These states have something in common: They have poor sexual education in schools, and consequently tend to have lower rate of contraception use among teens. But nationally, one in four teens have received abstinence-only education, with no instruction on birth control. Local Globalization is the idea that wherever we are in the world we live and work in a global community.
Most of us are able to observe, tolerate and even enjoy that we live and work in a multicultural environment. It is surprising how separately communities exist from one another -still today- particularly in a large metropolis.
1) Support Local Business: Consciously make an effort to get to know and promote local business leaders in your community who are from diverse cultural backgrounds and countries.
But according to a new report from Guttmacher Institute that breaks out data by each state, the decline is uneven across the country.

However, the sexual health information is not required to be medically accurate, according to the Guttmacher Institute.
Birth control use is up to 47 percent of sexually active teens, while teens’ use of both condoms and hormonal contraception rose from 16 percent to 23 percent in recent years. Restaurants, shops and other neighborhood businesses are often run by people from other cultures and countries.
If we truly want a vibrant experience, we should ask ourselves questions like: Do we make all people feel comfortable in our communities? Show them hospitality and give them tips about how to live and work well in the new community. The store found that with so many Canadian and European customers visiting the resort area in the summer, they had a larger market to sell to! Furthermore, employees and managers of multinational companies are quite mobile and regularly move to different countries for jobs and projects internationally.

Our choices are the following: 1) Ignore it 2) Minimize it 3) Celebrate it, or 4) Leverage it.
Questo spazio è dedicato alle tesi sulle seconde generazioni, sulle dinamiche immigratorie, ma anche alle vostre esperienze personali e le storie come e con i nuovi cittadini. Leveraging it is a ideal option because not only do we improve our knowledge and skills about the world, we can then apply it to our personal and professional lives.

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