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With Sean Connery retiring his double-0 number for good after Diamonds Are Forever (but not really as we are to find out much, much later) and George Lazenby having no intention to return after his stint as Bond in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, EON Productions was faced with the difficult task of recasting their most important asset once again. By the early sixties, Moore has appeared in such movies as The Miracle (with Carroll Baker), as well as landing guest stints in such hit TV shows as The Alaskans and Maverick (playing British cousin Beau to James Garner’s Bret). With the 007 character yearning for an actor to embody it, Albert “Cubby” Broccoli and Harry Saltzman had found their man in Moore, who around the time of Live and Let Die’s development phase was looking to walk away from TV and make a formal segue into film as a leading man.
When Moore was cast as Bond in 1972, he was 45 years old (four years older than Connery when he stepped down), making him to this day the oldest actor to portray the secret agent.  Moore would go on to appear in a whopping 7 Bond films over the course of a decade plus change, making him the actor to portray the character the longest as well. The Moore era is and will always be the most debated among Bond aficionados.  While Moore himself is a perfectly capable and charismatic actor (as well as a pure gentleman who became a UNICEF Goodwill ambassador in 1991 and was knighted in 2003), the Bond films he appeared in wildly vary in tone, eschewing the cold, hard spy thriller aspects introduced in the early Connery films for a lighter, more comedic approach aimed towards a younger audience. While the Bond films released in the Moore era were always technically astute and included some spectacular set pieces, they lacked substance and, save for a few, were almost immediately disposable.  Moore seemed to play the character more as a British gentleman who was more inclined to charm the pants off people, good or bad, rather than the cold, remorseless killer Connery portrayed. Still, Moore is often credited with saving the franchise.  The Bond films became even bigger moneymakers during his stint and allowed the character to become more of a fixture in the global market as well.  But I often ask myself, at what cost? Plot:  After three MI6 agents are mysteriously killed in a 24 hour period, James Bond is sent to investigate the murders – leading him to the Caribbean compound of Dr. The Bad:  Once again, director Guy Hamilton has flabbergasted me with a directing job that makes me wonder if his work in Goldfinger was just a fluke.  Working with screenwriter Tom Mankiewicz (remember him? Fun Fact: Christopher Lee has a unique connection to James Bond creator Ian Fleming – they are step-cousins. The Plot:  When British and Russian submarines with nuclear capabilities are simultaneously hijacked, Bond reluctantly teams up with a female KGB agent, whose lover he inadvertently killed, and uncovers a plot by criminal mastermind Stromberg to hold the world ransom. The Final Word: A first-rate production through and through,  The Spy Who Loved Me is arguably the best entry from the Moore era and one of the best Bond films, period. The Final Word:  Despite its shortcomings, For Your Eyes Only is a nice respite from the last two, flashier Bond pictures giving Roger Moore plenty to work with and allowing the actor to deliver a confident, memorable turn as Agent 007.
The Plot:  A fellow MI6 agent is found dead, a fake Faberge egg in his possession, leading Bond to India where he uncovers a jewel smuggling ring led by the mysterious Octopussy and being used as a front for a nuclear attack on NATO forces. Fun Fact:  Octopussy was released mere months before the non-EON produced Thunderball remake, Never Say Never Again, which saw Sean Connery return to role that made him a star. The Plot:  Bond goes up against a wealthy, power-mad industrialist who wants to destroy Silicon Valley by monopolizing the world’s microchip supply. Fun Fact:  Look for Dolph Lundgren (he was dating Grace Jones at the time) in a blink-and-you’ll-miss-him cameo as a KGB agent.
The Final Word:  A View to a Kill, marking Roger Moore’s final appearance as Agent 007, is a by-the-numbers affair enlivened by a gloriously hammy Christopher Walken turn and some decent action sequences. The episode begins with Eddy struggling to chew some indestructible gum which Edd invented, and all appears to be going well until Ed bites Eddy's sample clear out of his mouth, chews it with ease, and blows a HUGE bubble and floats away.

