Unfortunately, this integration is challenged by the dissemination of false nutritional information, which tends to make patients confuse toxins for food. When these toxic foods are part of your daily diet, you are in danger of developing heart disease, diabetes, and chronic inflammation—all serious, deadly, yet completely preventable conditions. Sadly, this won’t happen any time soon, especially considering the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has been promoting poor nutrition since 1991 in the form of the Food Guide Pyramid. Fats are treated similarly, with no distinction made between trans and saturated fats, which should be removed. As an alternative to the USDA pyramid, I suggest the following revisions to create the Heart Disease Prevention Pyramid. Also on my pyramid, I would place naturally stable fish oil, which is loaded with omega-3 essential fatty acids (EFAs)—nutrients vital to heart health. Lower blood pressure—Uncontrolled blood pressure can lead to stroke, heart attack or failure, or kidney failure.
Slow atherosclerosis (the growth of harmful plaque on artery walls)—Rapidly growing or unstable plaques can rupture. It’s absolutely critical, however, that the fish oil supplement you buy be free of contaminants and guaranteed fresh!
Supplements should contain no detectable toxins, such as dioxins, DDT, PCBs, or heavy metals, such as mercury and lead. The most effective supplements are made from enteric-coated fresh garlic and provide a total allicin potential of 4,000 micrograms (mcg). Backed by many years of scientific research and clinical study, pantethine and plant sterols are nature’s answer to dangerous prescription cholesterol-lowering medications. Pantethine is found in foods such as liver, salmon, and yeast, and has been known for years to lower cholesterol in blood.
Then, to compensate for the lowered cholesterol production, the liver pulls the LDL cholesterol out of the blood. Plant sterols are the fats of plants and are found in nuts, vegetable oils, corn, and rice. While both plant sterols and pantethine are found naturally in foods, we need to take a concentrated combination of pantethine and plant sterols in just the right ratio to lower cholesterol.
I believe most heart disease is preventable and reversible using natural medicine and approaches.

It all started after reading Eat to Live (an awesome book no matter what type of diet you eat). I love drizzling it over a huge bed of lettuces and vegetables, and my husband loves spreading it on his chicken sandwiches.
I was not surprised to see ranch dressing as America’s number one favorite, so that one may be up next for revision!
Oatmeal with a Fork is a part of the Amazon Affiliate Program, meaning that I receive a small portion of revenue if you purchase certain products through this site. January 12, 2014 By admin Dr Fuhrman’s popular GOMBS diet has evolved, and is now the G-BOMBS diet. Read more about each food category of the G-BOMBS diet and how these foods can protect your health.
There is a lot of research backing the G-BOMBS diet and why we should eat more of these foods. Consuming mushrooms regularly is associated with decreased risk of breast, stomach, and colorectal cancers. If you want to add more food from the G-BOMBS diet into your daily meal planning, use this plate as an example. Upcoming Weight Loss Programs To Help You Stay FitWe have several upcoming weight loss programs at our sister facility, Ultimate Fit Zone in Monmouth County. For example, white flour and white sugar are devoid of nutrition and almost all effects are dangerous and negative. It recommends six to 11 servings of white rice, bread, potatoes, and pasta—the very foods I tell my patients to avoid! Healthy fats, such as fresh olive and high-DHA, clean-sourced and tested fish oils, should be added. The body responds with chronic inflammation, which can lead to blood clots, and can cause heart attacks and strokes.
This natural nutrient is present in every nucleated cell in our body.And unless disease stricken or artificially depleted by drugs, heart cells are loaded with CoQ10.
However, one harmful side effect statin drugs share is that they deprive heart cells of CoQ10. Studies show that pantethine inhibits several enzymes in the liver and blocks the activity of one co-enzyme involved in cholesterol synthesis, called HMG-CoA, by about 50 percent; thus significantly lowering cholesterol production.

Studies show on average, pantethine can lower total cholesterol by 16 percent, LDL cholesterol levels by 14 percent, serum triglycerides by 38 percent, and can raise HDL cholesterol by 10 percent. Cholesterol is absorbed from the intestines through receptor sites, from which it is then absorbed into the bloodstream. The key here is not just to isolate LDLs, but improve the numbers for LDLs, HDLs, and triglycerides. Joel Fuhrman has a delicious dressing in the book that employs dates as the sweetener, so I knew right away I wanted to try to put my own spin on it, but I never seemed to be able to get the right ratio of sweet and tangy. It’s the perfect compliment to anything from lettuce greens to sandwiches to chicken fingers. I’m not a huge fan of super sweet anything, so if you are, you may want to add in another date or two. My fav is a poppy seed dressing, but I can’t seem to figure out which of my books it came from.
In one recent Chinese study, women who ate at least 10 grams of fresh mushrooms each day (about one mushroom per day) had a 64% decreased risk of breast cancer. While some physicians are aware of this and tell their patients to take between 100 mg to 400 mg of CoQ10 each day, most are not. You need to take a CoQ10 that’s been used in research conducted by prestigious universities. With pantethine and plant sterols, we are not challenging the liver, but bringing it into balance naturally. Fuhrman has created to combine the most powerful anti-cancer foods into a daily eating plan.
The actual cholesterol, which is being blocked from absorption, remains in our intestines where it is eventually excreted.
I eat a little bit of everything, so you will find a vast variety of delicious recipes to choose from.

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