EDC Las Vegas 2015 is right around the corner and is already one of the most anticipated events of the summer next year.
So while we wait for the EDC Las Vegas 2015 lineup to come out, let’s go back down memory lane and remember how we got here. Here are the lineups from 2011, when EDC first moved to Sin City from Los Angeles to the most recent 2014. Join our list to get updates, breaking news, and the best EDC deals you should not pass up.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Insomniac returns to Tinker Field on November 4 & 5, 2016, for yet another fantastic weekend of sunshine, good vibes, spectacular art, performers, carnival rides and the best beats around.
Characterized as the biggest music festival in the country, EDC has captivated throngs of electronic music lovers from around the world. As the exclusive supplier of helicopter transfers to and from the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Maverick Helicopters is pleased to announce that we will once again be providing VIP transfers for this year’s event.
Thank you for your warm welcome, excellent facilities and service of your esteemed Maverick Helicopters.
We really enjoyed our flight last night and wanted to compliment the staff at maverick for a truly professional experience.
Thanks to Maverick Helicopters, I recently got a chance to see Las Vegas' lights from an entirely different perspective. While sipping my bubbly, I made myself comfortable in one of the black leather chairs and took a look around. Soon my name was called and I joined two other couples that were scheduled for the same flight. Before I knew it, the Survivor song "Eye of the Tiger" began playing in my ears, and as I heard the words "Risin' up," so did we. I can honestly say that if you want to experience a unique view of Las Vegas—one that not many visitors see—this is it. And do you remember the commercials in which Steve Wynn introduced his Wynn and Encore resorts while sitting atop the copper-colored buildings?
For a connoisseur of lights, Downtown Las Vegas (aka, "Glitter Gulch") and Fremont Street Experience's canopy, which is comprised of 12.5 million LED bulbs, do not disappoint. At that point, Spircu made a U-turn and I got a glimpse of the World Market Center's massive buildings as we began to fly up the west side of the Strip.
Indeed, the lights of Las Vegas are something everyone should see and I highly recommend doing it via Maverick Helicopters' Vegas Nights tour. Wait…what does one wear to this music festival gone rave meets carnival in the scorching desert heat?
First of all, there will be triple digit temperatures during the EDC Vegas days, and possibly numbers climbing into the 80’s at night.
Colors are going to be very important for your task in deciding upon your EDC Vegas fashions. This will serve as the focal point of your outfit, so it’s wise to put in the thought for your tops. A common and comfortable way EDC Vegas goers will cover the bottom half is with a fun tutu.
Let’s not forget the rest of the legs here, this can be the best part of your EDC Vegas fashion.
These can be a little more effort to make yourself, but learning to make a good flower headband will come in handy somewhere along the road. Bring T’s or tanks, preferably in neon and bright colors, or with fun sayings or graphics on them.
Light up gloves, light up anything, glow in the dark shoe laces and sunglasses…you can accessorize too! Like us on FacebookGET INVOLVED!Do you have a passion for live events and an ear for good music? Carl Cox performs on day 1 at the Electric Daisy Carnival 2014 on June 20, 2014 in Las Vegas.
After an exhausting opening day of the Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas, the eventa€™s second day on June 21 was slightly more laid back as festival-goers recharged their batteries. The online extension of Billboard Magazine, billboard.biz is the essential online destination for the music business. A Vista woman is brain dead after collapsing during the 2016 Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas.
General view of Marshmello's performance during the 20th annual Electric Daisy Carnival at Las Vegas Motor Speedway on June 19, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
SAN DIEGO -- A Vista woman is brain dead after collapsing during the 2016 Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas.
Electric Daisy Carnival 2013 (Vegas) (EDC) has come to a close on Sunday, and we have all the live sets and coverage you’ll need. In the next few weeks we are going to focus on rave outfits because during this time of the year, ravers from all over are trying to decide what to wear to EDC.
Believe it or not, the trash cans at the entrances to EDC are similar to the trash cans at the TSA inspection before you board a plane.
Since 2011, Insomniac has been hosting the Electric Daisy Carnival in Orlando and it will again be held at Tinker Field on November 7-8, 2014. Some of the hardest preparation for the newest EDC location at Milton Keyes, United Kingdom is figuring out where you’re gonna crash after all that partying.
He has managed nightclubs, organized nightlife promotions and currently DJs at various venues and clubs.
The gigantic event was one for the books as it once again sold out, celebrating their 20th Anniversary. Following his past two singles on Future Sounds of Egypt, the San Francisco DJ proves that third time’s the charm with his latest single “Mykonos”.

After making its debut at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway several years ago, the popularity of the festival continues to reach new heights.
