Faced with the challenge of promoting the Chamber and its events, this committee meets monthly to provide input and assist with marketing tasks. SKF Sports Education Program continues to encourage children from the adjoining communities and stays committed to promoting young talent and providing sporting skills and holistic growth opportunities. Sports Education Program is the company’s holistic development program for the children belonging to the economically weaker section from the adjoining communities and is supported by the Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC) in Pune by way of approving the participation of the children in the program. Shishir Joshipura, Managing Director and Country Manager, SKF India, said, “We believe that every child has the right to holistic development and this program is our endeavour in contributing towards that belief and the child’s right. Commenting on this occasion, Shrikant Savangikar – Director of Business Excellence, Quality and Sustainability said, “We are relentless in our quest for excellence and care and we continue to enhance the program every year.
SKF India announced two teams to represent the company at the Gothia Cup 2016 schedule at Gothenburg, Sweden consecutively for the 7th year.
Besides giving professional training at the SKF Sports Academy, SKF India is also committed and involved in several other developmental initiatives like women education and youth empowerment through skill development.
Recent CommentsInstantly Ageless on Jindal organises workshop on Standard Setting and Innovation in (ICT) SectorThomas Smith on Earning Money: Good or Bad?city on Role of Public Sector in Development. The benefits of a British education and the opportunities it brings are well known throughout the world. Of course just like domestic applicants, not all of international students applicants are successful, but in many instances it isn’t because they lack the knowledge, talent or drive required to be a top student.
This is why at Bishopstrow, approximately 50% of a student’s timetable is dedicated to the study of English.
An important area is ‘academic English’, the study of reading and writing academic texts, listening to lengthy discussions on topical or specialist subjects, delivering presentations or taking part in debates. It is often the case, however, that the study of English is often seen as distinct from the study of other subjects. A lesson on comparatives and superlatives becomes a comparison of education now and education in the Victorian era. At the end of their course, Bishopstrow students are much more prepared to begin studying in an English language environment, having been equipped with the expertise required to be an effective student, as well as the language used to deliver subject content. About the author: Chris Lewis is Director of Studies at Bishopstrow College, a leading, independent International Study Centre, offering English language and academic pathway programmes to prepare international students, aged 7-17 years, for entry into top boarding schools.
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All marketing methods, both traditional and online media are addressed to further the mission of the Chamber, increase visibility of membership benefits, and host and promote all Chamber events. SKF India today announced the boys’ and girls’ team from the program who will participate in Gothia Cup 2016.
The academy is equipped with modern amenities to train the young footballers through audio-visuals, cafeteria to provide healthy and nutritious foods recommended by sports nutritionist, grooming classes to develop spoken English and key life skills. The team comprises 24 boys and girls aged 11-13 years, trained under the Sports education program based out of Pune and Ahmadabad. The children of the SKF Sports Academy are provided with career guidance, counselling, aptitude test, personality development and study techniques which help them in excelling in various fields. But it’s not just the traditional public schools such as Harrow, Eton etc., whose reputations and successes are being promoted internationally.
It is because British schools are looking for skill sets that international students do not always show on paper or in the interview. The necessity of competency in the language becomes much more of an issue as students enter Year 9 and Year 10, when they begin to study GCSE level courses and prepare for exams. Essentially, this is the delivery of an English programme but within the context of education.
Students may be able to develop a strong argument on paper in their English lessons, but when it comes to their History assessments, do not apply these techniques and produce incoherent or poorly presented answers. A language focus on staging words and cohesive devices is coupled with the description of a science experiment, or the recruitment process. Combine this with six hours a week of coaching in traditional English sports, a broad programme of art based activities and cultural excursions, and the experience of living the life of a boarding school student. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
The tournament is the world’s largest youth football tournament scheduled in Gothenburg, Sweden from July 17 to July 23.
The company aims to create a positive change in the adjoining communities of SKF India and contribute to their holistic development.
The team is selected on the basis of merit, through the qualifying football tournament -“Meet the World” held in Pune. The market for a British education is expanding and has been for some time, with students applying to UK schools from an array of countries, backgrounds and cultures.

International Study Centres such as Bishopstrow College recognize this, having identified the skills and knowledge required for an international student to be successful.
The demands are even greater for those wishing to enter further education, with sixth forms requiring a much higher level of proficiency in the language. This is the English language presented in everyday contexts, with topics and vocabulary of use to students as part of life; common greetings, ordering in a restaurant, narrative structures etc.
A student at Bishopstrow not only learns the language, but also learns the techniques required to plan and structure an argument. The curriculum at Bishopstrow solves this problem by dedicating a section of its English teaching remit to subject support, a form of content and language integrated learning. These sessions highlight links between what students are learning about English and how they can use this in subject lessons, encouraging students to take these skills and apply them to their learning across the curriculum.
The result is an independent learner with a well balanced range of interests, knowledge and experience of the boarding routine and rules and a set of key skills that boarding schools are looking for in their future students.
The Pune program is implemented with the help of Pune Football Club and the Ahmedabad program is implemented through Kahani Sports Academy. Schools such as Bishopstrow deliver courses that enable these students to adapt and excel in British schools. At most entry points, these skills will need to be tested and sometimes backed up by a certificate from one of the many Cambridge English exams.
The rest of our English language timetable provides the language and skills needed for survival in school. In these lessons, teachers will recycle the skills covered in English lessons, but within the context of the other subjects taught, such as History, Geography, Science and Business Studies. Students cover the skills necessary to learn independently, such as how to effectively record vocabulary, ‘guess’ unknown words in a challenging text and proof read their own work to correct errors and learn from them.

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