May 3rd, 2013 (Zanesfield) – The Macochee EMS on-duty crew responded to a dramatic motorcycle vs. Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke are two related health conditions that can be very serious if not treated quickly and effectively.
Heat Exhaustion is likely to occur when a person’s body temperature rises above 37 degrees but below 40 degrees celsius. Heat Stroke is the most serious form of heat-related illnesses, with a body temperature higher than 40 degrees celsius. The two heat conditions, although caused by a dramatic rise in body temperature, present very different signs and symptoms. Without the correct management of heat exhaustion, the causality could quickly develop heat stroke.

Certain people are at greater risk of developing heatstroke, or suffering serious complications from severe dehydration.
To practice managing a heat-affected victim, Australia Wide First Aid’s Provide First Aid course will educate you in the fundamentals of first aid.
If you have any questions regarding any of the courses on offer, please do not hesitate to contact us. Both, Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke are caused by a mild-extreme elevation in body temperature which is normally controlled by sweating. This is caused by a loss of body fluids and salts after being exposed to high heat for a prolonged period of time. If this is difficult, schedule outdoor activities for cooler parts of the day (before 10am and after 4pm).

Not only will the course prepare you with the knowledge required to provide a first aid response, but the practical component in the course will give you the skills to provide life support during the management of casualty(s), the incident and other First Aiders at the scene. The 22-year old motorcyclist suffered very serious injuries in the incident, and was transported to OSU Medical Center via helicopter. Sweating allows a person to cool through evaporation, but once a person becomes too dehydrated to sweat, the body temperature can rise rapidly and dramatically. High humidity can also prevent sweat from evaporating, again, not allowing a person to cool effectively and eventually resulting in a heat induced illness.

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