YouTube for Schools was created thanks to demand from teachers and schools across the country. We’ve been hearing from teachers that they want to use the vast array of educational videos on YouTube in their classrooms, but are concerned that students will be distracted by the latest music video or cute cat, or a video that wasn’t appropriate for students. The site will also act as a network setting that allows schools to only grant access to education materials on YouTube EDU as opposed to, say, movie trailers or other esoterica.
The filter also raises some tricky questions on what counts as "educational." For example, a super-cut video or movie clips could be distracting to a math class but relevant for a media-studies class.
To help balance the content, YouTube worked with teachers and 600 organizations such as the Smithsonian and TED to select and curate the available content. Comments will be disabled and related videos will only be educational, both of which are a source of anxiety around exposing kids to inappropriate content. Solving the access issue, adding more educational content, and launching the YouTube Teachers site a few weeks ago are all part of the world’s largest video site’s foray into the education space. A “handful of school” across the country have already signed up for the pilot program, Lin said. Youtube busca incursionar en el campo de la educacion en linea para los internautas de habla hispana. La plataforma arranca con mas de 22,500 videos generados en Mexico y America Latina en donde albergara los contenidos cargados en YouTube, de giro educacional. La version en espanol esta abierta a contenido de cualquier usuario, que sea de corte educativo, mismos que seran sometidos a un proceso de evaluacion para incluirlos en esta nueva division educativa.
De acuerdo con las cifras ofrecidas por la compania, durante el primer semestre del 2014 se realizaron 400 millones de busquedas de video en YouTube relacionadas con contenido educativo. Para el impulso de esta plataforma, Google Mexico asegura estar abierta a otros actores como universidades y centros educativos a fin de incrementar la oferta de contenidos destinados a todos los niveles, desde educacion basica hasta superior, al igual que con gobiernos y otras plataformas de educacion en linea. YouTube EDU se suma a las plataformas que Google ha adaptado para el sector educativo con su paqueteria Classroom, compuesta de herramientas colaborativas y de planeacion incluyendo su servicio de correo electronico Gmail, documentos y disco duro en la nube. Due to the advancement in technology, it is no-longer time consuming to record a video, both teachers and students use simple gadgets like Smartphone cameras or tablet cameras to record educational videos then they upload them on their personal educational Youtube Channels.
The channel is basically dedicated to provide technical lectures from top seven Indian institutes of science and technology. MIT educational Youtube channel was created to educated students in science , technology and other academic areas which can be of great benefit to students. You can be part of this creative educational Youtube channel, the channel has over 700,000 high quality educational videos which can be used by both teachers and students.
You can discover lots of interesting educational videos on this channel, and most of them are good for individual learning and research purposes.
Many of you know Macmillan as an international educational publisher who specializes in English Language teaching and curriculum publication. If you want to see some unique educational videos on just about anything, then this Discover Education Channel is the best for you. Leadership and Corporate Accountability:- Designed for senior executives , it examines a range of leadership issues related to management and governance systems. Leadership in Financial Organizations:-Via this playlist, you will learn how to lead franchises, teams and entire organizations more effectively. NEWSLETTERSIGN UP!!To keep up with the latest tech and everything fun and weird subscribe to our newsletter.
Your LAN must already run a production instance of squid running on a Linux operating system such as Ubuntu. Lets backup the default squidGuard configuration as it has examples which as useful but none of which we require. While you can add staff into a list of teachers that can view all content, only the administrator (schools youtube account) can add content to be viewed by all students.
Then what happen is youtube check above video is listed or not in palylist of educational account you created., is the worlds leading publisher of native acl blacklists tailored specifically for Squid proxy, and alternative formats for all major third party plugins as well as many other filtering platforms.
Looking for best Youtube channels which would help you to become a better person & learn something new every day?
With over 4 Billion videos watched every day on YouTube, it has become the to-go video platform for everything. YouTube’s Content creator platform has committed more than 8000+ partnered creators, raking in over 400 million videos in the process. Given the huge amass of YouTube channels available on the video sharing network, it is pretty easy to get lost among a horde of videos that will only end up draining your time. The #Education channel on YouTube is the first place you must visit if you want to learn something new, but are not sure where to start from. TED Talks Director YouTube channel have some of the most influential people talk on topics which will change your outlook of the world and learn something new in the process. Khan Academy, which is often rated as among the best educational website on the Internet, Khan Academy’s YouTube channel have it all! Choose your area of study on Khan Academy and learn everything at your own pace with this YouTube channel. AsapSCIENCE is another one of the most popular YouTube channels, with over 450 million views on their videos. Having gotten the opportunity to meet the guy behind Vsauce, one thing is for sure, this YouTube channel is simply amazing.
