Mississauga First Aid is one of the leading training service providers of St Mark James cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) courses in the area. You can find a complete list of available classes and a registration form on the Mississauga First Aid website linked below. Learn about these topics and more when you enrol in a American Heart Association and ILCOR approved CPR and AED course with Mississauga First Aid.
Learn to prevent the spread of disease when providing CPR and first aid by taking a course in Mississauga, Ontario today. However, First Aid Classes explain how in an asthma attack, the muscles in the airways go into spasm, which causes the lining to swell.
Asthma sufferers normally carry a reliever pump, (usually blue) to inhale when they feel an attack coming on.
The aims of a first aider in this situation is to help to relieve and ease the patients breathing, and to get medical assistance if needed. If the reliever inhaler does not help in 3 minutes, then the patient should take another dose. It is always essential to obtain medical assistance if this is the first episode of an asthma attack, if the reliever pump is not effective within 5 minutes, if the patient gets any worse, if their breathlessness is so severe that they find it difficult to speak or if the patient is becoming exhausted.
BUDAPEST, Hungary (AP) a€” Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton won the Hungarian Grand Prix for a record fifth time on Sunday to take the championship lead from teammate Nico Rosberg, who finished second. Blades – The blades are not attached with this model and the coupling with the base is plastic.
Lid – The lid on the pitcher is easy to take on and off and features a nifty little pour spout.
You should buy this blender if you’re looking for an affordable blender that comes pretty close to the results of more expensive blenders. If you’re looking for a step up from the Smoothie Smart, the KitchenAid Diamond 5-speed blender should be your first option. Colors – The base color matches the lid and can be found in just about any color in the rainbow. Extra Thoughts – The pitcher is dishwasher safe or you can clean super easy with the instructions below. You should buy this blender if you’ve already got a bunch of color matched KitchenAid appliances and want a durable blender that performs very close to the more expensive blenders without the price.
Pitcher Design – The Blendtec Wildside jar is unique in that it is designed with a fifth side to the jar.
Extra Thoughts – The jar is dishwasher safe to wash or you can use the nifty cleaning method to rinse out the jar. Pitcher Design – The Vitamix compact 48 oz pitcher is made out of BPA-free Eastman Tritan® copolyester. Extra Thoughts – The big feature that the Vitamix blenders offer over other blenders is the tamper.
If you like to completely control the blending of creamy smoothies with the ability to make smaller batches and blend thick ingredients easily without turning off the blender, the Vitamix 5200 is for you. I hope this article has helped you to decide what kind of blender you would like to purchase for your smoothie making activities. Subscribe to my weekly newsletter to receive all of the recipe and article updates on Smoothie Fans. With injuries to the head there is often a lot of bleeding, and can give the impression that the injury is a lot worse than it actually may be.
However, it is always important to gain the history from the patient or a witness as depending on the incident there could also be a neck, skull or internal injury. Always wear disposable gloves if there are some available for both yours and your patients protection. You should cover the wound with a sterile dressing or a clean, non-fluffy pad and apply pressure to control the bleeding and reduce the amount of blood lost, thereby minimising the risk of shock. St Mark James First Aid manual states any patient with a head injury must seek medical attention. Any injuries to the eye have the potential of damaging the patients vision and therefore are very serious.
The patient with a nosebleed should always tilt their head forward, never back as this will allow blood to drip down the throat and could cause vomiting. As previously mentioned, always gain a history from the patient as a nosebleed after a head injury can indicate a severe injury. Tilt the patients head to the injured side to allow drainage of the blood and apply a sterile dressing or clean, non-fluffy pad to the ear. Heat stroke is a condition caused by exposure to excessive heat, whether natural or artificial. Tetanus, also called lockjaw, is a rare but serious infection caused by the bacterium Clostridium tetani. Motor vehicular crashes, accidents, direct blows, fall from heights, physical assaults and sports injuries are the most common causes of spinal related injuries.
It is very important for a possible spine injury be immediately diagnosed as early as possible in order to further lessen irreversible damage to the spinal column and prevent further injury from happening to a victim. The material posted on this page for head, neck and spinal injuries is for learning purposes only.
There is an accompanying head injury with an obvious change in the victima€™s level of consciousness.
First and foremost, if you suspect that an individual might have a spinal cord injury the first thing rescuers should do is not to move them. While waiting for emergency medical personnel to arrive, there are several things on-scene rescuers can do to manage and care for the victim such as collectively gathering as much assessment data which can be relayed to the medical team to fast track care upon their arrival.
