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Turn your passive readers into active readers with an engaging lesson on reading informational text. The language of the Constitution can feel quite ominous to young learners, but there are a variety of strategies you can utilize to help your class grasp the important concepts and ideals in our nation's founding document.
As a summative assessment for this unit on colonial trade, fourth graders listen to and read informational texts in order to demonstrate their ability to take notes, write summaries, and draw connections.
Elevate children's reading comprehension skills with this collection of guided reading resources.
Ideal for a language arts class, literary unit, or independent reading assignment, a set of reading worksheets address a wide array of skills. Expose your class to Waiting for the Biblioburro, narrative nonfiction that will act as the bridge between ficiton and informational texts to come. Teaching children to read is no simple task, but this collection of phonics resources will make the journey a little easier. In this US state capital worksheet, 4th graders use the clues to fill in the names of 14 state capitals across and down in the puzzle.
After choosing a continent or state, young geographers will draw outline maps and create a three-dimensional map of their chosen areas using flour and salt dough. What stories can a desk paperweight and picture frame possibly tell us about the president of the United States? If you are preparing to cover the 50 states with your class, you don't want to miss this resource. Young pupils test their geography skills by matching the 50 states to their correct state capitals. In this home-school United States map worksheet, learners work with a family partner as they study a map of the United States. Take a closer look at the life and presidency of George Washington with this great set of lesson plans and worksheets. Youngsters work in groups to solve clues involving latitude and longitude coordinates in order to decipher mystery animals in this fun learning experience!
In this galaxy worksheet, students read three paragraphs about the Milky Way galaxy and answer questions about its size and the location of our solar system in the galaxy. Math and science come together in this cross-curricular astronomy lesson plan on planetary motion. Brighten up your teaching of the solar system with this middle school astronomy lesson plan. Don't just look at pictures of the Milky Way galaxy, build it with this hands-on activity in which scientists recreate the galaxy we live in. Lesson Planet has given me more time to teach and plan thoughtful lessons rather than spending that time scouring the Internet for resources and just throwing study guides at students!
A collection of 34 math worksheets will be a great addition to any lesson in your curriculum.
Add some variety to your school or district's math curriculum with this comprehensive collection of materials. You'll never have to search for another worksheet again after downloading this extensive collection of Saxon math materials. Get your groove on, let your talents shine, and be ready to rock with a highly engaging, entertaining activity that teaches math patterns and numbers through dancing. Captivate your class by having them find the value of their names, different zoo animals, musical instruments, etc.,with a mental math lesson. Empower fifth graders with the ability to monitor their own learning using this Common Core checklist.
In this spelling learning exercise, students play a game in which they identify the silent "k" words as the teacher reads them off to a pair of students. You've got a few minutes left at the end of class to practice vocabulary, but what can you do other than call out a word and ask for definitions? Young readers learn how to get at the root of new vocabulary with this fun language arts activity.
Word roots, prefixes, and suffixes can hold the key to determining the meaning of a host of different words.
Here's a spelling program that includes 36 lists of 21 words and 20 suggestions for weekly activities.