MinutePhysics is another YouTube channel that explains the physics behind why the world is the way it is with simple animations. Life Noggin is another cool YouTube channel with videos explaining some of the basic things we humans struggle with. With over 200 million views, Veritasium is one of the best science and engineering YouTube channel for that engineer in you.
Skepticism and enthusiasm is what one might feel when brought up the topics of the scientific reason behind why things are the way they are. If you interested in learning more about the way computer and computer code works, Computerphile is an amazing YouTube channel for that purpose. Brussup is an amazing YouTube channel covering some of the best science experiments and illusions.

Applied Science is an amazing YouTube channel covering some of the best science and technology videos. With over 200 million views, Smarter Every Day is an amazing YouTube channel that explores the world with science.
If you love trivia-tastic information, Mental Floss’ YouTube channel is the place to go. Lifehacker is one of the most popular blogs on the internet, covering a wide array of topics. So, coming to the end of this list of the amazing YouTube channels, which of these were your favorite ones, which you regular? A Shouter whose articles got mentions from the likes of The New York Times, Kissmetrics and AllTopStories. Will make out time and check out the rest, I’m sure they are also superb judging by your description. I started ShoutMeLoud as a passion and now it's empowering more than 432,000+ readers globally and helping them to make money with their blog.
August 5, 2013 By Jennifer Wagner 9 Comments If you enjoyed, please shareOn my recent visit to Google’s NYC office, we spent much of the time discussing YouTube. If there is a subject you want to learn about, there will be a video for it on YouTube Education. This group of YouTube education videos contains a variety of videos from a wide range of sources. Just as with Google Search, you can find out what is trending on YouTube at the YouTube Trends website.
For those of you that create videos, and never knew about the YouTube Creator Hub (I admit that was me until recently), you must check this out.
Next Creator – A flagship development program designed to train and mentor the next big comic, chef, reporter, cause vlogger, etc.
Content Creation Tools – Google Analytics, YouTube editor, YouTube Enhance, Captions, Partner promotion, mobile distribution and advertising.
First, how cool you got to go to Google’s Headquarters and 2nd, that is great idea to have a Google Edu Channel.
While schools that restrict access to YouTube may solve this distraction concern, they also limit access to hundreds of thousands of educational videos on YouTube that could help bring photosynthesis to life, or show what life was like in ancient Greece. There are also more than 400 playlists sorted by grade level and subject including Science, English, Math, Social Studies more.
Teachers can suggest new playlists and comments to help further integrate YouTube in the classroom.
Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. La seleccion de los contenidos estuvieron a cargo de la Fundacion Mayahii, organizacion desarrolladora de tecnologias para la educacion. Cuando arranco en ese entonces, solo reunia canales de YouTube de instituciones de educacion y universitarios.
En otros espacios dentro de la educacion estamos trabajando otros proyectos que podremos platicar muy pronto”, comento. Since the network is relevant to our educational environment, many educators have created educational Youtube Channels with videos which can be used for educational purposes. So if you’re a science student or teacher, you will find relevant educational videos on this channel. Via their YouTube channel, you can watch videos about the Campus life of Berkeley University, watch events and so much more. Easily discover educational content for your students or individual learning via this TED-ED Youtube channel. This Google in Education YouTube Channel is among the best educational Youtube channels you should use. Students if you want to learn and improve on your English language, i suggest you follow this Macmillan Educational Youtube channel. The channel was created by Discover Channel, it engages students through dynamic curricular resources like science and technology. HBS is a respected business school, so if you want to learn about business management and all other courses in business, then this channel will be of great benefit to you. I love technology, I believe embracing its potential for personal, business or educational advancement will pave the way forward for us all.
I am getting squidguard to redirect but the client browser is getting redirect loops with chrome and firefox.
As to my understanding what we looking for here is some this like authenticating videos using youtube educational id.
Be it how to debug an issue with your technology or to getting the latest updates in a wide range of fields, YouTube has it all!
YouTube’s content creator platform partnership has led to an influx of high-quality video content in the form of technology, vlogs, science, education and much more categories.
For that very purpose, we have aggregated the ultimate list of best YouTube channels for learning, development and growth. This YouTube Channel aggregates the best knowledge videos from across the entire catalog of YouTube videos. With one animation uploaded each month, ‘In a nutshell’ is one of the best YouTube channels ever made to explain everything from Black holes to the recent refugee issues at Syria!
From Algebra and Statistics to History, Khan Academy has curated content from the best teachers in the world to educate on important topics. Ever wondered behind the science behind things, but not interested in taking a physics class? With over 200 million video views, MinutePhysics’ videos are very widely known for the simplistic way in which physics and the science behind events get explained.
