When a direct blow to your abdomen causes you to lose breath due to injury to solar plexus aka celiac plexus (a network of nerves in abdomen posterior to stomach); this is known as solar plexus syndrome or celiac trunk syndrome. The syndrome is usually encountered in athletic individuals or those who are regular practitioners of martial arts. The celiac plexus is known as solar plexus because of the radiation of nerve fibers that arise from it in the outward direction. The celiac or solar plexus is located underneath the heart, posterior to the stomach; or the plexus is located at the gravitational centre of the trunk right below the junction of ribs in the midline (at the tip of xiphoid process of sternum- the breast bone). The solar plexus is important because it is placed in a position that is vulnerable to physical injury. Adopting a position with knees bent, upper body brought forward and down helps to relax muscles. If the pain is too deep and not going away, now is the time to consult a medical practitioner for further investigations like a fractured rib etc. Most of the time microscopic tears result but severe injury may cause the muscle to break away from its attachment (muscle rupture). The muscles rectus abdominis, internal and external oblique and rectus abdominis surround the stomach (also the whole abdomen). Ice: place an ice pack for 15-20 minutes, four times a day for first 48 hours after injury. Firebirds break Swifts hearts, againIt couldn't get any worse than last year for the NSW Swifts, surely? African american woman naked stock photos, images, African american woman naked stock photos, vectors and illustrations from shutterstock, the world’s largest royalty-free image, video, and music marketplace.. African american stock photos - free african american, Free african american stock photos and illustrations. Royalty-free (rf) african american women clipart, Page 1 of royalty-free (rf) stock image gallery featuring african american women clipart illustrations and african american women cartoons.. Royalty-free (rf) african american clipart, illustrations, Page 1 of royalty-free (rf) stock image gallery featuring african american clipart illustrations and african american cartoons..
Blacks on postcards & african-american post cards, Blacks on postcards & african-american post cards. DYNAFIT KHION PRODUCT RECALL NOTICEVOLUNTARY RECALL NOTICE ISSUED July 15, 2016, FOR ALL DYNAFIT KHION SKI BOOT MODELS IN NORTH AMERICAAt DYNAFIT, we’re committed to providing mountain endurance athletes with the safest, most innovative, and highest quality products to assist them during their mountain activities. To Receive a Replacement Pair of BootsPlease contact DYNAFIT North America at (844)412-7013 from 8 a.m. A number of food companies have recalled products containing sunflower seeds from the ingredient supplier SunOpta due to possible contamination with Listeria monocytogenes (L.mono). John is such a great addition to our team!Gennifre HartmanGennifre Hartman is OSI's International Programming Consultant. Gennifre's skillset is immensely valued, and the programs she works with attest to that.We can't speak highly enough of our consultants, from their personability and professionalism to their ability to support your outdoor program in meeting its risk management goals.
Rocky Mountain recalls bicycles with front disc brakes to replace quick release lever due to crash hazard.
In addition to altering base coat color, merle also modifies eye color and coloring on the nose and paw pads.
This document is research in progress and through experience in breeding merles. Most of the information was obtained from the world wide web. BarkBox is a monthly subscription box for your dog and if you use our link below you get ONE BOX FOR FREE No Gimmicks!!
Puppy Shopping ListHere is a page of all our recommended products for every new puppy owner. When an abdominal muscle is pulled or torn, the injury occurs, giving rise to a condition called abdominal muscle strain.
It may also appear when the organs in the abdominal cavity (like appendix or stomach) are inflamed.

