Although everyone knows festivals are all about being rough, ready and at one with Mother Nature, there are some things that even the most seasoned festival veteran would not leave home without.
We’re not suggesting you weigh yourself down with massive mattresses and gigantic gazebos, although they certainly have their benefits, but a bit of careful preparation and packing can be the difference between festival fun and fail.
So before you fill your rucksack exclusively with sunglasses and cider, check out our comprehensive PAAM volunteer software festival essentials list below.
One of the most overlooked and underrated festival essentials is the humble piece of string. While big, bright camping lanterns are an in-tent essential, it’s the tiny torch that will really make you the envy of your ill-prepared peers. We know it seems obvious, but you’d be amazed how many people turn up at festivals without this essential piece of software.
If your compulsory festival brain cell loss started before packing and you forgot the above essential item, wet wipes can come to your rescue.
Most self-respecting young people will have never heard of dry shampoo, or at least only ever seen it in their grannies’ bathroom cabinets. While everyone knows that wellies (preferably customised – or if you have some space cash a WedgeWelly!) are the mainstay of festival footwear, they are not by any means the only option.
On the rare occasion that the sun does come out, however, you’re going to want to give those sweaty little piggies an airing, so make sure you also pack a pair of flip flops. Baseball caps, although chavvy, keep both the sun and rain out of your face, while silly sunglasses make you look cool even when your eyes are bloodshot and pointing in different directions.
Fluffy animal hats are also unbeatable at staving off the evening chill, while bunny ears and insect antennas will help your friends locate you in a crowd. Although rain-loving revellers may dismiss the umbrella as an overkill item, their festival functionality cannot be underestimated. As only the real rockers can last an entire festival without some kind of a slump, energy drinks are the ultimate party animal’s accessory. Box wine is therefore the answer with its safety-conscious cardboard cladding and handy handle for carrying. Unless you want to pay through the nose for over-priced and under-nourishing festival food all week, it makes sense to arm yourself with a few carefully selected snacks.
But even if you rock up without any of the above items in tow, the only 2012 festival essential you cannot truly survive without is a happy-go-luck mind-set. Posted on May 17, 2012 by Crystal WildeThis entry was posted in Festival Hints and Tips, Festival Survival and Essentials, Festival Work and Jobs. 2015 Festival Line-ups and Rumours – which bands and artists will be at this summer’s festivals?
This free admission, family-friendly festival features art, crafts and other ethically made cultural products created by Native artists from around the world. Cultural Survival is a non-profit organization based in Cambridge, MA, whose mission it is to advocate for the rights of Indigenous Peoples. Chart Matches Your Myers-Brigg Personality Types to Harry Potter Characters - Randommization Search for: BEGIN TYPING YOUR SEARCH ABOVE AND PRESS RETURN TO SEARCH. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
If you dream of bringing a little bit of 8-bit magic into your home (because you’re awesome), then this big chunk of Mario-tastic wonderfulness will light up your life like never before!

