Insomniac loves doing business in Las Vegas, and right now our primary focus is producing the best show for the fans who will attend Electric Daisy Carnival on June 21, 22 and 23. The tax he refers to is a tax on live entertainment in Nevada known as the Live Entertainment Tax (LET). For the absolute easiest and best travel experience to the venue, please take the official EDC Shuttle or carpool with friends. EDC Shuttles are the fastest, easiest way to the festival from the Strip and Downtown, and each ride costs a fraction of what a taxi would charge.
Weekend shuttle passes may be purchased for $106.09 below, or for $110 at either the Caesars Palace box office or the Las Vegas Festival Grounds shuttle stop.
The Speedway offers a dedicated parking area for people with disabilities, located on the south side of the Speedway. Crews tend planter beds on the latest segment of the South Bronx Greenway on Food Center Drive, set to open this fall.
A decade in the making, the South Bronx Greenway segment along Food Center Drive in Hunts Point is almost complete. First proposed by the city in the 2005 Hunts Point Vision Plan, the greenway along Food Center Drive will provide a safe link between residential areas of Hunts Point and the neighborhood’s waterfront parks.
Currently, Food Center Drive has three lanes in each direction divided by a concrete median. The bikeway on Food Center Drive will help link the residential areas of Hunts Point to its waterfront parks.
Some businesses along Food Center Drive, however, launched a last-ditch effort to stop the one-way change at last week’s Bronx Community Board 2 economic development committee meeting.
Today, trucks going to Hunts Point follow the solid red line on the highway, but follow the dashed line on local streets.
Tuesday morning, neighborhood advocates from the Southern Bronx River Watershed Alliance gathered with Assembly Member Marcos Crespo and Hunts Point industrial business owners to call on the state to prioritize new ramps connecting the Bruckner Expressway directly with Oak Point Avenue in Hunts Point, which would keep trucks off neighborhood streets. The city presented recommendations for improving the area around the lightly-trafficked Sheridan Expressway in June and yesterday released its final report.
The Alliance sees the Oak Point ramps as an area of common ground with industrial interests on Hunts Point. Management of the Hunts Point Terminal Market opposed tearing down the Sheridan Expressway, a major goal of the Alliance. As initially proposed by the Alliance, the ramps would connect to the eastbound and westbound Bruckner. Advocates are asking Governor Andrew Cuomo and his DOT commissioner, Joan McDonald, to move forward with the Oak Point ramp study. A rendering of plans for Lafayette Avenue, with a planted median, standard painted bike lanes, and amenities along an expanded sidewalk. The redesigns of Lafayette Avenue and Hunts Point Avenue, as well as new waterfront park space at Hunts Point Landing, will all begin construction this summer, according to the New York City Economic Development Corporation.
Construction of the Randall's Island connector, which will eventually tie the South Bronx Greenway into the Manhattan bike network, is scheduled to begin in fall 2011, according to EDC. What's about to be built differs somewhat from the original plans for the greenway, first put forward in 2006. This Streetfilm from Robin Urban Smith and Elizabeth Press brings us an update on the state of greenway development in the Bronx.