Not all relevant details, information or images included in the original release may be shared here.
Clif Bar's voluntary recall is included below, and a link to find other recalls of foods containing sunflower seeds is also included.Below is content from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. While we also work with additional specially skilled reviewers on focused projects and we are thrilled to be able to call on a wider and growing team of consultants as needed, we’d like to help you get to know some of the key players within our group of experts. He is remarkably skilled in many aspects of the outdoor field, including extensive experience in whitewater rafting and stand up paddleboaring (SUP), rock climbing, and program management. With a breadth of experience leading and creating educational and adventure travel programs around the world, especially in developing countries, she offers quality guidance around all the aspects of what can go wrong and how to do things right when managing trips abroad. An open quick release lever on the front wheel hub can come into contact with the front disc brake assembly, causing the front wheel to come to a sudden stop or separate from the bicycle, posing a risk of injury to the rider.Below is content from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. An unknown number of these harnesses were dangerously modified and then resold on Ebay, which is never a recommended source for buying climbing gear. They pose a mortal danger to users.The FactsOn April 6, 2016, Petzl was warned by authorities that modified Petzl ASPIR (C24) harnesses were being sold on eBay. This stitching is not present on original ASPIR harnesses.These technical modifications greatly affect harness strength, rendering the harnesses non-compliant with our internal requirements and with regulatory requirements. For more than 25 years, manufacturing climbing equipment has been the centerpiece of our company and an expression of our mission to build innovative product of exceptional quality for our global community of users.In 2014, we began the process of repatriating our manufacturing to Salt Lake City, Utah from Zhuhai, China. The lightening is not spread evenly over the coat, but leaves patches of undiluted color scattered over the dog’s body.
The white and gray patterns that appear on a black make them appear to have a blueish cast. The merle gene modifies the dark pigment in the eyes, occasionally changing dark eyes to blue, or part of the eye to be colored blue.
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Not only this; usually in karate the technique of hitting the plexus is used to knock the air out of the opponent and causing them to lose balance. Since diaphragm is a major muscle of respiration, its spasm can cause difficulty in breathing. If a muscle is contracted or expanded beyond its ability, it is injured or torn causing strain.
The muscle spasm in this case is called guarding and is assumed by the body as a protective phenomenon. The knife in the axe handle can detach, posing a laceration or impact hazard to the user or bystanders.Below is content from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission.
This website presents selected outdoor product recalls that may be of interest to our readers. However, for the safety of our customers we are issuing a precautionary, voluntary recall in North America for all Khion ski boot models. Although healthy individuals may suffer only short-term symptoms such as high fever, severe headache, stiffness, nausea, abdominal pain and diarrhea, Listeria monocytogenes infection can cause miscarriages and stillbirths among pregnant women.People who have purchased any of the above products are urged not to consume the products and to destroy it. We had the opportunity for a few interviews at the Wilderness Risk Management Conference in October 2015 that we're sharing here. From setting up policies and service projects to managing the unexpected in a foreign land, Gennifre has proven herself invaluable to programs either just expanding across the border or already established in their ventures afar. Our exceptional team is here to offer insight around the things you might not notice without expert outside observation along with the tools to transform them into the optimal approach.
Safety leg loops or waist belts were cut and restiched in a way they could break under force within range of standard climbing activities. These new or slightly used harnesses were modified by irresponsible third parties after reaching the market a first time. Since merle causes random modifications, however, both dark-eyed, blue-eyed, and odd-colored eyes are possible. Color on paw pads and nose may be mottled pink and black (see photo).

The red and black axe ranges about 20 to 35 inches long with an aluminum head that is 9 inches long and 1 inch wide. The Beast boot models incorporate a number of improvements that we’re confident will provide a safe, high performance customer experience. John directed the Eastern Washington University outdoor program (EPIC Adventures) from 2007-2015. We offer a number of services customizable to the unique aspects of each program; find out the basics of a risk management review and other services to get started.
These harnesses should be inspected and Petzl recommends destroying them if such stitching is present.Below is content from Petzl.
For complete listings of official product recalls visit recalls.gov (US), Health Canada or the recall agency in your country. With years of outdoor leadership and management experience, he is skilled in working with a wide array of programs. We are thrilled to have John on board for his ability to work with many of the programs seeking risk management guidance from OSI. Oh Well…because if you use my link I also get a free month AND once you sign up you get your own referral link to share with your dog lover friends!
Andy further fine-tuned his consulting around organizational development and culture change. One of John's unique strengths is his ability to be concise, from trimming program manuals down to the essentials to a remarkable efficiency in his review projects, all without sacrificing proficiency.
Although most breeds that can have merle coats also typically have white markings (such as around the neck, under the belly, and so on), and often tan points (typically between the white and the darker parts of the coat), these are separate colors from the merle; some dogs do appear completely merled with no white or tan markings. A phantom merle is one with such small patches of merle—or none at all—that it appears to be a non-merle. Consumer Product Safety Commission, other agencies listed on recalls.gov, Health Canada or the product manufacturer if you need any additional information regarding a specific recall.
In addition to the images on this page, if you unsure as to whether you own an affected product, cease use immediately and contact DYNAFIT for assistance in determining whether your product is included in this recall.Even if your Khion ski boots have performed well and appear to be fine, you should not continue to use them. Clif Bar is consulting with the FDA on this voluntary recall.Find other recalls of foods containting sunflower seeds. For this reason, it is imperative that we warn our clients and our community about these reckless acts. This is in addition to previously announced recalls of select carabiners and nylon runners.The number of affected units found is extremely small and no incidents or injuries have been reported.
The most recognizable is the blue or red merle, but chocolate merle is also possible (see photos below). Please pass this information on to those around you.To find the distributor and dealers in your country, go to our dealers section.
As an example, tens of thousands of Camalots™ have been produced in our Salt Lake City factory since repatriation, and we have found only one unit that did not meet our critical quality requirements.
BarkBox is a monthly Dog Lover Subscription box which includes toys, treats and fun goodies for the puppy in your life and believe me this will just save you time because you’ll be buying new treats and toys all the time anyway! After we receive your Khion ski boots, we will issue a refund to you via check or credit card for the full amount of your Khion purchase price, plus original shipping charges and taxes (if any). Nonetheless, our legacy of excellence and commitment to the climbing community compels us to take extraordinary measures to ensure products in the field meet all necessary safety requirements.As a company of climbers, we know the paramount importance of trusting your equipment. We are proactively mobilizing our entire global organization to ensure the quality of our product.

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