For 2013, discretionary spending proposed by President Obama is 31% of the total US budget. As can be seen in the chart below, Social Security, Unemployment, Medicare, and Medicaid make up the lion’s share of entitlement spending. Recent Commentsecowheelz on nCycle: Revolutionizing the Future of eBikesrain8 on Solar Panels: The Next Generation? You know, it occurs to me that if our GIs and priests and scientists did this to in-country Koreans for 50 years now … we’d be out of Koreans. On one hand I pity them, on the other it would seem like a blissful life if you could just believe everything your politicians and your emperor tell you without ever even thinking about second guessing it.

Joseph Wayne Jeffries:April 11, 2013 at 10:15 amOnly a people who could think up these atrocities could actually do them and they have proven this in the past conflict with their behaviors and with the help of Jane Fonda! San Francisco cop arrested for possessing ARJudge approves $239 million settlement over defective Taurus pistolCalifornia gun control repeal initiatives green lighted, adding 'Ghost Gun' measureDIY gun designer attempts to make an scary Mass.
Entitlement spending (mandatory spending) is 62%, with the balance of 7% paying interest on the US debt. They believe this is the truth because they know nothing else, just like lot's of religious people.
Then those people who meet eligibility tests may make demands on the entitlement system and the amount of spending is therefore determined by demands on the system under the eligibility rules enacted by congress – not by a precise figure set by congress.

In essence, congress may change eligibility rules but not directly the amount of money allocated to the system.

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