The speed with which hea€™s become a global phenomenon may be startling, but therea€™s nothing of the boy racer about Ed Sheeran.The Range Rover he bought recently was a gift for his manager (a€?I can give good presents nowa€™). Specs appeal: Ed's parents banned TV while he was being brought up, and he still doesn't know how to use a PlaystationHe opens his laptop and does a tally. The young popstar can count Elton John as his mentor - though the music veteran always rings off of a private number, though someone texts ahead to say "Reg is calling"You can see why people warm to Sheeran.
As well as writing his own music, Ed often writes for others - most famously Taylor Swift, One Direction and Christina Aguilera - though he says he has recorded another 87 songs that nobody knows abouta€?Of course I want kids. Sheeran: I’m clueless with consoles - News - MTV Homepage ? TV Shows Music TV Gids Movies Sneak Peeks Finding Carter Teen Mom 2 Brothers Green: EATS! However, can the master of acoustic guitar gather enough votes to take him to the top of the list?
So what does he drive, I ask, assuming that since hea€™s a multi-millionaire at the ludicrous age of 23, ita€™s going to be something fast?a€?I still cana€™t drive,a€™ he says. On our tour bus everyonea€™s playing Fifa, and I kind of wish I could play it, but I have no clue what to do. It's probably best you check these 12 Ed Sheeran moments to find out whether or not you're a die hard Sheerio. You learnt the entire dance from the 'Thinking Out Loud' video just in case he beckons you to the dance floor one day. You sat through ALL 187 minutes of The Hobbit: Desolation Of Smaug to hear Ed's 4 minute song over the credits. You have bought your ticket for the concert at Wembley already and are slowly counting down the days until you can see your man LIVE. You rushed out to buy One Direction's new album 'Four'… to listen to '18', the track Ed wrote.
You now know British Sign Language…well you know the lyrics to 'You Need Me, I Don't Need You'. At one point, the publicist says shea€™ll send me a copy of his new book (Ia€™ve read it in on a computer) and he says: a€?She can take my copy. I thought Ia€™d have a career in England, and ita€™s quite simple to maintain that and home life.

Hundreds.a€™As well as being so prolific, Sheeran may be the best connected 20-something ever.
Therea€™s no point paying postage and packaginga€™.His book (a€?Ita€™s not an auto-biography. You tour for a month, then you make an album.a€?I thought, a€?I can have kids early, I can get married earlya€?. Elton John is a mentor (he is signed by Eltona€™s management company).a€?Ita€™s always an unknown number when he calls, which Ia€™m wary about answering. Theya€™re for people like Mick Jagger, people who have really liveda€™) is a lovely, clever account of his journey to date, sweetly illustrated with drawings by a childhood friend.What a story it is. But now wea€™re touring in Asia and South America and selling out gigs in Poland and Manila. At one point, he slept on the streets outside Buckingham Palace a€” inspiring his song Homeless.a€?I wasna€™t really homeless. Paul McCartney watches Hollyoaksa€?.a€™Days before we meet, he had breakfast with Van Morrison, who called when he was gigging in Dublin and a€?invited me for a pot of teaa€™. But yeah, I would gig at night and, if I didna€™t have a sofa to crash on Ia€™d sleep on the Circle Line all day. Then Ia€™d gig the following night, and do it all again.a€™Therea€™s no hint that hea€™s let success change him. And in his new book Ed Sheeran: A Visual Journey, the 23-year-old revealed the good things about his upbringing.
I was told to avoid questions about his private life, but he doesna€™t seem remotely bothered.A  Paul McCartney told me he heard my stuff on Hollyoaks. We didn’t own a video games console and I honestly think that was one of the best things my mum never did.” While Ed has gone on to have a hugely successful music career in his home country and in America. He can afford many luxuries, but one thing from his childhood has never changed despite his newfound wealth. While his mom inadvertently got him started with the guitar, Ed also credits his dad with developing his musical knowledge. How does a Yorkshire-born, Suffolk-raised kid who never watched TV come to be friends with a Hollywood actress?He tells it as if such things happen every day.

The hit Dona€™t was first thought to refer to Taylor Swift, although he denies they were ever in a relationship, and is now widely thought to refer to a fling with Ellie Goulding.It details the discovery that shea€™d two-timed him (with Niall from One Direction, no less), although hea€™s never confirmed this. While he wasn’t an academic at school, his father could see his son had a deep interest in music and performance, which he encouraged. He dances around it today.People jumped to that conclusion because I put the line a€?we make money in the same waya€? in, but whoa€™s to say that wasna€™t about my property investment? It could have been about a property developer from Slough.a€™Whoever ita€™s about, it was an incredibly public way of hitting back at someone. Shea€™s going to have a spare room, isna€™t she?a€™A So was born a lasting friendship a€” and he later returned to stay for a few months when he was recording in the U.S. Has he ever regretted being so open?a€?I think if it hadna€™t been a hit I would have done. I remember sh***ing myself beforehand, being at home and crying to my dad ‘I don’t want to do it!’” Copyright: Cover Media 2015 Friday, 23.
Ita€™s just two people who fell in love and I hope theya€™re really happy.a€™When Cox met her future in-laws in Northern Ireland, Ed went, too. When it happens, you think a€?Wicked, Ia€™ve finally got inspirationa€?.a€™Even if your heart is in bits?
January 2015 Share Tweet Recent Kanye West en Kim Kardashian huilen in 'Wolves' video Fifth Harmony doet stripped down radio-optreden! She thought it was a farmera€™s market.a€™Ed does a great job of selling his showbiz pals as down-to-earth.
I probably wrote 40 songs about that.A 'I havena€™t used them because they were a bit too dark.
Ia€™d only ever experienced the darker side of Hollywood and they give you faith in everything.a€™So what was his problem with Hollywood before that? I like my songs to have a bit of musicality!a€™Hea€™s happy with his girlfriend Athina Andrelos, 25, who works for chef Jamie Oliver, and oddly, for someone who embraces all things itinerant, he does want to settle down.

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