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WASHINGTON, DC — A new study conducted by the American Journal of Preventative Medicine reveals that law enforcement is officially the most obese profession in the United States. Though Americans tend to react to fatness with laughter and mockery, obesity is actually a serious health condition.
The large amount of body fat on obese males stores toxins that could cause damage to one’s overall health and mental well being.
Extra body fat on obese males also increases estrogen levels beyond medically normal ranges. Unable to see their own manhood, it wouldn’t be surprising if obese cops were taking out their frustration on the general population. Male officers who are obese may suffer from all of these conditions and more, which causes concern, given that they are allowed to carry guns and restrain people at will. Which leaves many wondering: how could law enforcement officers possibly claim to be protecting us when studies show that they can’t even take care of their own bodies? How could an officer who spends most of his time eating pastries and sugar in his car, filling out paperwork, issuing tickets to generate revenue, and shooting citizens from a distance, while being comfortably funded by tax-payers, possibly claim to be “protecting” anybody? Alongside firefighters and security officers, almost 41% of cops are obese, the recent study shows. Government social workers and church clergy are placed as the second most obese profession, with about 35% being fat. Professions that rank among the thinnest are economists, scientists, and psychologists, with only 14% having obesity.
Among obesity’s many poor health consequences are cloudy thinking and irrational judgment. An officer in such a condition should not be walking around with a loaded firearm and permission to initiate violence on citizens. One example is a video which shows a very large officer shooting a handcuffed girl with his taser gun.
Filming Cops was started in 2010 as a conglomerative blogging service documenting police abuse.
Idk about this article…lets just stick to reporting examples of violence and disregard for the law by police. It’s absolutely not unnecessary, as physical fitness is one of the prerequisites for their job.
There are clearly reasons why being obese could be a detriment to being a police officer, but there are unnecessary and unprofessional implications being made in this article that have no place in the discussion on the police institution.
Show me an example of a good cop (under the guidelines made in a previous article posted on this site) and then I’ll sit and have a discussion about the nuances that makes one cop worse than the other and the changes that have to be made on individual levels.
While generally true, I don’t think that assuming someone who finds this article insulting might be fat is in itself an insult. This is directly related to the question are they physically fit enough to carry out the duties and responsibilities of an officer of the law. If you follow the link on the photo to the Daily Mail, it says the study came out in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine.
Let’s disregard how much of a mouth breathing troglodyte you must be to ever think you have the facilities to come up with a snarky comment that also makes a logical point.
He was stating that people keep giving different reasons for the same problem and each time it must be true.
And before I get harassed for loving or hating police, I’m doing the proper thing and keeping them out of my life, whether I like or dislike them.

The fact is, everything they know about the emotional duress from obesity is overly speculative. I just want to start hearing some good fucking sources actually explain a problem for what it is, without this backwards biased fucking arguments we all seem to love to blabber on about. If having an eating disorder is a disability… then lets commend our police departments for not discriminating. How about doing a study without security guards, who have zero to do with policing, and fireman, who also have zero to do with policing. I must say I have never seen an obese officer of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, though I have in other Canadian forces. The relatively good reputation of that service (until recently under Harper) may be attributed in part to high physical fitness standards, which tend also to root out the mentally unfit.
And when they DO go after somone, god willing they have a massive coronary thrombosis, or something like that.
Regardless of any questions of penis visibility, obese cops are more likely to have heart attacks than healthy cops. Worst news I’ve heard all day as far as their wanting to sit on their asses and shoot at people instead of getting up. To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome.
Analysts said the party had lost its way and went backwards instead of looking forward with new ideas.
The first pitch came from Liz Kendall which was followed by Yvette Cooper, Mary Creagh, Andy Burnham. Chuka Umunna was fast to enter the contest but within days pulled out saying he wasn’t “comfortable” with the “pressure” of being a candidate. Founder YourNewsUktv a community news web channel offering a new concept in news broadcasting. Enter your email address to subscribe to and receive notifications of new posts by email.
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Inspector Goole is instrumental in disturbing the harmony; a purposeful, mysterious character who forces the characters to confront each other's social responsibility, snobbery and guilt. He believes that socialist ideas that stress the importance of the community are "nonsense" and that "a man has to make his own way."He wants to protect Birling and Co.
The young girl posed no threat to the officer, but simply wanted him to leave her alone, and tried to get away from him. Should unhealthy people be given permission to carry loaded guns and initiate violence on the rest of us? The aim isna€™t to demonize the natural concept of security provision as such, but to highlight specific cases of State-monopolized police brutality that are otherwise ignored by traditional media outlets. This made me quite uncomfortable and found it to be an absolutely unescessary point to make.
Police as an institution is inherently flawed and our priorities should be having a discourse on this flawed institution as opposed to talking about how fat cops are a little worse than all the other bad cops.
Until then, let’s come at this with the understanding that there are no good cops and police reform on individual level serves no purpose other than to ostracize groups of people that share qualities with these individual police officers.
I think most if not all law enforcement agencies require physical fitness testing on a regular basis supposedly. Even the Daily Mail, Wall Street Journal, and others who’ve reported this just link to the top level of the journal, not the research.

You want to talk about sexist assholes, I’m all for a discussion but please, first go to the appropriate article. And the simple point that you cannot generalize races, but we have the right to generalize a group of people that work in an occupation?? That way when I get to hear what people have to say, it will more often be actually worth listening to. If the police are too busy eating a doughnut, they can’t possibly tase, baton, or shoot any innocent people.
I dislike the police more than most, but a study that relies on BMI as a determination of obesity is absolute junk science. And if you look at sites that compile on-duty deaths of our heroes in blue, a lot of them die of on-the-job coronaries. Tristram Hunt currently Shadow education secretary and initially expressed interest in running has declared, May 20, he will not be joining the race for the top job. Stems from having been in National and International TV news journalism in the UK, Cuba, Moscow and Doha.
He cannot see that he did anything wrong when he fired Eva Smith - he was just looking after his business interests.He wants to protect his reputation.
For instance, at work if I disagreed with a plan of action by a male co-worker it was blamed on PMS. I would hope the police learn to tread lightly considering how vastly outnumbered they are. Sure, we can go about and think logically that a certain job normally takes a mindset that better fits the position, but you cannot go around and blatantly state that all police officers are bad. As the Inspector's investigations continue, his selfishness gets the better of him: he is worried about how the press will view the story in Act II, and accuses Sheila of disloyalty at the start of Act III. Have you ever noticed on “Cops” how the camera man is always able to keep up despite carrying a huge camera? So you can take this how you want but sometimes as you go through life you will come across shit that may make you uncomfortable. And then we go around as a mass and start harassing and perpetuating police brutality, by forcing our government to be on the defensive.
I personally think it’s perfectly reasonable to suggest that someone who can hardly wipe their own ass should NOT be in a position of power. Really?) does absolutely nothing for the overall movement of reforming the police to not be carte blanche murderers who never do time for their crimes against the public. We could be a lot smarter than this and make the difference necessary, but it seems these are the things we prefer. Fine line there in the use of force- but what if she had run out into traffic and been hit and killed- the police would be liable for not preventing her. While you will be able to view the content of this page in your current browser, you will not be able to get the full visual experience. I am of the opinion that experiencing life outside your comfort zone once in a while is a healthy, normal part of it. Please consider upgrading your browser software or enabling style sheets (CSS) if you are able to do so. The ability to take or leave criticism, good or bad, or to be able to be in uncomfortable situations and still function is necessary.

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