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Sight Address : Science and Technology Museum is located in Thiruvananthapuram, the capital city of Kerala. Science and Technology Museum was established in 1984, the Kerala State Science & Technology Museum, is an autonomous organisation, setup by the Government of Kerala, to serve as a dynamic medium of science communication for the public and for inculcating a sense of inquiry and scientific temperament in the minds of the young.
In this update, we will tell you about the Symposium’s Learning Analytics Track and the Live Updates Page. Learning analytics is the use of learner-produced data, analytical models, and information visualization to support educational decision making and improve student success, and there are several opportunities to learn more about learning analytics at the Symposium. There will be an amazing amount of information shared at the Symposium, and we know that you won’t be able to attend every session or be a part of every discussion. In addition to tweeting about the event, we hope you will share any photos or videos you take throughout the day as well. Finally, please let any of your colleagues who may be interested in the Symposium but are unable to attend know that they can still be involved and participate in the event by visiting our website, viewing the videos, photos, and tweets, and contributing their own thoughts and reactions.

This is also a study cum recreation centre and an important tourist attraction.The prestigious project of the Museum, PRIYADARSINI Planetarium was also made functioning in1994. Auto rickshaws in Trivandrum do not run on meter; however the charges are very minimal when compared to the other cities in Kerala. We have arranged several ways for you to stay involved with everything that is happening at the Symposium during the day of the event and after.
Also, there will be an updated slideshow of photos taken throughout the day, and a stream of tweets tagged with #tltsym13.
A Children’s Science Park and Mobile Science Exhibition unit were opened to the public in 1997 and 1999 respectively. While travelling through an auto rickshaw, do not discuss the rate when you reach your destination.
All sessions will have audio recordings that will be posted along with the archived ustream videos on the Symposium website after the event. Use the e-mail subject line to give your photo or video a title and the body to add a description. Kerala Science and Technology Museum also remains a pioneer in inculcating the sense of curiosity and scientific disposition among the young generation in the state. If you plan to upload photos to your personal Flickr account, please tag them with tltsym13.

The Government of Kerala always wanted a body which could organize fairs and scientific exhibitions.
They got the answers to their questions in the form of Kerala Science and Technology Museum. Energy Park, 3D Theatre, Digital Weighing Machine, Edusat Talk Back Terminal, Energy Ball are the other attractions of the Museum. You can also rent out a two wheeler for around Rs 350 to 500 a day and the deposit will cost you around Rs 1500 per day.
The museum also undertakes the responsibility of managing science educational programmes through TV, Radio and other media of communication. The museum is also responsible for organizing demonstrations and lectures, which includes the interactions with media and public too.

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