If I could get the beauty fairy to grant me one wish, well…I’d ask for about five more wishes because come on beauty fairy, let’s not be stingy.
Luckily to save me is First Aid Beauty with its Skin Rescue Oil-Free Mattifying Gel and brand new Vitamin Hydrating Mist.
First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Oil-Free Mattifying Gel ($30, 2 oz) is designed specifically for oily, combination or acne-prone skin.
First Aid Beauty Vitamin Hydrating Mist ($16, 2 oz) is a spray of alcohol-free vitamins, humectant and antioxidants to hydrate, refresh and revive. In addition to being allergy tested and fragrance free, First Aid Beauty products do not have parabens, harsh chemicals, colorants. What about you, we heartsters – do you want either of these First Aid Beauty products to come to your rescue? If you think face masks are geared toward 14-year-olds at slumber parties, you’re seriously missing out. The key to double-masking is to start with a heavier, creamier option that'll deeply penetrate your skin and provide your complexion with bountiful benefits before the second phase.

For a non-greasy canvas, start with a mattifying clay mask that'll intensely draw out impurities and minimize pores. To combat both oily and dry concerns, a detoxifying peel-off mask with red clay will unclog pores and control sebum and oil production while a hydrating gel option afterward will replenish the moisture it needs for a glowing yet matte complexion. This refining mask with Canadian willow herb and jojoba beads gently exfoliates to slough off dead skin cells for a smoother texture. First Aid Beauty startades 2009 av Lilli Gordon, som ville ha effektiv, lyxig hudvard som samtidigt var enkel.
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It’s nice to see a product that acknowledges that mattifying and hydrating need to go hand in hand. This allows the second energizing mask to deeply revitalize and brighten the skin for a youthful complexion.

Oavsett om du har normal, torr eller fet hud sa kan du hitta din rengoring, din dagkram, din ansiktsmask och annan hudvard du behover hos oss.
Med ett stort fokus pa att halla forpackningar simpla, och att spendera mest tid och pengar pa vad som verkligen betyder nagot - namligen produktens prestanda. In just 10 to 15 minutes, they can work wonders on your complexion for a fraction of the cost—and they become even more impactful when you use more than one on a regular basis. Produkterna ar dermatologiskt rekommenderade, allergitestade och fria fran parfymer, parabener, alkohol, ftalater samt konstgjord farg for att passa aven den kansliga huden. Whether you opt to double-mask or apply them in succession, these curated combos are guaranteed to deliver your most gorgeous dermis yet, no matter your skin type. So I fight my losing battle with a daily dose of blotting papers and loose or pressed powders.

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