The aims for managing ankle sprains are to help restore limb function and mobility to normal, minimize inflammation and pain, and to prevent further or future injuries that can lead to complications. For first aid and up to the first 72 hours, the acronym PRICE is an important guide in immediate management. When you get to the anklebone, wrap the bandage around the felt piece so it stays in place under the anklebone. An ankle sprain is an injury that results from the twisting or rolling of the ankle in the wrong manner. Eversion sprain: Sometimes the ankle may roll inward and the foot may turn outward causing an eversion injury. Grade III sprain: This is a very severe injury that may cause a lot of discomfort and pain. Ankle sprains occur when a movement forces the ankle to budge from its original position, causing one or more ligaments to stretch or tear. Rest: It is important to avoid any type of physical activity that may trigger symptoms such as pain or swelling. Ice: Prior to seeking medical help, it is important that you apply an ice pack right after the injury.
Elevation: Keep the ankle elevated above heart level while you rest to encourage circulation and diminish swelling. Medication: Over-the-counter pain medication such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen may relieve symptoms.
Physical therapy: You may be instructed to perform range of motion, strength, balance and flexibility exercises by your physical therapist. Surgery: if the ankle joint remains unstable, you may go through further medical examination. Use the McDavid Thermal Ankle Wrap (A438) to provide simple, easy to apply support for a weake..
Widely recognised by sports and medical clinics across the world, the McDavid Deluxe Laced Ank.. This lightweight ankle brace provides a quick and easy alternative to the taping techniques tr.. The information on this site is not an alternative to medical advice from your medical physician or other qualified healthcare provider.
Please seek the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare provider before starting any new treatment or with any questions that you may have regarding a medical condition or injury. A sprained ankle is one of the most common sports injuries and is also the most frequently re-injured.
Here you will find everything you need to know about diagnosing, treating and rehabilitating a sprained ankle for an effective and speedy recovery. Pain is usually felt around the ankle joint itself although more specifically on the outside of the ankle where the damaged ligaments are located. Sprains are graded 1, 2 or 3 depending on their severity and a professional therapist will be able to tell you which grade of injury you have sustained after carrying out a full ankle assessment.

Ankle sprains usually occur as a result of a sudden twisting or rolling action of the ankle and this can be from either contact (tackles) or non-contact situations.
There are a number of causes of ankle sprains and these include poor proprioception, previous injury history and inappropriate footwear.
Sprained ankles can be treated to some extent at home however for a more effective and quicker recovery we recommend you see a professional therapist.
Home treatment starts by applying the PRICE principles (proteciton, rest, ice, compression and elevation).
Taping is another treatment that can be used to both protect the injured ankle but also improve confidence following such an injury. This is then followed by a program of mobilising, strengthening and finally functional exercises.
One of the most important parts of ankle injury rehabilitation and also in preventing re-injuries is proprioception. We have interviewed our resident expert Neal Reynolds about how to treat a sprained ankle and top tips for ankle rehabilitation. In addition to the ligament damage in ankle sprains, there may also be associated damage to tendons, the joint capsules, the bones, the cartilages, the nerves or other soft tissues. To read more on possible complications and associated injuries for ankle sprains, click here.
Gently start exercising or using the injured limb or area two days after injury was obtained.
It does not support the ankle or prevent it from moving, so it does not protect it except by reminding you to be careful of your ankle. Pull the bandage diagonally from the bottom of the toes across the foot's top and circle it around the ankle. Continue around the ankle and foot in a figure eight, moving toward the heel on the bottom and toward the calf at the top of the eight. Healthwise, Healthwise for every health decision, and the Healthwise logo are trademarks of Healthwise, Incorporated. Inappropriate movement of the ankle can allow the tough bands of fibrous tissues -- which we call ligaments – that hold the anklebone in place, to experience wear and tear due to the excessive movement. Conservative treatment methods and over-the counter medication may be sufficient to allow symptoms to subside, however, a medical evaluation is required to determine how severe the injury is. Whether your suffering from niggling pain or recovering from surgey we have products that can aid you. In the majority of cases the ankle rolls inwards (inversion) under the weight of the rest of the body, resulting in damage to the ligaments on the outside of the ankle. Swelling or bruising may present immediately or may take up to 48 hours to develop (depending on the types of structures damaged and the severity of the sprain). This assessment will include a number of movement, muscle and ligament tests in order determine which structures have been injured and how badly. The most common structures that are damaged in sprained ankles are the lateral ligaments (which joint bone to bone) on the outside of the ankle, however tendons (join muscles to bone), muscles, nerves and bones can also be injured.

In order to understand how how these injuries usually occur, it is important to know about the anatomy of the ankle joint in more detail. For a comprehensive rehabilitation program, we have compiled a step-by-step ankle sprain rehabilitation program that takes you from the initial injury through to full fitness. As mentioned before, severely sprained ankles result in complete or almost complete ruptures of the ligaments and may be associated with dislocations and fractures of the ankle bones.
However, major tearing in the ligaments should be checked by a medical practitioner in order to ensure there are no other damages. Whenever it is possible, raise of elevate he injured limb above heart level to limit he swelling.
Particularly, athletes and those who work with them should be knowledgeable of proper treatment in cases emergencies may arise. Now bring the bandage diagonally across the top of the foot and under the arch in a figure-eight pattern. Your foot requires enough rest to alleviate symptoms, but you can still exercise other muscles of your body to prevent de-conditioning. In any case, you may be required to wear a cast or walking boot until your joint heals completely. Ice or cold therapy can be applied for 10 mins every hour initially reducing frequency as symptoms improve. When there is a partial or complete tearing of the fibers of the ligaments, it causes an injury to the ligaments, also known as a sprain. Nevertheless, if no improvement is observed two to three days after the injury, seek for medical advice.
Most ankle sprains occur when the ligaments on the outer side of the injured ankle are affected.
You can perform low-impact activities such as swimming or cycling that involve movement of the arm and the unaffected leg. If you have a chronic condition such as cardiovascular disease or diabetes, speak with your doctor before applying ice. Moreover, if redness or red streaks is observed, the injured area may have been infected, thus immediate medical assistance must be called for. Wrap the bandage around the ball of your foot once, keeping it somewhat taut with a light pull. For mild to moderate ankle sprains, experts recommend using the McDavid Thermal Ankle Wrap A438 as it provides relief from symptoms. While practicing their teama€™s strategy, Kevin attempted to shoot a three point shot and landed on his a€?opponenta€™sa€? foot.

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