Viruses use different kinds of underhanded tactics to gain entry into users’ systems. The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible. This is the world-leading Taiwan Mahjong game and all the stars voices are performed by themselves. BBM brings you together in the moment with friends and family through instant chats and more. However, when it comes to extracting images from a word document, Microsoft doesn’t really provides an option to do “Right click + Save image as” to save images in your PC.But there are still many ways you can extract images from a word file. In the System Configuration Utility go to the “Startup” tab and select the option “Disable All”. The virus has not been officially named by its creators to make identifying it more difficult. After you have eliminated the win-locker, you can check if it deleted the shadow volume copies of your files.

From there, hover your mouse cursor over “Save As” and choose “Other Formats” from the side menu. Another Window will open up, Click on the drop down menu next to the “Save as type” option and select “Web page” from the drop down menu.
The bogus e-mail message would present the file as something important, like a document, a receipt, a letter or a notice. The most effective way of making sure you do not lose any important information is to do file backups. Make sure you select “Web page” not “Web page, Filtered”, otherwise, the extracted images will have low resolution.
The win-locker creates a ransom note titled “how to get data.txt” and places it on the desktop. Now, click on “Save” and you will see a new “Folder” in the same folder where your word file is located (if you didn’t change save directory). Before opening an attachment, make sure the e-mail account legitimately belongs to a reliable entity.

They describe your problem as a learning experience, saying they will school you on how to restore your data. After the jocular part of the note, they take a more serious tone and explain the program’s actions and state their intentions.
If you do not remove the check mark from the box next to it, you would allow it on your machine. Although the hackers prove they have the technology to carry out the decryption, there is no guarantee that they really will. It is said that your files and the decryption keys will be deleted, if you do not pay the ransom within in a month. To check if a system or program update is real, consult your update center or the corresponding program.

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