The field of emergency services is as dynamic as the nature of emergencies that characterize the industry.
Migraine headaches are often described as throbbing, pounding or pulsating pain, usually at one side of the head, but may also occur on both sides. When there is pain in one or both testicles in the male groin area, it is called testicular or scrotal pain.
Having adequate first aid information for calf strain injuries is important since it allows you to know the proper way in which this condition should be managed. CPR, also known as cardiopulmonary resuscitation is a technique that has been taught to many and used to save numerous lives too.
Getting certified to offer CPR first aid is essential not only for professionals working in health care facilities but even for the general public.
Renewing your first aid and CPR certification is important so that you can be permitted to offer first aid and CPR services in case of an emergency. A first aid kit is one thing that has proven to be a vital addition in each and every home.
Irrespective of how safe we try to make our homes, workplaces or vacation sites; Accidents are bound to happen. Disasters can strike at any time and two things that can mean the difference between life and death is preparedness and having the right training.
Breathing emergencies can be described as threats to the respiratory system of an individual.
It is important for family members, friends and spouses to learn all they can about carbon monoxide poisoning. A pulmonary contusion is one of the most common chest injuries and is frequently associated with flail chest. Poisoning is caused by the ingestion, breathing in, injecting or general exposure to harmful substances. There has been a tremendous increase over the past few years in the number of those affected by skin cancer.
The sign that is universally understood to be the sign indicating choking is clutching the throat with the hand.
St Mark James suggests using the ‘five-and-five’ approach on a choking person when you administer first aid. After you have established that the person is choking, you may apply the Heimlich maneuver to dislodge the blockage. Position your hands at the base of a breast bone (a bit higher than in normal abdominal thrusts), right above the meeting point of the lower ribs.
Keep repeating the back blows and the chest compressions till the child starts breathing again. There are very high chances that you start choking and there will be no one around to help you.

Trainees can enrol in classes for CPR and first aid held throughout the week, evenings and weekends.
Trainees are also encouraged to complete their registration via e-mail, telephone call, or walk-in during business hours in any of the training centres in Mississauga. However, the St Mark James First Aid manual states that these are no use in the event of an asthma attack, only the reliever inhalers should be taken. Do not make the patient lay down as laying flat can aggravate their breathing and make it more difficult.
John Ambulance, St Andrew’s Ambulance Association and the British St Mark James), 2006. I think most of us start out with a cheapy blender from our favorite big box store thinking that it will work pretty well.
We wanted to share our experiences with the best countertop blenders we’ve had at several price points. The spout can be used to add things into the blender while blending but is a little offset from the center of the mix.
With the KitchenAid blender you’re getting some more solid construction and color choices. The coupling between the blender motor and the blades inside the pitcher is made out of nylon coated metal. It has 5 speed buttons for your specific blending purpose – stir, chop, mix, puree, liquify. These colors match other KitchenAid appliances for a matchy matchy kitchen, if you’re in to that sort of thing. As mentioned the blades have a nylon coated metal coupling on the underneath side of the pitcher for a secure fit, less noise, and direct input from the blender motor.
Pricing can be a little bit between these models if you’re buying new vs reconditioned but the performance is similar. This is their unique design that is made to pulverize ingredients by allowing them to more easily come in contact with the cold forged stainless steel blades because they have more opening. This extra side is designed to help accelerate the ingredients in the jar, making blending easier and more smooth. This is more than enough to break down the toughest ingredients and make smoothies incredibly smooth and rich. The pitcher from Vitamix is rated to hold up to 48 oz of ingredients compared to the Blendtec that can only hold ingredients up to half its actual size.
Fortunately there is a simple hands free cleaning method to cleaning your fixed blade blender pitcher. Let me know in the comments what your favorite blender is and how your experience has been with it.
This is because there are a significant number of small blood vessels which are situated very close to the skins surface. RedA  Cross Training says if the wound has any displaced flaps of skin then gently replace them back over the injury. The patient should be encouraged to lay flat and you should support their head and advise them to keep both eyes still, as movement can cause further damage. This can be from a blow to the nose, excess sneezing, blowing or picking the nose or even high blood pressure. The blood may be thin and watery which could be cerebral fluid which points to a skull fracture. John Ambulance, St Andrew’s Ambulance Association and the British workplace approved), 2006. Moreover, victims with significant injuries to the head can also acquire spinal injuries due to the close proximity of the head to the cervical spine. Knowing the proper form of first aid care to administer for suspected spinal cord injuries is essential in order for a victim to be properly transported for further management. To learn to recognize and manage spinal injuries register for a first aid course with one of our providers. Improper handling of victims with a suspected spinal cord injury can cause irreversible paralysis and other serious complications.
