Best facial toners for your skinAll the expert tips you need to buy the best facial toner for your skin concern! A lot of people tell me that masks are great, but they’re often too lazy to indulge in this simple routine. Encapsulating deep-sea water from southern Japan, this mask is said to hydrate, clarify, and brighten your skin in one step. A great option if you have sensitive skin, First Aid Beauty (FAB) Facial Radiance Overnight Mask promises to restore your skin’s radiance while you sleep. Famous for maximising the use of traditional herbs with modern technology, Sulwhasoo’s blend of Korean herbs is widely sought after. For Beloved One Red Wine Antioxidant Night Jelly, $78, is available from October at Sephora stores. Sulwhasoo Overnight Vitalizing Mask, $68, is available at Sulwhasoo counters at TANGS, Takashimaya Shopping Centre and Robinsons Orchard. We have stacked our Medicine Cabinet full with Natural and Herbal Remedies, Cures and Treatments especially for you.
I have been hooked since I started using my first facial mist spray from Suisse Programme some years back.
I find that my skin looks a lot better when I bother to mist with a facial spray just before moisturizing with a cream or oil.
If I’m using a thick cream, I might mist a little and mix in with the cream to dilute it. A facial mist spray helps improve the condition of my skin when it’s exceptionally dry.
I usually have a facial mist spray somewhere in my bag not only to freshen up, but also to reshape my hair if needed. Okay, this is not so much for myself but my son, when his skin develops some redness or rashes due to the heat.
I do all of the above but I’ve just recently started doing #1 and I’m very pleased with the results! But I guess, I’ll make it a habit to start using facial mist, as I really agree with the last point u have there, after I mist, somehow I feel more refresh, and it makes my mood better. Try to bring one along in your bag so that you can use it on the go and that’ll save you some time? I have been using facial mists for quite a while and never though about some of the different ways you’ve mentioned. It helps me when I feel my skin getting tight…mist on, pat with a tissue paper and immediately I feel better.

Probably the Skinfood product has some additional ingredients in there that can help set your makeup better. I also like floral water as mists but those I keep as a toner but they’re great as facial sprays too cos of the skin benefits they provide. Oh ya, now that you said it, it does look like the recent shot of you with your hair bun up!
Now I get so lazy, I don’t set my makeup anymore (either with mist or with loose powder). Hey, one of my friends just messaged me she brought it up without any problems and it was last year…cos I asked her to confirm. But not encouraged if your cream has active ingredients like vit C as the water may dilute and render it useless. I use Organic Apoteke’s eye cream and like that but it can cause the area around the eyes to redden due to the ingredients working.
They give your skin an added boost of nutrients, and it’s very comforting to just lie in bed with a mask on your face. After all, most masks come in the form of sheets or require you to wash them off which is why I’m a great advocate of sleeping masks. The brand says it combines the anti-oxidant properties of red wine and grape seed, to protect the collagen in your skin and infuse it with anti-ageing goodness.
Tomatoes are filled with Lycopene, a natural ingredient that protects your skin from harmful UV damage. The transparent gel works wonders in calming sensitive skin, and it’s gentle enough to be used daily. With no parabens, harsh chemicals, or colourants, the gel-cream mask feels like a thick moisturiser that is supposed to instantly brighten your skin. In its Overnight Vitalizing Mask the brand uses a secret blend of Korean medicine infused with pomegranate and white mulberry, which it says will boost the skin’s vitality and radiance. Initially, I only spray and left the mist to dry up but later I found out that when you mist your face, the water evaporates, which can dry your skin so it’s really better to pat my skin dry with a tissue paper after misting. Usually, it’ll help soothe and calm down the irritated skin because some of these facial mist contain anti-inflammatory properties. The herbal mist are great as they do deliver some skin benefits but do note that whatever skin benefits are restricted to the upper layers of our skin. I am very dry and dehydrated now so I will definitely start using it before my moisturizer. Point #9 – I used the Avene Thermal Water so generously when I had a skin reaction some time back that it helped to soothe and calm my skin.

Still it’s naturally a strong uplifting scent for me which can serve as too strong for others.
Here's How To Style Naturally Curly Hair Most sharedWatch: How To Get The Perfect Braided UpdoTop Knots Make Your Hair Fall Out?! You simply layer them on as the last step to your nighttime skincare routine, and totally forget about its existence. Slater on a generous layer at the end of your skincare routine, and let this mask melt your wrinkles away. The brand has therefore formulated a sleeping mask filled with the goodness of the juicy red fruit. FAB says that the active ingredients work overtime: Entering deep into the dermis to nourish and brighten the skin, all while you enjoy your beauty sleep.
Sulwhasoo says you simply have to layer it on before you head to bed, and let the mask work its luminous magic.
And did you know that some of these products were originally created as dermatological products to be used in hospitals and burn clinics? I love the Avene thermal ones after washing my face and for spritzing in the office just to feel refreshed and hydrated. It’s especially good for mineral makeup to help with the dry cakey look besides not letting it slide off your face midday due to sweating or oiliness. I simply apply my basic skin care and slap on any mask I fancy ? and it instantly perks me up.
Filled with lycopene and vitamin C, this sleeping pack promises to restore your skin’s glow and moisture, while possibly preventing UV damage! The mask sinks into your skin, so you wouldn’t have to worry about it leaving a sticky residue on your pillow. I use Avene Thermal water for my little girl, esp when we are out and the weather is so hot and her face would turn red…and now she would just ask me to mist her face every time she feels really warm. Some people find that there is no difference between a toner and a facial mist and I discussed this at length in my entry on toner, toning mist or facial spray. I know there are other ingredients that do this such as glycerin, algae extract, and more commonly silicones.

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