Creating mesmerizing experiments with the simple tools available to you at your home sounds fun. From politics and culture to history, CGP Grey explain it all in a humorist and simple fashion with their animated videos. Explaining complex things in a simple fashion with animated videos is what Life Noggin is all about.

With different scientific experiments and engineering concepts explained in a simple fashion, Veritasium will be lauded by the technical geeks and the likes. But throwing off the deep end are these topics and Scishow aims to simplify these very scientific topics with their videos.
History videos and the world events are explained with a much better simplicity with this YouTube channel. Learn new science tricks and amaze your friends with your newly learned science magic tricks with Brussup.
From hybrid rockets to LED-mounted contact lenses, Applied Science has it all to inspire the curiosity in you. Learn something new everyday with scientifically-backed videos to explain the intricate things of life.
With different topics covered under life hacks, Mental Floss has some of the best trivia video collection. PBS Space Time covers some of the amazing topics related to Space and Time in their YouTube videos.
Did we miss out on any of your favorite YouTube channel for personal knowledge, development and growth? He writes articles, novels and poems; spends most of his time reading everything he could get his hands on. YouTube has so much more to offer than just its home page where you can search for videos or subscribe to channels. There are videos for primary and secondary education, college and university level and lifelong learning.
Primary and Secondary education – Nearly a million teacher approved entertaining educational videos. It actually looks very different that Google Trends, mostly because YouTube trends is a blog. It won't, however, stop students from watching that content via an external 3G or 4G network connection. Any change can be onerous at schools that are already tight for time and resources,” she said. Esto quiere decir que estan en pleno proceso de formacion y son nativos digitales”, dijo el director de Marketing para Google Mexico, Miguel Angel Alva.
Both teachers and students have found great use of these educational Youtube channels, students use these videos for research purposes and they also use them for individual learning.
UC Berkeley has uploaded 5,510 videos and they have got over 107,592 subscribers and 20,122,040 video views, so as an educator or student, you can as well subscribe to this educational Youtube channel so that you get more educational content. The most popular Stanford channels include; The Cardinal Channel which has 4,112 subscribers, Stanford Medicine with 30,083 subscribers , Stanford Law School has got 1,176 subscribers , Stanford School of Humanities with 916 subscribers , Stanford Engineering has got 320 subscribers  and so much more. We've all heard "knowledge is power", with this website I hope, to some degree, to empower you! I dont have much time to work on this so if any body figures the regex please post, If i come up with something I ll share as well. AsapSCIENCE simplifies all the scientific explanation behind issues and explains them in an animated and easy-to-digest presentation of information.
Being a science nerd, Michael Stevens explains all the scientific reason behind events in his own humorist fashion.
Sick Science offer some of the best scientific experiments taught by Steve Spangler, an Emmy-award winning celebrity teacher and science personality. The topics covered by this YouTube channel range from science, pop culture and art to everyday life. Bringing fun to science and engineering, Veritasium does not bore its viewers to death by blabbering of random technical jargon.
With over 330 Million views, Scishow offer discussion on some of the best topics in science, history and other concepts. With topics ranging from SQL injection to different programming languages, Computerphile has got you covered.
With most of the videos ranging across computers and technology, you can get more productive while having fun with this amazing YouTube channel. With topics ranging from black holes, gravity and colonization in outer space, PBS Space Time will have you enthralled with their videos on the outer space.
Srikanth is currently pursuing his Masters from The University of Illinois and holds a Bachelors in Electronics Engineering from the University of Mumbai. Some of the schools with the most videos on YouTube are Khan Academy, MIT, UCBerkeley, Stanford and Yale.
There are videos from creators such as TedTalks, National Geographic, NASAtelevision, Animal Planet, Google Developers, Soul Pancake and Lonely Planet. I need to learn a lot about creating my own videos and I feel a little bit more comfortable searching for what I need after reading your post.
Teachers with smart digital white boards, use educational Youtube channels to derive live streaming lessons and examples on specific subjects.
If you ever needed to learn something new and outside of your domain, don’t fret it out, YouTube has probably got you covered. There are certain YouTube channels that are worth your spare time, while helping you gain some important knowledge in the field. Make the most of the very minuscule of things at your disposal to amaze your friends and family!
This is a sister channel of the Numberphile channel which is another interesting channel, with topics covering numbers. I’m sorry that I left it out of my recent post on Websites to Keep You Learning and Thinking.
I do like the recently added Map tab which shows videos that are most popular throughout the country AND by age.

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