Meridian lines on the body are used in acupuncture, acupressure and shiatsu (a form of acupressure massage).
All painkilling drugs do have a disastrous effect on the intestines, and normally cause chronic constipation. Used in the control of arthritis, rheumatism, gout and inflammatory conditions of the spine. An extreme reaction indicates that the benefit of the Reflexology treatment has been exceeded, and the body cannot cope.
REMEMBER: A Reflexologist who is not a medical professional cannot claim diagnosis, but the beauty of Reflexology is that it works without diagnosis.
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Finger swelling and pain can be the result of edema (retention of excess fluid) or an injury to the fingers that may affect any integral part of the finger like muscles, tendons, connective tissues, tendons, bones or blood vessels. Injuries like dislocations, bruises or fractures can all result in swollen and painful fingers. Performing finger exercises helps in pumping out excess fluid from the fingers back to the heart.
Raising swollen fingers above the heart for 30 minutes for 4 times a day aids in treating water retention.
Rub the swollen fingers with firm and strong rubbing motions to stimulate muscle activity as well as blood flow to the fingers. Another option is to make use of compression gloves that put pressure over fingers and prevent any retention of fluids in fingers and avoid development of swollen and painful fingers.
Stress, weak heart muscles and valve problems are the factors that lead to a condition known as enlarged heart.

Turmeric is a yellow colored spice that can help in preventing and treating enlarged heart.
Edema can result from conditions like lymphatic complications, kidney issues, congestive heart failure or use of certain medications.
Pain and swollen fingers can be the classical symptom of rheumatoid arthritis disease that can be easily managed with proper treatment including cortisone injections. Exercising enhances blood flow to swollen areas, stimulating the pressure to expel off excess fluid. For those, who may not be able to perform traditional exercises, should go for quick walks of 15 minutes, once in a day as it improves blood circulation in the entire body. Make use of a hand massager by making use of forefinger on one hand and thumb of the other hand.
A good therapist should be able to warn the customer of forthcoming weaknesses and advise to prevent them.
Meridians were talked about as long ago as 2500 BC in a book commonly known as the Nei Ching (The Yellow Emperora€™s classic of Internal Medicine).
Over the years, I have seen many cases of clients suffering from headaches who also had ingrown toenails.
The pain usually begins at the web between the third and fourth toes and shoots up into the fourth toe. The gall bladder meridian (see diagram bottom right) also touches the lung area from the side.
For major other causes of swelling finger and pain, the symptoms can be managed without medications too.
Exercise can include simple forms like typing keyboard, flexing fingers to get dressed up and serving breakfast.

Additionally, one can raise hands above the head and interlock them, bringing the hands behind the head and then move the head back creating resistance over fingers. Release locked fingers after 30 seconds, shake and then repeat again for a number of times. Alternatively, if finger massage does not seem to be performed effectively, consider going for professional finger massage to get the real benefits.
In case, it seems difficult to go for bland foods, try adding seasonings to bring flavors to foods while limiting salt intake.
This book is said to have been written by Huang Ti, the yellow emperor who lived between 2696 BC and 2598 BC. The sensations experienced in the toe may vary from slight numbness to intense pain, depending on how severely the nerve is affected.
For those with lymphatic troubles, need to exercise more frequently, drink more water and include diet rich in protein, vegetables and fruits to enable lymphatic system to regain its full potential. When stimulating a meridian point (tsubo), the therapist sends a message to the body to free blocked energies. Plantar digital neuritis is found in many women, and I have witnessed numerous cases where women have this problem around pre-menstrual time when they often crave chocolates, caffeine and other stimulants.
This can also be associated with hip trouble and can possibly be seen as a puffy area in line with the fourth toe close to the ankle. The gall bladder meridian runs through the hip region, and swelling here may indicate congestion along the gall bladder meridian.

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