Calling for emergency medical services should be the first priority in cases of suspected spinal injuries because emergency medical personnel will have proper equipment for the victim in stabilizing, moving and transporting the victim to proper medical facilities. In case of vomiting, raise one arm above the head and roll the victima€™s body all at once so the head rests on the raised arm. Provide as much first aid as possible without unnecessarily moving the victima€™s head and neck. Even if you have not received any first aid certification, you can help in a myriad of ways.
Also known as a tennis leg, a calf strain injury results from the inflammation of the muscles located at the back of the lower leg.
Swallowed poisons normally damage the digestive systems and can do much worse when in the bloodstream. In adults, choking normally occurs due to food being lodged in the throat and in children, it occurs due to swallowing of small objects.
When you begin chest compressions, the pressure due to the compressions might be able to dislodge the object.
Make sure the head is lower than the chest and place two of your fingers in the middle of the child’s breastbone. Private classes and refresher programs are also available for participants that need to renew expiring awards. If the patient is unconscious but still breathing, put them into the recovery position and continue to monitor responsiveness, pulse and breathing until assistance arrives.
It only takes a couple of times making drinks before we’re wishing our smoothies were a bit smoother. We hope to explain some nuances and performance differences between blender models that we have owned and enjoyed. I did some quick research and found that this bargain priced blender performed amazingly close to some of the higher end blenders. I think this is the big factor in why it blends so smoothly. The blender base is stable and the cord can be stored inside for less clutter. This shouldn’t be a big deal but the rest of these blenders feature a center opening. They often have the cheapest prices and if you’re a Prime member shipping is fast and cheap. My friend Caroline started out with this blender as a wedding gift because it matched her other KitchenAid appliances.
Their design is pretty standard for a blender but they do a good job of chopping up ingredients.
We are going to work through the nuances between these two blenders so that you can decide for yourself which is best for you. When the blender spins up you can see very evidently how much power it has from the noise and how much it can rock the jar when you have thick ingredients inside.
The single blade design also makes it easier to get your smoothie out of the jar because you can easily scrape around and under the blade. They originally designed their jars to only have four sides and not round because they found that objects in the blender would more easily come in contact with a wall and then back into the middle of the blender for blending. You can also purchase a reconditioned model through Blendtec’s website that carries a 5 year warranty. I bought the Vitamix because I personally liked the control it had and the performance I had witnessed in person at a demo. You won’t find any kale fibers and leafy parts left over in your green smoothies with this blender.
Some feel that shouldn’t be necessary on blender of this price, while others feel that it works so well that all blenders should offer something like the tamper. I hope you enjoy my collection of favorite smoothie recipes from across the web as well as my own smoothie creations. This website is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease and is not intended to be a substitute or replacement for any medical treatment. First Aid Classes therefore teach you to always reassure the patient in order to dispel any distress. If available, First Aid Classes suggest you cover the injured eye with a sterile dressing or clean, non-fluffy pad whilst you await medical attention.
Whilst nosebleeds are often not serious, prolonged bleeding can cause the patient to loose a lot of blood.

Again, if the blood is watery or thin then it can indicate fluid leaking due to a fractured skull. If your cough goes from dry to wet, you begin getting a fever or it carries on for more than two weeks, you must phone your GP. Initiate CPR if necessary, but never tilt the head back to open the airway as it might cause further damage to the cervical spine.
Whether it is food, or a small object, the effect is the same; it cuts off the oxygen supply to the brain and can make a person unconscious. Registration is quick and hassle-free with this St Mark James training provider in Mississauga. In the meantime, encourage the patient to control their breathing by taking slow deep breaths.
You don’t have to own a super expensive blender to get professional results but the high end ones do make things smoother and more easily.
They didn’t seem to wear very quickly at all and I used mine for a long time before I upgraded. If you’re not careful the blender base can actually vibrate moving around the countertop. If you’re using thick ingredients they might need another cycle from time to time or just blend on high for a bit more time.
If you overfill the jar it will pop off and smoothie goodness will decorate your kitchen (we’ve done this).
