The powers that be at Wimbledon have spoken and they believe that grunting during matches is getting out of control.
For the Record: Tennis is not Karate and tennis players are not exactly breaking bricks with their bare hands.
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No team or athlete is safe from ridicule , and no public figure is safe from Photoshop obliteration.
These rules have been developed to assure adequate viewing of the animals, safety for people and animals in the aisles, cleanliness, and to provide for the best ventilation possible. Each stall will have a designated board to identify the horse and exhibitor and to hang ribbons. No club decorations will be allowed that are not attached to the stall boards described in #2.
All bedding and is to be taken out of the stall and pushed into the aisles by the end of the day on Sunday.

Wallpaper and background images in the Video Games club tagged: video game game cover awesome.
This will make the road between the horse barn and the cattle barns safer from traffic and cleaner with less manure.
It will be permanently attached to the stall, either below the window or on the door to the stall.

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