You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Sometimes, you may not know what to send as a graduation gift to make the graduate satisfied.
Reps from Mercedes-Benz recently stopped by our office with a specially outfitted, incredibly sweet Sprinter van. Van-based ambulances are of necessity narrower than a traditional box-style ambulance, which mounts a wide compartment on a bare frame, meaning there’s a space trade-off to be made. AEV is just one of hundreds of outfitters and customizers with which Benz’s Sprinter division works. Cut ribbons of various lengths, attach money to them and tie the ribbons inside the umbrella.
If the graduate happens to be a literature lover, it’s perfect to send this perfect graduation gift to bring him or her excitement and surprises.
This origami graduation cap and diploma is so funny to bring pleasure and blessing to the graduate.

It’s such a funny and creative way to give a little cash to the graduate with this bowl full of greens.
Fill the light bulb shaped jar with rolled up bills, tighten the lid and attach the cute message.
Fold cash bills into accordions, Glue them on the Popsicle sticks and use glue spot to add those labels.
Small enough to travel with so is ideal for travelling or having in your car in case of an emergency. But the vanbulances are more maneuverable, especially on narrow streets, and, like other outfitters, AEV takes steps to make the most of interior space.
Claus Tritt, the MBUSA executive in charge of the Sprinter, told us that the van has been used for everything imaginable, including mobile cupcake stores, RVs, and VIP transporters. Send cash in a funny way by securing the money down in a pizza box using glue dots to avoid the money from falling all over the place.
Use poster board to shape the cap, cover the cap with bills of different value and fold the bill over and around the ring.

Punch out the tag, adhere it to the can, fill the can with rolls of money tied with cute twine. Fold the bills into a box style and roll one bill into the diploma style and tie a cute twine. Fill the bowl with bills as you like, make some tomatoes by rolling quarters in red construction paper and flattening the ends closed.
Rear riders who aren’t on a stretcher can use the two harnesses attached to the passenger-side wall or the rear-facing jump seat at the front of the cabin. To power all of the machinery, the TraumaHawk also packs an auxiliary battery and heavy-duty, well, everything. There’s a rocker switch on the dash to adjust idle speed to compensate for the load, and we had the van idling at well over 3000 rpm (redline is 4200).

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