Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. It can be awkward to talk to your physician about erectile dysfunction, so we are initiating the topic to you. Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the inability to achieve or maintain an erection sufficient for sexual intercourse at least 25 percent of the time, according to the Mayo Clinic. In an ancient Egyptian papyrus, the origin of an abnormal vaginal discharge was attributed to excess fluids from the eyes.
Although pharmaceutical and medical knowledge in ancient societies were to a certain degree based upon empirical observations of patients, these ancient medical systems are understandably limited in their knowledge of internal human anatomy, the physiological workings of the inner body, and the pathological and microbiological causes of disease. Fortunately for the modern woman, the diagnosis and treatment of Trichomoniasis – one of the major causes of abnormal vaginal discharge – is not dependant upon donkey-derived black pudding or temple incense offered to Moloch.
In the United States alone, there are approximately five million new cases of Trichomoniasis annually. Mona, a fresh graduate from a tertiary institution and currently unemployed, had been in numerous relationships with different boyfriends. The differential diagnoses were trichomoniasis or bacterial vaginosis, with a necessity to rule out vulvovaginal candidiasis, chlamydia and gonorrhea infection. It is interesting to note that Chlamydia infection is a risk factor for trichomonas infection.
Mona was profoundly relieved that there was no need for donkey derivatives and frankincense with the advent of antibiotics.
As this case study has demonstrated, the acquisition of one STD might increase the risk of acquiring another.
Consult our board accredited Family Physician if you have any questions concerning abnormal discharges, itchiness in the nether region, painful intercourse, or abnormal spotting after intimate moments. Venereal Diseases or sexually transmitted diseases are for those diseases that are transmitted via sexual intercourse? Erectile dysfunction can be caused by several different health conditions and the first step is going in for an evaluation. Her specialties include massage therapy, computer tech support, land and aquatic personal training, aquatic group fitness and Reiki. Nicotine constricts blood vessels and smoking, in general, contributes to many illnesses that cause erectile dysfunction. Some blood pressure medications and diuretics are known to cause erectile dysfunction, and other medications could have similar side effects. ED drugs are designed to increase the level of nitric oxide in the blood, which causes the vessels in the penis to relax--allowing for more blood flow. As a Family Physician who performs STD testing and screening on a regular basis, the complaint of an abnormal vaginal discharge often necessitates investigations and therapy.

Treatment involved exposing the patient to frankincense and fresh oil, and feeding her with the raw liver of a donkey.
It has been estimated that up to 15% of women undergoing PAP smears have Trichomonas vaginalis infection. Routine microscopic examination of vaginal specimens only detects about half of these cases.
Although the organism does not invade the underlying tissues it resides in, it precipitates a local inflammatory response that is remarkably intense. The intense local inflammatory response it creates causes epithelial disruptions that provide ready entry for the HIV virus. She consulted me for an unbearable increase in vaginal discharge that had a creamy-yellowish, frothy appearance and foul odor. There was a profuse, malodorous, slightly yellowish vaginal discharge on speculum examination. Laboratory test results were as follow: positive culture for Trichomonas vaginalis, NAAT test (nucleic acid amplification test) for Chlamydia was positive, NAAT for gonorrhea was negative, VDRL was negative, and HIV serology was negative. Mona had trichomoniasis and Chlamydia infection, and had to be treated for both with a course of metronidazole and azithromycin.
Please talk with your healthcare provider about any information you get from this web site. She has an Associate in Applied Science from Cincinnati State Technical and Community College in integrative medical massage therapy. ED has several causes, some physical and some psychological, and often, treating the underlying cause can cure the disorder.
Moderate amounts of alcohol can relax the blood vessels and increase blood flow, but too much will adversely affect sexual function. If you are on medication, talk with your doctor about changing formulas or adjusting dosages. Mehmet Oz in The Truth About Food, garlic causes the body to release nitric oxide into the blood--just like Viagra. Additionally, if you are experiencing problems with sexual function, anxiety about having an erection can often make ED worse. The drugs themselves do not cause erections but allow the body to respond to sexual arousal.
Likewise, in the ancient Near East, gynecological problems involving abnormal genital discharge are mentioned in antiquated medical literature, the treatment of which involves elaborate rites and esoteric, archaic knowledge. In Mesopotamia, Greece and China, strange concepts of “locked fluids” and “humors” were proposed to explain the unusual manifestations of feminine discharge. More than half of affected female patients and nearly all infected men have no symptoms at all.

Furthermore, infection with trichomoniasis increases the likelihood of HIV transmission to others.
A PAP smear was also taken, which was negative for malignancies but positive for the presence of Trichomonas vaginalis.
Her boyfriend was contacted and advised to consult us for STD testing and treatment in our STD clinic Singapore. A single dose of metronidazole 2g has a cure rate of up to ninety-five percent, while an alternative of 500mg twice a day for seven days is associated with poor patient compliance. Our clinic therefore recommends patients to have regular sexual health screening and STD testing in our STD clinic Singapore to rule out occult infections and subsequent complications.
Wiser, Urologist at Springfield Clinic will discuss treating erectile dysfunction and more.
Exercise improves blood flow throughout the body and also lowers blood pressure, regulates blood sugar and helps you maintain a healthy weight--all factors that contribute to healthy sexual function.
Daily doses of garlic may also lower blood pressure and blood cholesterol, both contributing factors in ED.
If you have taken care of the physical causes and are still having problems, you may need to talk with someone to help you overcome any mental blocks.
These drugs may not be safe for men with heart disease or high blood pressure, so consult with your physician first. A penis implant may be semi-rigid or have an inflation device implanted in the scrotum or abdomen. This makes Trichomoniasis difficult to eradicate, as many asymptomatic patients serve as reservoirs for this pathogen without ever being diagnosed. Although fomite transmission is a possibility, it is rarely the cause of infection in humans. The incomplete eradication of Trichomonas vaginalis with inadequate antibiotic therapy had resulted in emergence of resistant strains. This misfortune for human beings that this disease spread among the members of the society like the punishment of God where fornication and adultery is common. Use care and consult with your doctor before taking any supplements as they can have side effects and interact with existing medications you are already taking. Hence, regular STD testing and screening in an STD clinic Singapore is important for good sexual health. Of note, she was in a recent relationship with a male student from another tertiary institution.

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