. It actually scores higher than the Grand Cherokee with the fuel economy and comes with a similar power rate. We are still compiling data on the 2017 Ford Explorer Hybrid and you should keep checking our site for its review which is coming soon. This vehicle is equipped with great technological features as well as a new design and the latest features which most of the luxurious vehicles possess. The second one is 2.0-liter EcoBoost, capable to produce up to 238 hp and 340 Nm of torque. The price can vary if you go for the diesel engine or gas-powered engine and it would also vary if you go for the fully customized model of Ford Kuga. Yes, if you still want something that gets great gas mileage and the idea plugging in your car isn't your cup of tea.
To make the 2016 Elantra even more appealing, Hyundai has released a new Value Edition that makes the Elantra an even better value than it already is. With an average owner age of just 31, the FR-S proved to be another hit with younger buyers, despite its higher price tag (for a Scion). While I haven't had a chance to drive the updated Outlander Sport, Mitsubishi did give me a week with the 2015 model.
Almost every area of the vehicle was touched from the usual suspects including the exterior and cabin to the body structure, chassis and even powertrain. Matched with a 7-speed dual-clutch DSG automatic transmission, the outcome defies regular hybrid expectations presenting a vehicle that feels powerful yet is extremely economical. With the introduction of the 2016 Civic, Honda has gone back to the drawing board to make a Civic that will not only win over would be Corolla and Focus buyers, but will hopefully satisfy some of Honda's loyal fans. The current generation Santa Fe was introduced back in 2012 and now three years later, it remains a top choice in the segment. Will the updates keep the RDX out front, or is there a chance now that others may catch up? By targeting a different segment altogether - active buyers that may not actually have kids. The Civic Coupe has been the mainstay of the segment since it was introduced in the early 1990s and since then several competitors have come and gone. Mazda is known for offering sportier alternatives, but can the Mazda6 find the sweet spot that can help it win over would be Accord or Camry buyers? With the latest round of midsize domination with the Ford Fusion, Hyundai Sonata, and Kia Optima nipping at your heels, how does the Accord compare? The roofline, however, seems like it’s been glued on, poke it and you can hear crackling sounds, as if it’s about to collapse.
I am looking for a crossover like this with similar tech features and nothing else seems to fit in this budget.
I still cannot understand how a GERMAN CAR needed its tyres to be replaced within the 6 months of date of purchase.
So, segment of mid-size crossover sport utility vehicles (SUV) will get new redesigned version of this 5-door model produced by Ford Motor Company. At the back, taillights are also redesigned and updated with slightly redesigned exhaustion pipes under taillights. When we talk about the cargo space we must tell you that the cargo area can easily be opened with the foot-operated, hands-free power lift gate.
Dependendo da versao, o cambio pode ser manual de cinco ou seis velocidades, ou automatico de cinco marchas. Em relacao ao interior, este ganhou mudanca no console e esta com a tela multimidia maior, que foi de 5 para 8 polegadas e vira com Sync atualizado, GPS e comando de voz. A chegada da picape esta prevista para o final do ano. A producao seguira sendo concentrada na fabrica argentina de Zarate, cuja ampliacao foi custeada por investimentos da ordem de US$ 800 milhoes. No entanto, o modelo vem com nova grade frontal e os novos farois compostos por LEDs que chamam atencao, passando toda a brutalidade da nova Raptor. You can view directions on it and you can even connect your phone with it and get the most accurate directions. 2015 Ford Kuga is capable to offer an amazing fuel economy in city as well as on highway or long routes. In terms of the competition, right now there isn't much, as the subcompact SUV segment is just warming up. These enhancements were meant to take an already competitive product and propel it to the top of its segment. According to Kia, almost half of all minivan buyers don't even have kids, but actually buy minivans because of the added space and versatility that comes with them. Luckily for 2016 that has all changed with pretty much the entire car getting reworked, especially where it was needed most - under the hood. We spent the week with the all-new generation for 2015 in the 4WD LTZ trim and here's what we found.
But can this “built for tough”, all testosterone, hairy chested car company pull off a softer, dare we say more feminine, still tough, but stylish car? Insurance charges are estimated based on your chosen vehicle and the other information you provide about yourself; actual rates will vary depending on your chosen insurer and coverage level. One more thing that is important about the interior is that infotainment system of 2017 Ford Escape will be connected to new SYNC 3 system. All of these engine options will be connected to the 6-speed automatic transmission system. Tambem contara com bancos de couro e ar-condicionado digital, mas ainda nao se sabe em quais versoes estarao presentes. A gasolina a opcao se mantera com o atual 2.7, que rende 158 cv e no Brasil recebe tecnologia bicombustivel.
Na parte externa, o modelo ganhou novos detalhes, como a dianteira totalmente remodelada, agora com grade frontal cromada com seis fendas, os farois modernos e reestilizados, com LEDs diurnos, para-choque frontal bem maior e imponente.
Na Asiacom, foi lancada novo motor diesel, um bloco 2.4 litros, 4 cilindros com 181 cv de potencia e 43 kgfm de torque.
Na lateral, alem dos vincos mais acentuados e caixas de rodas mais largas, dando um ar musculoso para o veiculo, o modelo ainda conta com novas rodas de 17 polegadas calcadas com pneus BFGoodrich All-Terrain KO2 de performance off-road.
That's nothing, however, compared to the tC, which continually wins over youth buyers with the youngest average age of any car in the industry at just 28. This power unit will be capable to produce up to 285 horsepower, alongside with 253 pound of torque.
All price, payment, and other information provided by this tool is subject to change without notice and is not meant to be relied upon. Ja as caixas de rodas, ganharam novos vincos, deixando o modelo da Mitsubishi muito mais agressivo. You can enjoy a long drive and you won’t feel tired while driving on a long route in this great interior. Furthermore, a brand new set of tires are installed and the suspension system of this vehicle has been upgraded to a whole new level.
This engine is the same as to the previous generation, and several times was awarded as one of the best in this category. These are estimates only based on information contributed by third parties, which is not independently verified, endorsed by, or the responsibility of Wheels.ca or Digital Auto Ventures. Na Asia as opcoes de carroceria serao tres (simples, estendida e dupla), todas com tracao apenas na traseira ou 4?4 com reduzida.
2016 Ford Edge Sport version will be run by 2.7L twin-turbo EcoBoost V6 gasoline engine, with maximum output of 325 hp, as well as 375 pounds of torque. Levando em conta a oferta de motores, tracao e cambios, a nova Hilux estara disponivel no mercado oriental em pelo menos 31 configuracoes diferentes.
A traseira a nova L200 Triton 2015 2016 tambem passou por transformacoes, agora com cacamba com linhas mais curvas, lanternas maiores e o para-choque com acabamento cromado – um luxo!
The dashboard of this vehicle is made with high quality material and a touch-screen panel has been installed in the console. When it comes to fuel economy, averagely, this vehicle exceeds 17 mpg in the city driving, while highway driving characterizes 23 mpg.
As variantes de topo terao controle de estabilidade VSC (Vehicle Stability Control), rodas aro 17?, luzes diurnas de LED e sistema de entretenimento com GPS. O preco da Nova Triton L200 2016 ainda nao foi divulgado pela marca, mas calcula-se que deva ficar entre R$ 80 mil e R$ 130 mil, dependendo da versao.

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