View the immense crowds from the sky, take in the sites of the over-the-top stages and lighting displays, and arrive in style with Maverick Helicopters! Had Richard the best pilot ever (give him a raise)he had a great sense of humor to get the tour going and was very informative about places we visited. My favorite moment of driving home at night from a weekend trip to California or Utah is when a warm glow, almost like a halo, begins to break out on the black horizon—and it grows and grows and grows until it becomes a bona fide light extravaganza. The company offers a Vegas Nights tour, which is an evening helicopter flight above the Strip. The lobby is light and airy and a perfect backdrop for some stunning photographs of Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon.
We got a brief safety lecture covering the basics, like standing away from the dangerous rotor blades and where to find the fire extinguisher. He walked us out to the helipad and joked, "Besides me, who else is flying in a helicopter for the first time?" The humor and his all-around confidence put me quickly at ease.
We were lifted a few feet off the ground and began to make our way toward a short runway outlined in blue lights. I couldn't believe that I was seeing the city's famous hotels and marquees from this unusual vantage point—and while they were illuminated so majestically. I spotted both couples onboard holding hands as we passed by it, and I was even feeling a bit romantic with that sparkling structure lingering just below. Now I can appreciate the guts it took for him to film them after catching sight of the sloping roofs. It was amazing to hover above its pod and hear people screaming out with fear on the thrill rides. The entire area was radiant and beyond it the whole desert valley lay twinkling in the night.
I think I could take this flight 10 times in a row and still find new things to marvel at, as the experience is an ever-changing visual wonder. You start packing up the standard weekender bag, which includes: your anticipation, toiletries, snacks, too much cash you don’t really have, swimsuits, shades, Vegas necessities, and—of course—your EDC Vegas attire. These may come in the form of: bra, bikini top, sports bra, tank, crop top, tube top, halter top, one strap, or even a simple graphic Tee.
Usually, these are short, so make sure you get some flashy bikini bottoms, boy shorts with words, glitter, sequins, spandex, tie dye, leather…whatever design and material you please. You’ve seen the huge furry leg warmers that look like boots; these are known as fluffies, and they come in every color imaginable and will be found in bounty at EDC Vegas. Any type of headband with flowers, beads, jewels, braids, or anything else you can dream of wearing atop those EDC Vegas locks is a necessity. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. It was $600 to go to this thing, for the three days and I paid for her death,” Dane Kaimuloa said. After the jump, we’ve got streams, downloads, and setlists from all the hottest DJ’s that played in Vegas. Set for Memorial Day Weekend, May 23rd and May 24th, EDC New York is once again blessing the grounds of Metlife Stadium. The set up and layout of the festival had a decent flow. I began my day at the main stage which was basically a scaled-down version of the EDC Las Vegas Crystal Village main stage. Expected to draw nearly 400,000 guests over the weekend in 2016, EDC will be one of the biggest parties to ever hit Sin City. The sights we saw were so amazing, things you would not see by a drive to the Canyon, this was the only way to see such magnificence. It departs from Maverick Helicopters' main terminal, which is located south of Mandalay Bay and across from the famous Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign.
Large-screen TVs were even showing a video montage of the Strip, which only heightened my anticipation of the flight. The pastor was going over the last-minute details for their midair ceremony—and I could only imagine the glimmering scene that would envelop them when they would recite their vows.
I also got a close-up of the colorful spires atop the Excalibur before we flew by the splendid skyline of New York-New York.
I can hardly believe he sat so calmly with his legs crossed while dangling his feet above the Strip. Not only will you revel in the lights—but you'll be convinced that Las Vegas is the most beautiful city on earth! Colorful skirts and shorts are also popular, so grab some in neon, sequins, ruffles or stripes, you can’t go wrong here. Slightly less aggressive are the traditional leg warmers, which can be worn up over the thigh or scrunched down, whatever suits you.
You may consider furry animal hats, or other character hats of any type, maybe even a festive wig. While the party was still intact, the thousands in attendance spent a lot of time soaking up the sights and enjoying more than 30 carnival rides. And don’t forget to keep checking back as we will continue adding new sets as we come across them. After experiencing a few EDCs, we believe we have found the best formula to help you fully enjoy your experience without paying an arm and a leg. There's just something magical about the way the lights of Las Vegas take shape in the desolate desert and soon become overpowering. Luckily, it's a discreet floor scale and no one told me what my weight was—as that might have lessoned my delight upon being served a free glass of champagne.
Our journey took us over the emerald green MGM Grand, where we looked down upon the massive lion that bravely guards its entrance.
As luck would have it, we floated over the Bellagio while a fountain show was in progress—and that was breathtaking.

