A blog that tackles issues on basic education (in the Philippines and the United States) including early childhood education, the teaching profession, math and science education, medium of instruction, poverty, and the role of research and higher education. The 19 April 2013 issue of the journal Science devotes a considerable section to the state of science education both in the United States and the rest of the world. Determine the ideal balance between virtual and physical investigations for courses in different subject areas. Identify the skills and strategies that teachers need to implement a science curriculum featuring virtual and physical laboratories. Seeing this list makes it quite obvious that the introductory article is not exaggerating when it says "Plenty". There is even an article that tackles problems basic education faces in developing countries.
With regard to science education, the familiar themes of "active learning" or "inquiry-based approaches" seem to be staple. The fact that the challenges are numerous and that current reforms are not really working that well points to something. We hear this quite often from so many people, claiming that they are good in one area but quite lacking in another.
This blog post is a compilation of all my articles that got published in newspapers and magazines in India. Please see my archived article for the Church of England Newspaper, on March the 27th, 2009 below.
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This is a series of 3 articles that highlight what Mark Manross learned from interviewing and testing kids about the skill of overhand throwing. The transformational ideas in this book are for a diverse audience, not just for the engineering community.
To our knowledge one can purchase this bilingual edition only within China borders, but the rule may change in the future.

Our book was translated into Polish Language in 2012 and is available for Polish readers through the Kielce University of Technology Press. In order to promote the concept of successful education we are giving away this print of article for free.
The Art and Culture Center of Hollywood was featured on the front page of the Local section of today’s Miami Herald for an exhibition created by Hollywood Central Elementary School students in grades 1 through 5. Click here to read the abbreviated online version or click on the thumbnails to the right to see the full article.
The rest of the articles in this special section equally demonstrate the wide scope of these discussions.
It is heartening that scientists are really entering into a discussion and examination of these issues. These 3 short articles were published in Teaching Elementary Physical Education (TEPE) Journal in 2000.
The examples presented are brought forth from the author’s experience as a civil engineer and as a teacher with over 40 years of experience. Reviews in scientific literature summarize what is currently known with added perspectives from the authors and these do sometimes contain bits and pieces of original and unpublished work. For the journal Science to assign a special section on these topics provides the much needed advocacy and visibility.
At Georgetown, he has been teaching General Chemistry since 1995 in addition to graduate courses in molecular spectroscopy and quantum chemistry. Having a feel of where research on education currently stands should not make seeing what this review article really has to say at the end suspenseful or surprising. Hopefully, through this medium, awareness and participation in these studies among scientists will be increased. His research interests include nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, protein structure determination, anti-malarial drugs, and math and science education. Deworming of primary school children, reducing the amount of travel between home and school have long been demonstrated in various countries as cost-effective in reducing the rates of school dropouts.

It is indeed useful  and inspiring to browse through these articles and see what some of the experts have to say.
He was a recipient of a CAREER Award from the National Science Foundation and the Georgetown College Dean’s Award for Excellence in Teaching. Still, missing in all of these studies is a set of magic potions that actually improve learning inside the school. But beyond poverty, there are issues that may actually be of great importance especially to science education.
A member of PAASE (Philippine American Academy of Science and Engineering), he helped the residents of Paete, Laguna incorporate computers and the Internet into their public schools. After all, these issues become visible only to those who are actually trying to teach science so this will not be obvious to scientists in general. When a student learns one concept, that concept stays isolated from all the rest and the student is not able to apply it to a new situation.
An example on dissolution and precipitation has been recently shared in this blog, which shows students are not able to apply what they have learned to something new.
When a consensus regarding anthropogenic climate change has been achieved among scientists, when the theory of evolution has helped explain what we observe in nature for so many decades, and yet, large fractions of the population are still dismissive, it is pretty obvious that a major objective of learning is "unlearning" incorrect notions. Unfortunately, these issues are probably not touched upon closely by existing assessment tools. Standardized exams in math and sciences have not really addressed how some students have developed a sense of "knowing all and be so certain about them". When teachers fail to provide students the very important information that their knowledge and skills may be limited, tests and evaluations do not normally help point to these inadequacies. Thus, even with the long list of challenges shown above, there are remaining ones not on the current list that also require attention.

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