Their sleek vocal harmonies and stripped back sound draw obvious comparisons to Fleet Foxes, First Aid Kit and Camera Obscura, which is certainly not a bad crowd to be grouped with!
Tom Sayer is a Music and Creative Writing graduate from Bangor University, born and raised in Hove. There can’t be too many 13-year-olds allowed to undertake home renovations, but Adam Dovile was born to build. The 2014 House Rules winner and Better Homes and Gardens presenter recalls his first project was building a music studio under the Diamond Creek home he shared with dad Sam, mum Joan and two elder siblings, Lisa and Michael. Adam, 32, jokes the studio took a lot less time to complete than some of his dad’s projects. Once Adam, his brother and cousin contemplated an unauthorised renovation after an accident with some magnesium swiped from the school science room. With so much boyish activity there were inevitably other accidents and by Adam’s calculation between 40 and 50 stitches. My family owned a pizza shop and I started working there when I was 10 doing prep, then as I got older, in the shop.
I always suggest that everyone makes a packing list.  It should include everything you need for a trip lasting anywhere from 2-4 days. If the trip is for longer than the 2-4 days, you do some laundry, replenish toiletries, and you can go forever. As an example, I take an immersion heater and folding rubber cup, along with some tea bags, so I can make myself a cup of tea just about anywhere. Poster for Sleater-Kinney's February 2015 performance at The Knitting Factory in Spokane, Washington - the first stop on their much anticipated "No Cities To Love" tour. After completing an MA in Composition for Film he returned to his hometown and dived back into the local music scene, seeking out the best and freshest music to write about for welovebrighton. There was this section under the house that was filled with dirt and I decided to dig it out, pour a slab and make a little studio down there. So they rip off their T-shirts, my brother whips off his belt, they bandage me all up and tie it with the belt, sit me on the bike and push me home. My acoustic kit is pretty big and almost needs its own room, which is why it’s still at mum and dad’s and I’ve bought myself an electric kit. It was great fun because all the cousins worked there, friends worked there and friends of friends worked there. Take something along with you that will help to make you feel more at home or relaxed when the stress gets to you. I picked up a cheap digital food scale that reads to the nearest tenth of an ounce (1 g) and a maximum capacity of 11 lbs (5 KG).

Tom's musical interests range from Acoustic and Indie to Film Music and Jazz and he hopes to one day write for a music magazine, so feel free to send in your job offers! Trying to keep a bag under the recommended 10% of your body weight can be challenging for just about anyone. The Benedryl is good to control an allergic reaction or to help me fall asleep at night if I’m too wound up. All of these pills are packed in Apex Pill Baggies which are very handy mini-ziploc bags for packing very small stuff including pills. I carry extras because I forget to resupply between trips, so I’ll always have enough. Butterfly band-aids which are good to close cuts and bigger sterile gauze pads which can be used to cover scrapes, heel blisters or larger wounds. If I have a blister, I sometimes tape it directly or use duct tape to keep it closed until I get home.
It keeps the dirt out, stops the wound snagging, and apparently helps the healing process too. I've also sliced my finger to the bone accidentally but a bandage, antibiotic cream and tape have worked for me. The key is just to keep the wound closed and sterile and it will eventually heal without stitches.The latex gloves are new this year since I got my Wilderness First Aid cert. I figure I can also use them as a vapor barrier liner if my fingers start to get frost nip. Without getting too technical, if you're bleeding to death, (femoral bleed) you apply this product to the wound, it will save your life. I just happened to be reading NOLs Wilderness First Aid last night and noticed that they recommend against a bringing SAM splint because there are plenty of raw materials (sticks) that can be used instead. Personally, I think a SAM splint is a great item and if I were leading a group, it's the first item I would add to my kit. Reply Bryan February 4, 2009 at 6:35 am # I almost think that using a SAM splint is better for a solo traveler. Vet wrap is super handy in this exercise.Finally, compare using a SAM splint to do the same. I have since gotten a tick puller and do nightly inspections when traveling in tick territory.
Reply Earlylite February 5, 2009 at 7:47 pm # Why I switched to long pants, even in the summer. I have since added short gaiters and permethrin to put on pant legs, gaiters, hammock, straps and boots.

You are never so serious about these things as when you get a rash two feet long on your thigh after a midnight trip to the ER with half a tick in your leg. I got one bug bite all last season and it was at a trail head parking lot when I was putting on gear. I was so glad to have this when I opened up a spot on my left pointer finger to the bone while cleaning a Trout.
And truthfully, I have managed on more trips than I can count to have used every item in that group.
Reply eddie s February 14, 2011 at 5:26 am # Zac, you are of course referring to the Kaolin based trauma packs are you not?
Yes I take kids, I also do a lot of trail maintenance and sawyer work to make passage easy.
Yeah this is the one area I don’t want to skimp in as I have used all the above as well as those in your kit pretty much annually. I’ve even doctored people in other parties when someone in the group has forgotten their group kit.
Reply John McShane February 2, 2015 at 10:28 am # If you are business owner, you can seek the advice of a health and safety consultant to provide you with a first aid provision assessment.
That way you will know exactly what first aid provision you need to ensure that you will comply with regulations in your country. Reply Bansi March 13, 2015 at 2:41 am # I represent a travel and adventure company and in my latest First Aid for Wilderness workshop, I learned the importance of a proper first aid when you are out there in wilderness. Earlier we just used to had only a small first aid kit with minimal items but now we are carrying a full fledged kit containing all the essential items for different minor and major medical emergencies. Duct tape – duct tape doesn’t seem like a common thing to find in first aid kits but they can be useful when binding splints and other injuries. Safety pins – when tapes just don’t cut it, safety pins can be used to hold things together.
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