The vid includes interview footage with Astrid Glynn, who has since stepped down as New York State DOT commissioner. We've got a few more details about another local ped-bike project getting a lift from stimulus cash. The three segments include Lafayette Avenue, a connection to Randall's Island, and access to Hunts Point Landing.
We've heard plenty of congestion pricing complaints (and some kudos, too) from the Bronx, but what about the rest of PlaNYC?
In addition to the oft-repeated concerns about motorists using the borough as a park-and-ride hub, there is also doubt, founded on precedent, that transit dollars will reach low-income Bronx neighborhoods. While we would love to bring another festival to Nevada, we are tabling any further discussions until the state Legislature settles the Live Entertainment Tax issue. I am a student Ithaca College in central New York and hail from Northampton, Massachusetts. Our official shuttles use a dedicated route to bypass regular traffic and take you to a special lot directly adjacent to the festival site. Any vehicles left in the lot between 10am and 4pm will be towed at the vehicle owner’s expense. Parking at the event constitutes acknowledgement by the holder that he or she has read and agrees to the provisions of the foregoing contract. This will minimize the number of vehicles on the roadways and reduce travel time for everyone. The loop, which will provide a protected path along a busy truck route past some of the region’s largest food and beverage distributors, is set to open this fall. A 2004 traffic study by the city found that 70 percent of truck traffic on the loop moves counter-clockwise, so the street will become one-way under the new design, with both sides of the median carrying counter-clockwise traffic. The project also removes one car lane on the outer loop to make way for the greenway. The change, which has been under discussion for years, entailed mapping Food Center Drive as a city street and receiving approvals through the city’s land use review process, including from the borough president and the local community board. Direct ramps from the Bruckner Expressway at the blue circle would keep trucks off local streets.
Implement those recommendations is now up to the state, which controls the expressways that carve up the neighborhood. Ultimately, the city recommended converting a major section of the Sheridan to a surface street instead of completely removing it. While the city had performed traffic analysis only for ramps carrying traffic to and from the east, it did not preclude the full set of ramps, and advocates called on the state to study the four-way ramp option. They are joined by groups including the Hunts Point Economic Development Corporation and the Hunts Point Produce Market.
Image: NYCEDCConstruction is set to begin on the first stages of the South Bronx Greenway this summer, marking the first tangible results of a community-based, bottom-up campaign for more livable streets.
Adding a biking and walking path from the South Bronx to Randall's Island will give residents better access to the island's recreational facilities and provide a safe route to the new bike lanes planned for First and Second Avenue in Manhattan.
In particular, plans to place pedestrian and bike paths along a median on Lafayette Avenue have been revised, with space for biking and walking shifted to the side of the street at the request of the Fire Department and the Department of Environmental Protection.
See the Bronx River Alliance's 2009 calendar for a list of events and activities planned on or around the Bronx River.

The street improvements announced for Hunts Point and Port Morris in the Bronx will fund the first three sections of the South Bronx Greenway.
City Limits reports on a recent community summit where Bronxites said they are unhappy with how the Bloomberg administration composed its legislative centerpiece, among them some who might ordinarily support pricing but are put off by what they see as PlaNYC's top-down execution. But with support from 125 civic groups in five boroughs, the Citywide Coalition for Traffic Relief assembled behind her and outlined an agenda that could change that condition. The study identifies a number of specific ways to carve out space for cyclists and pedestrians and help neighborhoods of the South Bronx get better connected to the Harlem River waterfront. However, the state Legislature is in the process of reforming LET to possibly remove that exemption. Conveniently located near Gate S, you’ll not only get in and out of the parking lot more easily, you’ll get into EDC faster! Your driving and parking experience will be the fastest and easiest if you follow our directions and signs, and follow us on all social media. The project will bring safer walking and biking and much-needed green space to neighborhoods where people-oriented streets are in short supply.
Work on Food Center Drive, which will include the first physically protected bike lane in the Bronx, is scheduled to begin this fall.
When the connector is finished, said Craytor, the greenway will be between a quarter and a third complete. The coalition, which formed around a year ago, calls for a 15% reduction of traffic by 2009.
Though it doesn't recommend any ways to actually reduce motor vehicle traffic, there is some good stuff in here. Great Functional Layout With 9 Feet Ceilings, Upgraded Laminate Flooring, Under Cabinet Lighting And Chandelier, Stainless Steel Appliances, Granite Countertop. Take note of the route you walk to the venue, so you will recognize the way back to your car after the show.
Please follow all signs and traffic officer directions. I-15 is the best, fastest route to the festival.
Look out for electronic message signs on the freeway with the latest information and traffic updates. Yesterday, the city released a mammoth study of land use and transportation in the area, and it includes one recommendation that local advocates say the state should pursue immediately: a study of direct ramps from the Bruckner Expressway to the industrial areas of Hunts Point. When complete, it will bring 11 miles of pedestrian and bicycle paths to neighborhoods where places to play and bike are scarce, and where childhood asthma and obesity rates run high. The plan calls for a serious study of congestion pricing, strict enforcement of parking regulations, and more room on the sidewalks for bicyclists and pedestrians. Should LET be applied to EDC, the 10-percent tax would mean about $9.5 million of taxes from EDC ticket sales. Once on the Exit 54 ramp, use the three left lanes for direct access into Blue Lot parking.

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