This year you don’t want to miss the Laser Light Show which will feature laser imagery choreographed to music.
Follow the progress of Mike and Leann Rowe of Lutz, Florida, as they purchase, renovate and move into a 1970s-era ranch house in St. It might be helpful to know a little bit about me so here is a brief summary. I live and garden in a suburb of Portland, Oregon and have lived here since 1969.
To be connected to the gardening industry is a bonus in life. I have found gardeners to be among the friendliest and most caring and generous people I know, and consequently many of my friends are those I have met through gardening.
Mike and Leann currently live in a home that's more than 4,000 square feet (not pictured; this photo shows the new one), and their children are in their early 20s.
Commonly known at the Pistachio Hydrangea, this Hydrangea has flowers that are scarlet-red and green with violet centers. I have done television gardening shows in Portland and currently do a Portland garden radio talk show on Saturday mornings from 9am-noon (KXL radio) and this spring will be my 29th anniversary.

Rather than waiting for the children to completely move out, Mike and Leann decided to find a smaller home now that they can make uniquely their own and transition to. Since 1996 I have worked from my home office and provide full architectural services exclusively to the single family residential market.
Remodeling tip 1: Look for a house with "good bones," meaning it doesn't suffer from extensive neglect and disrepair and the inevitable resulting damage. Ask friends, scour the Internet and look on Houzz's professionals listings for someone with experience in projects like yours.
Arter a tourist disappears inside a mine in Guanajuato, Mat Medina a young expert in mine engineering is hired to make a security diagnostic in the mines of a big company..
The plant tends to be a compact grower and likes a well drained soil. To avoid summer burning of leaves and flowers, give it some protection from the hot afternoon sun and plant in a well drained soil. It should be structurally sound and be able to be renovated without completely rebuilding it.

Climb into the attic, check for signs of settling, analyze how difficult or easy it'll be to restructure the rooms, assess the condition of the heating and cooling system, and assume nothing meets current code so it'll all have to be brought up to date. I strive to have the "new" home accommodate my clients' lives without fighting them at every junction. Sure, anything can be fixed and rebuilt, but if the renovation is too extensive, it just might be better tearing down the house and building new. So getting an architect, a builder or both to help assess the condition of the existing house before purchasing is critical.

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