According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 8 million people living in the United States have poor circulation in the legs, also known as peripheral arterial disease, or PAD. Common symptoms of poor circulation in the legs include pain, cramping, aching, numbness or fatigue in the foot, leg or buttock that begins while walking and goes away with rest.
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This can ultimately cause symptoms of poor circulation at low levels of activity and can even lead to symptoms when the legs are completely at rest, such as during sleep.

For instance, it is common for one or both feet to feel cool when the blood supply is reduced. Unfortunately, these wounds often do not heal well, if they heal at all, as there is insufficient blood flow to supply the tissues with oxygen and other vital nutrients needed to heal wounds.
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The symptoms may be severe enough to limit walking, resulting in decreased overall physical activity.
At this stage of the disease, the pain frequently gets worse when the leg is elevated, and it improves when the leg is lowered back to the floor, as would occur when sitting normally in a chair. In addition, toenails may become thicker than normal, the skin of the legs may become thin and shiny and hair growth may decrease.
When the blood supply to the legs is too low to supply the tissues with even their basic needs, gangrene results.

It is ideal for unclean, colonised and infected wounds that are dry or have low levels of exudate.
She is also the creator of the Patient Whiz patient engagement app for iOS and Total en Salud health app in Spanish. With poor circulation, symptoms are brought on by exercise, because exercising muscles need more oxygen, which is carried by the blood.
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