We’ve found over time that this is mostly true but thicker ingredients can sometimes need a bit of scraping with a spatula and reblending. The Vitamix to me seemed much more no-nonsense and had a incredibly long reliable track record with their products and as a company. At any point you can engage or disengage the high speed and use the variable knob to determine ultimately how fast the blender spins in variable or high speed mode.
The blades on the Vitamix pitchers are not permanently attached if you did need to replace the blade. If you want a larger pitcher you can buy the 64oz pitcher separate or the 5200 with the classic jar. At the end of the day the tamper really does help making smoothies more easily and allows you to really move thick ingredients to the blades. You may be needed to open the patients airway and check their breathing, and should be ready to give CPR if required.
As a byproduct of metabolism, heat is usually dissipated by heat radiation through the skin or evaporation. Place heavy towels or clothes on both sides of the neck or hold the head and neck to prevent movement. Therefore, prompt action must be taken and first aid must be administered to remove the obstruction. It does a great job of first crushing the ice and then ramping up the speed of the motor to blend the smoothie.
Like the Smoothie Smart there is a different 5-speed KitchenAid model (for about $100) that is well known for having a leaky bottom seal.
This means that the blender motor can sense the load due to thick or heavy ingredients and adjust for the best blending speed to achieve the results you’re going for based on the speed you have the blender set at. The Blendtec blender features a metal coupling for direct power transfer from the motor to the blades of the jar. The Blendtec blender is assembled in the USA and is mostly made out American made parts.
There is also a pulse feature and 5 speeds to use for manual operation. As mentioned at the top the Blendtec is super powerful.
One issue that can occur is the rubber grommet on the bottom of the pitcher can wear out and start leaking. The jar itself is 640z but you can only fill it half way or risk the lid coming off if you’re not watching the blender. There are quite a few Vitamix models available but the 5200 is one of the most affordable and simple to use. The base has a fan like the Blendtec and the motor has a protection circuit to prevent overheating. There is also a smaller 32 oz pitcher for those looking for a single serving smoothie pitcher. You don’t have to worry about stopping the blender and scraping around with a spoon or a spatula. If the bleeding is severe or it continues for more than 30 minutes then seek medical attention.
It is on the smaller side for capacity but most smoothie recipes don’t need a gigantic pitcher. Vitamix offers blenders with automatic models and some other features but they weren’t necessary for me. You do need to be careful not to leave the variable control knob on 10 once you’re done.
The lid plug does have measurements printed on it if you want to use it for small additions. I’ve found that in reality the bigger pitchers can have a harder time making smaller sized smoothies because of the volume is small in relation to the pitcher size.
The vortex action of the pitcher really helps getting the ingredients down to the blades and pulverizes things nicely through the blending cycle. You can dial down the speed on a Vitamix much more than the Blendtec and produce better small quantity smoothies. We’re hoping they change this design down the road because it can cause quite a mess. The lines on the jar are easy to read and offer multiple measurements  so you don’t over fill the jar when using this product. Another nifty feature that the Blendtec offers is a blending counter that shows you how many times you’ve blended.
The Vitamix 5200 Compact solved a lot of the height issues people had with Vitamix not fitting under counters. This can cause a pretty big surge to the blender and spew ingredients out the top of the pitcher.
New and expecting parents can setup private infant CPR programs where an instructors comes to you. Meaning the ingredients don’t get tossed into the blades very easily when making a small quantity. This blender and the Hemisphere Control mentioned are really well made blenders but aren’t quite as good as the high end models from Blendtec and Vitamix. The base itself actually has large venting ports on the bottom to allow air in and a fan is used to cool the motor. Vitamix offers a 7 year warranty on their blender (the same as Blendtec) and most of the parts are made in the USA. The Vitamix is able to operate at much lower blending speeds than the Blendtec if you need to.
The pitcher does have measurement lines but they are made into the glass, so sometimes they aren’t the most obvious to read. We feel that most people would be more than happy with these models for a while before stepping up to Vitamix or Blendtec. The smaller compact 48 oz pitcher also helps make better small size smoothies that other blenders don’t make so well. I think this helps out greatly in getting ingredients back into the middle of the blender to the blades. Use the contact information provided below to register for a first aid, safety, AED or CPR course in Mississauga. The Vitamix is a powerful blender that has always been able to break down whatever ingredients I’ve put in the pitcher with a smooth creamy result. Unfortunately the pitcher is not dishwasher safe, but this doesn’t really matter since you can clean the pitcher really fast with the instructions below. The Blendtec can breakdown these ingredients but you have to stop the blender to scrape and redistribute the mix from time to time.

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