This officially licensed collector’s edition Super Mario Question Block Light is the easiest and most phenomenal way of turning your living room into Super Mario World!
Instead of floating mid-air, this Question Block Light sits on any surface and can be activated from above with a little press (we don’t really recommend a Mario punch), lighting up your classic Nintendo block in glorious warm red and yellow hues. Of course if you are in Krakow just for a day or two you should definitely stay in Krakow (and you will probably still feel like you haven’t seen everything you wanted). It is a good idea to always check whether Wieliczka is open or not as it sometimes closes for a variety of reasons.
If you would like to visit the Sanctuary, there are four tourist routes: the history of the sanctuary (9am-5pm daily), way of the cross-ways from Pilat (9am,11am,1pm,3pm), the paths of Christ or Virgin Mary (reservation only).
Ojcow National Park, even though it is the smallest national Park in Poland, it is a very unique place. Auschwitz Museum is a Polish memorial to the Holocaust and people who died as victims of the Nazis during the Second World War. When the earth is scorched and dry, as opposed to something resembling chocolate soup, the unassuming tent peg can get the better of even the heftiest of hippies. This is an item that should be carried on the person at all times, as you will never appreciate the value of being able to see the inside of a portable loo until you’re working on smell alone in the dark. While festival first-timers not packing toilet roll may be encouraged by the seemingly ample supplies in selected portable loos on day-one, this guest-of-honour usually stays onsite about as long as an A-list headliner. You can always make like an Andrex Puppy on the last day if you find you have some to spare. But we all know self respect is the last thing required on a festival site, so we’ve included it on our 2012 festival essentials list. Some kind of waterproof booting is essential, but this can come in the form of well-built walking boots, bulky biker boots or even plastic cowboy boots, although we recommend lining the latter with carrier bags, just in case they were in fact made for line dancing rather than moshing.
As well as keeping the sun and rain from beating down on your delicate brow, they keep people who like their eyes away from you in crowds.
The pocket-sized stimulants won’t add much to your load, and they’re a hell of a lot cheaper if you buy them before you get to the festival!
Glass bottles are heavy and prohibited at most events, and while we all love it fresh from the fridge, a can of beer loses its appeal somewhat after brewing in a warm tent for a few days. And as long as you go for red, the lukewarm temperature that would make other booze undrinkable is actually desired.
Dried fruit and vitamin tablets will keep the wolves from your  porch, while high-fat, low-weight goodies like Scotch eggs, sausage rolls and crisps will stop you collapsing every time someone crowd-surfs onto you. You will find your friends, you will one day be clean again, and you will at some point get home. Pixelated and proud, this classic beauty acts as the perfect nightlight, mood light or desktop accompaniment, simply plug in the USB cable included, use batteries or simply harness the power of Bowser’s wrath (well almost).
The only downside to this fab home accessory is the lack of coins, super mushrooms or fire flowers, but luckily the nostalgic sound of that familiar ‘ping!’ more than makes up for it! However, if you have more time or you have visited Krakow before we highly recommend a day trip outside Krakow. First, it is situated in the Jurassic Krakow-Czestochowa Upland, which is famous for its beauty and ideal conditions to take up climbing as there are a lot of cliffs, ravines and caves.
The largest of the death camps were established in 1942 as a concentration camp for Poles and Jews.

This year, as in many others, would-be happy campers all over the world will be seen taking on the taxing task with flip-flops, tin cups, deodorant cans and all other manner of inappropriate items, to little or no affect. Of course, many mobile phones come with inbuilt flashlights nowadays, but your chances of still having battery or your handset after a few days in a field are pretty slim. Whether you want to wipe your grubby mitts clean in order to enjoy a semi-sanitary sandwich, pad your pits to purge the pong, or remove the mud from your inner ears, you’re on to a winner with wet wipes. For anyone not with dreadlocks or that annoyingly perfect festival hair that never gets greasy, dry shampoo is nothing short of a sensation.  Spray the white-powdery goodness onto your roots, rub through and brush out.
They can also double up as makeshift porches for those with crappy tents, meaning your wellies will forever stay dry on the inside. They also make good mixers, which is more than can be said for the dishwater tea and coffee that is standard festival fare. Unless otherwise stated all copy, photographs and graphics copyright Hotbox Studios Ltd.Hotbox Studios Ltd, Unit 1, Middle Yard, Home Farm Road, Elvetham, Hook, Hampshire, RG27 8AW, UK. Chat with Indigenous artists about their crafts and cultures and bring home a beautiful memento of your local trip around the world. This chart shows what character you might have played, had you been transported to the Harry Potter universe. What many people don’t know is that the surroundings of Krakow are as interesting as the city itself.
It has a very long history – being built in 13th century, it produced salt until 2007 – making it one of the oldest salt mines in operation in Europe. Secondly, Ojcow National Park has great biodiversity, so if you love nature – it is the ideal place for you!
Also, there is a company called UNIBAS which will take you from 2 bus-stops: Worcella street and Nowy Kleparz.
Do yourself a favour and strap a rubber mallet to you pack; you’ll be the most capable cat on the campsite and make a hell of a lot of friends!
The main function of your flexible friend is as a makeshift washing line, as no matter how many pairs of socks you pack (and it will never be enough), there’s always going to be one soggy set that needs an airing.  Damp towels are also the first step towards serial soap dodging, and we all remember that sinking feeling we had as children when forced into clammy waterproofs by our hard-hearted parents. Many have also been lost to the depths of the stinky holes they were meant to protect against!
It relies on the Myers-Brigg personality test to find your type, and then match the same with a character from the Harry Potter universe. We recommend keychain torches, a little Maglite hung around the neck, or the never-cool but ever-practical head torch.
You can find here Lokietek’s Cave, ruins of the castle in Ojcow or the castle at Pieskowa Skala. Long as it may seem, it’s worth your attention to learn something more about the tragic history of the place and to honour those who were killed there. However, the best time for a pilgrimage to Kalwaria Zebrzydowska is the Holy Week, when the Passion Celebrations are performed.

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