Even though Biker Down may sound ominous to certain ears that are a tad too sensitive maybe, this time it's about making the road a better place. The main goal of this training scheme is to help motorcyclists acquire adequate skills that would allow them to intervene in case they arrive first at the site of a crash.
Biker Down is a joint effort of the London Ambulance Service, Transport for London and the Metropolitan Police and spans across four hours. Modern helmets have specially-designed safety features that make removing them easier and less risky, but most of the lids don't. Attendants will receive a certificate and a first-aid kit that can be carried under the seat of most motorcycles, plus a discount for attending the BikeSafe-London Rider Skills Day staged by The Metropolitan Police Service's Motorcycle Safety Team.
The next Biker Down session will be held on Saturday, November 29, at the West Norwood fire station, 210 Knight's Hill, SE21 0QA, UK.

At Little Aid we know that your family comes first. With 20 years experience and excellent feedback, we are proud to be leaders in delivering first aid courses for babies and children. By taking one of our courses, you will gain the confidence to step in and help your child when it really matters. Just a quick note to say that it was a pleasure to meet you yesterday and thank you very much for the session. At Little Aid we have have developed our classes and courses to help give you the confidence to manage life's little emergencies. Biker Down is the name of the London Fire Brigade's newest training program, aimed at familiarizing riders with first aid techniques. However, knowing how to remove a helmet when utterly necessary while avoiding making dangerous moves can save lives.

We salute those who imagined and implemented this idea and we'd surely love to see the project extended to other countries. I felt you were able to get the message across without being alarmist and that really helped me absorb the information. In such cases, removing a rider's helmet may make things worse, since moving his or her head can possibly worsen the injury.

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