In the past, technology has not been able to support virtual learning through programs like Edmodo.
Just wanted to say that I have been trialling Edmodo with groups of low level NESB students. After the recent publicity about cyber bullying, stalking and grooming recently, I like the idea of a secure site that teachers can use to communicate with their students. By allowing students and teachers to connect through the internet, teachers can easily assign homework, create quizzes,and engage students in discussion, all in a virtual classroom setting. Proctor still prefers face-to-face interaction with her students, she recognizes the potential in Edmodo to become a virtual school where students and teachers can communicate and do classwork. Proctor uploads an assignment to Edmodo, whether it is homework or a lab write-up, the students receive an email notification. Just a few years ago, teachers had to go out of their way to create websites, either through WordPress or Google Sites.
Sheinhorn, because it requires a lot of customization and requires knowledge of HTML to integrate pictures, videos, and notes.
There are currently four guides; a how to for teachers, a how to for students, posting to edmodo and uploading an avatar.

After a very simple registration, and a little orientation, the students seem to be taking to it very well.
It has some great features and it’s wonderful to hear that the students find it easy to use. Root-1 co-founder and early Google employee, Vibhu Mittal, will head up research and development for the organization.
Edmodo already has these features integrated in the website, where you can upload or link pictures or videos. After posts have been added to a user’s locker, they can be organized and filtered using tags. Co-founder Adam Stepinski will take on a key role within Edmodo’s platform engineering team.“We’re excited to welcome the Root-1 team and have them join our efforts to expand the education app market. Proctor feels that Edmodo’s most important feature is its ability to open up communication between students and teachers. She also likes the it provides follow-up information, also that there are the notes and materials that she uploads.
My biggest problem is actually getting the students to read my instructions first and not just jumping to the links immediately.

Gone are the days when the seven-year textbook purchasing cycle dominated education and controlled which content could reach the classroom,” said Nic Borg, CEO and co-founder of Edmodo in a prepared statement.
Proctor, this allows students with extracurricular activities to plan ahead to when do the assignment. Sheinhorn uses her Word Press site and intergrates it into Edmodo where notes are uploaded.
Since then, the platform has grown to support more than 400 apps while the main service has tripled its total user base, now exceeding 18 million registered users. Founded in 2008, the company’s growth to date has been largely organic, with teachers sharing Edmodo from classroom to classroom, around the globe.Over the past year, Edmodo has experienced significant organizational growth, doubling the size of its workforce and adding considerable pedigree to the executive team.
Edmodo apps help me keep my teaching fresh and interesting for my students.”Check out Edmodo here.

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