I know that when you think vacation, Salt Lake City isn’t the first place that pops to mind, but if you are looking for a really family friendly atmosphere, you may want to give it another look. If you caught some of the World Cup fever recently, you should totally check out a Salt Lake Real game. Salt Lake City also has a great library for genealogy research, if that’s your thing.

My favorite part of the trip I took to SLC all those years ago, though, was taking 4 or 5 days to drive through southern Utah and loop through Colorado and a couple of other neighboring states.
I’d add that there are other canyons (Millcreek, Little Cottonwood) and lots of great hiking, biking, and skiing all over the valley and state. The transit system is pretty good, especially if you are mostly downtown, and traffic and parking aren’t terrible if you are in a car.

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