Use a character or person's motivation as the basis for a prediction of that character or person's next action.
To an English teacher, the only sound worse than nails on a chalkboard is a student using improper grammar. Get your writers composing their own short stories by following some or all of the ideas included here. Get the most out of your guided reading lessons with this collection of literacy materials. Support your instruction of The Cay by Theodore Taylor with this extensive unit of materials. I became a self-contained middle school teacher this year and I was not prepared for the amount of extra planning involved in teaching every subject.
Help your learners navigate the vocabulary of Shizuko's Daughter by Kyoko Mori with a instructional activity on categorizing words. Help your young writers produce high-quality topic and thesis statements that go beyond basic wording and really illustrate complex ideas and critical thinking skills. Work on using transition words in context by prompting elementary and middle schoolers to write their own persuasive essays using transition words. Use the Visual Thesaurus to predict the subject matter of Rick Riordan's book The Lightning Thief. So far, I've been able to find useful labs and powerpoint presentations for all my science classes. In this present simple worksheet, students fill in the blanks in twenty sentences with the correct form of the verb requested in parenthesis.
Learners can express their interests and practice grammar all at once with an educational worksheet.
Combine a lesson about animals and the present continuous (progressive) tense with a grammar and vocabulary worksheet. With multiple choice activities, fill-in-the-blanks, and matching exercises, a grammar worksheet uses household vocabulary to help kids practice the present progressive tense. Work on basic grammar concepts and vocabulary about free time activities with a language arts worksheet. Help your learners understand how to describe people and use irregular verbs in the past tense with a series of exercises.
Clarify the difference between different verb tenses with a short, informative language arts video.
In this skiing word search puzzle worksheet, students use problem solving skills to find the 20 skiing terms in the word puzzle. Explore the schedule for the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games, helping your class figure out when they can watch their favorite events. Familiarize your class with the wide variety of events in the 2014 Sochi Olympic Winter Games. Prepare your class for the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games and teach them the alphabet all at the same time. Kids engage in a series of activities that ask them to consider differences and similarities in characteristics, both visible and invisible.
Get to know the mascots for the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics with this fun, cooperative art activity.
Help your kids get the most out of a text by setting up guided reading activities and providing worksheets. Pupils rewrite the amendment and discuss the central idea before focusing on a specific phrase. Middle schoolers use the Storypath approach to a unit study of America's concerns during the Cold War and the Cuban Missile Crisis.
National Geographic) and the teacher-tested lessons have been very helpful for me in planning my units. Help your young scholars organize all of this information with a collection of easy-to-use note-taking guides. Complete this simple modeling activity and find out, as young scientists gain an appreciation for the incredible scale of outer space. The sun, stars, galaxies, planets, and phases of the moon can be found in this all-in-one resource.
Brainiacs discuss what they know about it and create personalized brain development timelines.

An extensive resource for studying astronomy in upper-elementary and middle school classrooms. Third and fourth graders work on fractions, mean, median, and mode, measurement, and several more skills as building blocks to more advanced lessons.
Using the coding formula listed, children learn to fluently estimate and calculate simple sums.
Each standard is written as an "I can" statement, providing fourth graders with clear goals to work toward throughout the school year.
With each math standard written as an I can statement, learners are given clear objectives to work toward throughout the school year. Even if I do not use a worksheet, sometimes I get ideas from them to use with homeschooling. As kids work through a lesson plan that lists examples of each, they decipher common words by applying the meanings of their word parts to each one.
Children learn how compound words, root words, and affixes provide clues about the meaning of unfamiliar vocabulary. Find out how proficient your learners are with a game that requires them not only to define various affixes, but also to use them to create words that they then use in sentences. Working in pairs, children begin by taking turns matching unknown vocabulary words to their Greek or Latin roots. Included here are five pages of prefixes, roots, and suffixes paired with their meanings and example words. Each list includes common and proper nouns, sight words, academic vocabulary, and words built on a specific Greek roots.
The first two pages of this document highlight the positive benefits for having a word wall. Practice a variety of different roots with this nicely put-together bingo game that comes with plenty of instructional ideas.
Want to ensure that your class knows what your marks on their essays stand for? Provide your class with the list of standard editing marks.
Kids follow 15 steps to take their movie ideas from concept to script, following clear examples.
After examining compound words associated with earthquakes, groups select a topic that has some local connection, brainstorm a list of associated words, and invent new compound words for their topic.
As kids work through a lesson that lists examples of each, they decipher common words by applying the meanings of their word parts to each one. A pre-reading activity encourages middle schoolers to use context clues and word meaning to discover what the book is about.
After reviewing the present simple verb tense, kids work on adverbs of frequency (usually, always, never). Kids complete sentences with the correct -ing verb, then finish a crossword puzzle about certain animals.
Help your class know when to use -ing verbs with a worksheet that features fill-in-the-blanks and sentence reordering.
With tracing lessons, matching games, and flash cards, the packet is a great first step to a successful reading education.
This series of eight activities adds a little fun to the process as children play matching and board games, piece together puzzles, and make flip books.
Kids connect the dots, match words, and play bingo while studying the words for, jump, help, and look.
Recite the alphabet as a whole class before brainstorming words that start with each letter. It is also a great website to use when one needs to search for certain topics and how to introduce those topics, it also gives a lot of options for varied learners. This resource includes ideas for activities to complete before, during, and after reading, as well as sample worksheets that you can copy or use as models.
Background links, a list of related terms, assessments, and an answer key are included with the highly detailed plan.

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