Sarah and Jimmy soon enlist Nazz, Kevin and Rolf to scour the Cul-de-Sac to recover her beloved diary, but without much success. Sarah shows the same type of anger as Jimmy, Nazz, Kevin, and Rolf (who had also joined the search) continue searching for Sarah's diary. After reading the diary even more, Edd implores to his friends they should return it, but Kevin walks by and catches them red-handed.
The episode ends with Sarah writing an entry in her new diary about the events that occurred in this episode, and with The Eds, Jonny and Plank (who'd somehow managed to return to Peach Creek from China) stuck together on Ed with the chewed-up gum. Sarah: [writing] "Dear diary, my brother and that stupid Eddy got what they deserved today.
He also didn't feel any pain from pulling his hair out, but it's possible that Eddy was expecting the pain.
When Edd was chewing gum to try and get away from Sarah, Ed ended up blowing Edd into a balloon. This episode was seen in the 2007 movie Shattered (called Butterfly on a Wheel in Canada), when Pierce Brosnan's character Tom Ryan begins to confront Neil Randall (Gerard Butler).
Kevin breaks the fourth wall by saying "This show needs subtitles." This was after Eddy said the phrase "Hasta la vista, baby!" in which "Hasta la vista" is a Spanish farewell meaning "Goodbye," and after Edd said the phrase "C'est la vie," meaning "that's life" in French.
Titled after a Neil Young song, the book follows the life of Richard “Rocky” Askew, beginning when he was 8 years old. One day, because he is mad at his father, Paul picks up Rocky at school, takes him out of town and abandons him in the woods. Leigh comes back four years later, emotionally unbalanced, but eventually becomes engaged to the Culvers' son.
Rocky's father invests his money in a venture with Brad Culver and loses all his money and will to live. By this time, Leigh's engagement is broken, and she rides around town on a bicycle every day with a load of books. The Eds try to clean up the room before Sarah gets back, when Eddy uncovers her secret diary. Watch clips from shows like Teen Titans Go!, Steven Universe, Clarence, Adventure Time, Uncle Grandpa, The Amazing World of Gumball and more!
He’s the one who made Sean Connery look like an idiot in Diamonds are Forever), the tone of Live and Let Die is pretty much all over the map, often playing like the weird offspring of Dr. Worth and Jake Lombard, who both performed similar duties for the skydiving opening to Moonraker.  Best of all, John Barry returns, delivering a score that is my overall favorite of all the Moore Bonds. Jonny and Plank walk by and ask Eddy if it's a hot-air balloon and Eddy, being the salesman he is, tells Jonny that it's a hot-air ride.
Meanwhile The Eds, at the Lane, try to figure out what to do, but Edd and Ed find that Eddy is a bit preoccupied with something and seems to be enjoying it. However, after the camera focuses on Ed and Eddy, then goes back to Edd, the diary is in Edd's hat. However we also experienced that your browser may cause the problem if this is the case restart your browser completely and try again. Kevin sarcastically congratulates Eddy on reaching a new low in dork history, but Eddy claims Kevin is just jealous before running off. Paul, with a cigarette dangling just so from his lips, and his girlfriend Leigh up beside him, drives a Chevy Nova with his speakers blasting Young.

No to not include Q (played by the always welcome Desmond Llewelyn), which is never a good thing, right? Eddy hops in with Ed's help, telling Jonny he hasn't paid yet and Edd tries to follow them. Edd then comes by and puts a pillow between Kevin and the tree to make him a bit more comfortable while also apologizing for the abrupt accommodations.
Hasta la vista, baby!"Edd: [places a pillow in between Kevin's head and the tree] "I do apologize for the abrupt accommodations, Kevin. Kevin notices the balloon and shoots it down with a baseball, Jonny and Plank lands to the ground at such force, it causes them to make a tunnel through The Earth and end up in China (which Jonny claims is just like in the cartoons).
If you weren't so scared of turning into chopsticks, we'd still be in China!"Eddy: [talking about Jonny] "Could someone scrape this guy off my shoe? She uses him to get information against Leigh, which she uses to put an end to the engagement. Eddy claims he has no idea what Edd is talking about, so Edd orders Ed to shake Eddy until he coughs up what he's hiding. After running away to the end of the Lane, Edd says they have broken the law as they not only have taken someone else's personal belonging, but add to it they have abducted and detained somebody against their will.
Edd manages to find them, and tells them that they need to repair it before Sarah arrives, but Eddy discovers her secret diary in the wreckage and decides to read it.
They then discover that Eddy had the diary with him and finds that her book is in an unacceptable condition for them to return(Edd finds that the diary is saturated in drool and its spine is bent up).
Edd, wanting to end this fiasco, tells them that they sneak back to the house, place it in a suitable spot, and pretend to know nothing about the diary.
Eddy soon unlocks the book with his hair and begins flipping through the diary, finding an entry about how Edd gave her a "horsey" in a dream she had.
Eddy tosses the book through the window and the Eds manage to jump out before Sarah comes in. After teasing some fun at Edd, Eddy notices a series of unflattering drawings of him, which turns out to be a flip-animation of him walking past some dollar bill signs on a cane, getting struck by lightning and getting crushed by a brick.
They then sneak past The Kids, who are still hard at work, trying to locate her diary, and returns to Ed's House and try to find a spot to bury it, but they are discovered with the diary by Sarah and Jimmy.
Sarah claims her diary and finds that they've read it (as there are drool stains all over the pages). Eddy then seemingly gives up on trying to find it in the yard and takes his friends somewhere else to hide from Sarah. Eddy has Edd to blow a huge bubble with the bubble gum he'd invented to fly away, but fails to do so.
Their escape soon backfires when Edd loses breath and exhales, causing the balloon to deflate.

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