Burn spray provides immediate, anesthetic care for minor burns, sunburn, scalds and abrasions. In addition to the best products we also have the best prices for all your first aid needs.
Sign up for our newsletter to get exclusive deals you will not find anywhere else straight to your inbox! A hand injury occurs as a result of damage that affects the structures of the hand caused due to physical trauma.

Important disclaimer: ToA effectivelyA learn to recognize and manage various hand injuries enrol in workplace approved first aid training. To learn more about hand injuries and other wound and skeletal emergencies sign up for a first aid course (more information) with a credible workplace approved provider near you. As part of the healing process it is your body's way of getting rid of the top layer of damaged skin. Usually abrasions and cuts occur with fractures and sprains depending on the cause of the injury.

It may take 12 to 24 hours after sun exposure to know the full extent and severity of sunburn, and several days or more for your skin to begin to heal.

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