You will probably never encounter another opportunity to dress in sheer ridiculousness with thousands of other equally inappropriately dressed humans. You can do your research to decide on a theme or look for the bra, then head to your local crafting store and fire up the hot glue gun. If you’re not into the short and tight deal, or you don’t feel comfortable baring it all, don’t sweat it (well, you actually might sweat it if you cover up), this is an accepting environment. We arrived home with beautiful memories, which we shall always cherish, and with deep feelings of gratitude and appreciation for the people we have met. We continued along the east side of the Strip, where we drifted over the sleek new tower being constructed at the Planet Hollywood Casino & Resort. Afterward we traveled the path of the I-15 and by the colossal CityCenter project, where the nearly completed Aria and Vdara resorts dominated the landscape.
You can make this into a superhero style, princess, feathered, bedazzled, fur, flowered, or even light up top. And obviously high socks or stockings of any color and assortment are a must for your packing list (you know you just got siked to bring your treasured middle schoolish pair of knee highs). Additionally, neon glasses can surely see you through a complete EDC Vegas ensemble, and if you’re reading this post, I’ll assume you’ve got it covered on the kandi. Needless to say, once I'd gotten the two shoulder straps and waist strap latched, I felt well secured to the helicopter.
Moments later, we were cruising just above the roofs of all the famous hotels that line the Strip. While a plain bikini top may get kudos at another music festival, EDC Vegas dubs this fashion (at best) a feeble attempt at spirited wardrobe. And for those of us who are creatively or otherwise artistically challenged (or just too lazy for all this Pinterest-coming-to-life work) there are plenty of vendors that sell rave clothing and custom bras online; take a trip to Etsy or just Google it. I caught some of the Snails’ set, which was pretty amazing when combined with the incredible sound system and lighting. After that, Spircu gave us a quick rundown on the headsets and microphones, which would not only help drown out the sound of the rotors, but also allow us to communicate with each other.
However, if you have a desire to be boring, there is not a dress code, and you can pretty much wear anything or (basically) nothing at all.
Forever 21, American Apparel, and Hot Topic will also be likely to have many rave-worthy items you seek. Some festival-goers abandon their vehicles on the side of the road to walk the rest of the way. A-Trak has taken over the cosmicMEADOW and Kaskade is gearing up for an 11:52 start across the Speedway at kineticFIELD.
Ita€™s getting increasingly difficult to pull away from A-Traka€™s as Kaskadea€™s set draws near as hea€™s on a roll with a bouncy blend of hip-hop, EDM and house. Ilan Bluestone followed with a very Anjuna styled set that contained many classics and new bangers towards the end.
Festival-goers are torn but most opt to stick it out through the duration of A-Traka€™s show. He is always a showstopper anytime and I see him live and this experience was no different! With her belly protruding from underneath her tank top, she is raging to Kaskade away from the crowd. The lighting and lasers came alive during his time on stage which put the icing on the cake. It is really impressive how much he does on stage and I found myself standing there with Maria just staring at PvD numerous times as he made magic in front of us. Was there a conference call where it was decided that a pair of shades and briefs would be the uniform of the evening?
To end the day one of my personal favorites, Simon Patterson took to the CDJs with PSY trance.
I would have to say that day one was a complete success and I cannot wait to see what day two brings!
The field goes dark as the opening for Tiestoa€™s reworking of Samuel Barbera€™s a€?Adagio For Stringsa€? begins.
As soon as the uptempo drums kick in and the lights flood the field, the crowd goes bananas. Amidst all of this, a guy wrapped in a Canadian flag is jumping rope by himself in the distance. Many festival-goers have sought refuge in the grassy areas while others stand in line to get on one of the many festival rides. But for those who still wanted to party, the Discovery Stage featured EDC Discovery Project winner Singularity putting down a vicious set that snatched anybody within a 15-foot radius and demanded they joined the party.
A well-timed fireworks display goes off in the distance that felt like it was scored by Singularitya€™s set.
That is, until you make it over to the cosmicMEADOW and realize that damn near everyone has assembled to watch the Bingo Players set. For many, ita€™s a sentimental show as Maarten Hoogstraten goes at it solo without Paul Baumer by his side. Baumer passed away from cancer in December but, per Baumera€™s wishes, Hoogstraten has continued the Bingo Players legacy.
Various country flags flap in the Vegas breeze while the swelling crowd dances nonstop for the next hour. The girlfriend is completely gassed and trying her best to pull her man away from the thunderous Carl Cox set.
With only one day left, it will be interesting to see what special guests take the EDC stage on Sunday.

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