But biopsies from Payton and Wagner's other patients show that their bodies are still making mutant protein cells. Wagner says they hope to figure out a way to genetically manipulate a patient's own skin to produce the missing protein, so they don't have to rely on using donor stem cells. The possibility of avoiding dangerous donor transplants is exciting to families battling E.B. But Joy Thornton says she's still glad her family went ahead with the U's experimental treatment, rather than wait for a more advanced therapy to come along. Capitol View The Thread Listen Live Program Schedule Station Directory Audio Help About Minnesota Public Radio Contact Us Shop Become a Member Volunteer Fundraising Credentials Terms of use Your privacy rights Public Inspection Files Minnesota Public Radio ©2016.

The question of whether to use a "compromised organ" is more likely to come up in regards to heart, liver and a€“ to some extent a€“ lung transplants, Renz says. While grading measures evaluate everything from the age of the donor to the likelihood an organ transplant could transmit disease, some risk is assumed with all transplantation procedures and organs. Before making any decisions, patients need to have a frank, informed conversation with doctors to "assess their degree of illness and their urgency in getting a transplant," he says.
That kind of nuanced conversation is difficult a€“ if not impossible a€“ to have if you're talking about it for the first time when the call comes in, day or night, that an organ is ready for transplant, and the decision to allocate the organ to a patient needs to be made right away. But more than a dozen others survived, and their bodies have begun making the collagen protein that anchors their skin in place.

He'd been told six days prior by his transplant surgeon that without a new liver, he wouldn't survive the week. John Renz,a€‹ a professor of surgery at the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine in Chicago a€‹who specializes in liver transplantation. It's sort of a spectrum," says Klassen, who thinks it's more fitting to talk about transplant organs in terms of that continuum.

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