At the front rear of the 2016 Ford f-150 Lariat, we expect to see the quaint beam headlamps, this is coupled with a LED blinker line that give the vehicle a unique look especially at night. In addition, the possibility of having more than four box links in order to better support accessories and tools also exists. The 2016 Ford f-150 Lariat is expected to have much power considering that Ford wants to reduce it curb weight. Also anticipated inside the 2016 Ford f-150 Lariat is the power sliding leather seats and the armrest also softly made with leather just below the window.
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Mon vehicule vous permet de chercher des accessoires specialement prevus pour votre vehicule. There's a lot to wade through there in the 60+ pages, so I created a short writeup on my 2010 XLT F150 for those in a similar situation to myself.
My truck came from the factory with a rear view mirror that autodims, has a built in compass and a sync microphone. In order to get power to my camera and power and video signals to my rear view mirror I could either buy factory harnesses from a dealer like Tasca Ford ($250+) or do the wiring myself. My factory tail light harness lacked the wires and connectors to hook up a camera and supply power to it, so I bought a four pin trailer light connector set and installed that instead.
The orange power wire on the trailer plug supplied 12V and the white frame ground, you guessed it, gnd. Also, my main frame harness and cab harnesses lacked the video + and video - signal wires to get the video signal from the rear of the truck to the rear view mirror.
With the plastic door sill plate up I pulled the door seal away from the hinge edge of the cab and removed the a-pillar trim to run the cable behind the dash plastic and airbag in the a-pillar.
I installed the adapter by pushing the ten pin header into the factory headliner harness 10 pin female connector being careful to line up pin 1 on my adapter to pin 1 on the connector. I might end up doing this myself some day as the factory equipment seems to be the way to go. 61-1039:Gibson Metal Mulisha Exhaust Tips 8-inch Black Ceramic Round Rolled Edge Slash Cut Tip Inlet 4 in. Built in late 1964 at the San Jose factory, this car is Wimbeldon White with basic black interior, just like the Shelby cars were delivered that year from the same assembly line. Stowable cargo ramps can also be placed very fast on tailgate that eases loading and offloading motorbikes and mowers.

The engine options that will be provided in the 2016 model are the 2.7L EcoBoost V6 which produces 325 horsepower and 375 lb-ft of torque.
Final cost to me was around $360 for everything not including tools like soldering irons, heat shrink, wire, etc.
I wanted to add a backup camera, but after researching the aftermarket systems I decided to install a factory camera and mirror. This will give me the ability to plug the truck into a backup camera on the back of a trailer in the future as well. When wired to power all the time there is no delay getting video to the mirror when shifting into reverse. I decided to run a two wire cable from Lowes from the rear of the truck to the rear view mirror instead. The correct orientation locates pin 8 (vid+) and pin 16 (vid-) on the passenger side of the installed mirror. One is connected to the video wires and dangling while the other is installed between the factory harness and mirror. I used 22 awg wire with an overall diameter of less than .054" as stated in the connector specification for a proper fit. It has a C-code 2-barrel 289 V8, manual drum brakes, manual steering, 14” steel wheels, and the original AM radio. The bed in the rear will also contain white lights (at an angle of 45 degrees) that will assist in night off loading. If you wire the camera power to a reverse signal from the transmission there may be a couple second delay for the video feed. Our site is specifically designed for you and it's a great place for Ford F150 Fans to meet online.Once you join you'll be able to post messages, upload pictures of your truck, and have a great time with other Ford F150 fans. The female 16 pin connector just needs to have the insulated wire ends pressed in using a flathead (the removal tool worked). Charmingly original and unmolested, it spent 30 years in Sebastopol with a Ford-friendly family where the dad had three daughters and bought each a Mustang when she turned 16 and started driving.
It has been in regularly used its whole life, recently treated to a spruce-up, and it drives as it should. In addition, Ford will try to reduce the overall weight of the 2016 model in order to increase the vehicle horsepower. The side view mirrors will have the LED white light options for increased visibility at night.

A power-adjustable steering wheel, automatic headlamps, and adjustable pedal are also expected in the 2016 model.
The seller believes he is the third owner, with one North Bay owner from new until 1980, then the “3 daughters” family for 30 years, then the current seller.
2015 f-150 series models were made 700 pounds lighter than 2014 models by using military grade aluminum and steel alloy. The rear of the vehicle is expected to have a blind spot information system located within the tail lights.
This is because Ford wants to reduce the weight of all its F-150 series as marketing strategy.
Obviously, Ford has made customers aware that the higher the horsepower, the higher the price. The 2016 Ford f-150 Lariat is expected to retail at a price range of $38,000 and $46,000, with the latter having more options fitted in the vehicle. The pinout for the two different cameras is identical, but the tailgate camera install appeared to be much easier from my research. The car got its blue plates around 1980, and the odometer shows 144,000 miles, corroborated by records. New information also seems to indicate the pinout on 2011 mirrors is different than previous years. It’s an original V8 manual trans car, built in San Jose, came from the factory with a three-speed but now sports a Toploader four-speed with period Hurst shifter. The smart key as usually is also anticipated to have a remote and release tailgate capability. The seller has gone through the car, keeping the charm but getting everything functioning as it should.
Very minor bubbling exists in lower front corner of each door (pictured) and a few bubbles along the right rear edge of the trunk lid. Otherwise, the floors, rockers, fender bottoms, and trunk floor are all said to be solid. The seats are from a 67 Mustang, and the headliner, door panels, and carpets are all in good condition.

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