Red spots on tongue may be caused due to a harmless condition or a severe underlying disease. Geographic tongue: It is a condition which results in the appearance of a map-like pattern on the tongue surface as well as red spots on tongue. Allergic reactions: Red spots on tongue can also develop due to an allergic reaction after contact with different kinds of allergens such as medications, food, etc. Vitamin B deficiency: One of the most common causes of red spots on tongue is deficient intake of vitamin B.
Digestive conditions: Red spots or bumps on tongue may also occur due to varied gastric abnormalities such as acid reflux that cause adverse action by the acid regurgitated from the stomach.
Smoking and alcohol abuse: The tongue may also experience swelling and develop red dots due to excessive smoking or increased alcohol intake. Kawasaki disease: It is an autoimmune disease which results in formation of large reddish spots on the back part of the tongue.
Other causes: Sexually transmitted diseases, disorders of the taste buds, intake of hot and spicy food, physical injury, bleeding, and increased body heat, etc. Treatment of red spots on tongue is aimed at finding out the underlying cause and then treating it. Intake of sufficient quantities of vitamin B via food and supplements to offset its deficiency in the body. If you vape the same flavor all day every day your olfactory senses can become desensitized to that particular flavor. Fellow vapers have also reported that vaping flavors like mint, menthol and cinnamon work well as olfactory cleansers. Evidential my dear, I do believe you are on to something, I am a newbie vapor but have never been to keen on the vapors tongue theory. If things take a break on you, take a mouthful of dill pickle juice and swish it around, then swallow. I have vapors fatigue and it is killing me I have tried chewing coffee beans and even ate some pickled ginger, but still have fatigue.
Also, when you find that you are having a tasteless palette, try smelling some coffee grounds! I keep a large water bottle next to me and refill it multiple times during the day, as well as multiple cartos with a variety of juices that I switch up on throughout the day and I still get vapor desensitization. It may seem obvious, but drinking a lot of liquid (particularly water) can help hydrate your whole body. It is a harmless condition, but patients may seek medical attention if they experience discomfort or pain. For example, asthma patients may elicit the characteristic red spots after an allergic reaction which causes inflammation of the lungs.

It may however aggravate the condition can lead to formation of lumps which may or may not be painful.
As you make the switch from analog cigarettes to electronic cigarettes your ability to taste will improve over time. Well, a trick commonly employed by wine tasters and perfume mixologists is to inhale fresh coffee grounds.
It will really shock the world and get the point across in a way that is still socially acceptable. I like use Whiteout as a palate cleanser it tastes like White Tic Tacs with a hint of Black Licorice.
If you vape all day with a sputtery build, you’re going to get tiny burn spots that over time add up to some white noise on your tongue.
Many different brands of spray are available at drug stores, but it is also possible and rather simple to create your own nasal spray at home. Nutritionists recommend drinking at least 8 cups (there are 8 ounces to a cup) of water each day. Humidifiers are easy to obtain at most department and drug stores and can keep the humidity level in any room at prime levels to fend off a dry nasal lining. Your tongue has the ability to taste five sensations: sweet, sour, bitter, salty and savory. Coffee interacts with specific chemicals in the olfaction sensors and will in turn cause your olfactory senses to reset. This will give your olfaction sensors time to reboot and you won’t be wasting flavored e juice. Smells engage the olfactory nerves in noses while your taste buds react on the tongue, and the two combine together to make up the experience.
I have found a fantastic e juice that works every time as a fantastic palate cleanse is mimosa! Taking care of this situation quickly at home can go a long way towards preventing further irritation or bleeding. Substances containing menthol, such as Vick's Vap-O-Rub, can sometimes also be added to a humidifier to add an even higher level of soothing relief. It may also be noted that cancer related bumps appear only on one side of the tongue and on the mouth floor.
For example, it allows to feel the sensation that blueberries are sweet, green apples are sour, tobaccos are bitter, bacon is salty and oregano is savory.
Unfortunately, sometimes with this increased sensation your olfactory senses will be overloaded and shut down causing the accursed vapor’s fatigue.
Then you notice after vaping blueberry daily for 6 months that the flavor is getting weaker and weaker.

Sometimes fresh juice will have little to no taste, so it may not be you it may actually be your e juice! I use to laugh at my sister, who is a nurse, who said if you could smell a fart then you were actually tasting it too.
Home nasal remedies can also be less expensive and are usually safer than store-bought remedies. Using a bulb syringe (also available at most drug stores), squirt the solution up each nostril one at a time, breathing in slightly with each squirt to ensure the solution completely makes its way through the nasal passageway. More liquid in the body means more moisture in the nose, which can often remedy sore and dry nasal passages.
But it is the olfactory sensors at the top of your nasal passage that allow you to taste blueberry as blueberry, green apple as green apple, tobacco as tobacco, bacon as bacon and oregano as oregano. Do not panic this is completely normal and simply your olfactory senses’ way of recuperating. If too much moisture is absorbed it will result in dry mouth: a condition where a thin film forms on the inside of your mouth isolating your tongue and olfactory senses. My all time favorite is honeysuckle mist but it’s the one i was using when i lost my taste so i went to cinnamint and then to gren-ade. I’ve always had a problem drinking enough pure water and have been drinking more since I started vaping as I noticed it prolonged the flavors as I vaped. Afterward, blow your nose lightly in a tissue just so that the excess liquid is expelled but the nasal lining is still damp. Thus, when you are not able to taste your e juice it related to your olfactory senses not your tongue. This may happen several times as your sense of taste returns and should only last for a few hours or in some cases a few days.
I propose that we change the terminology to something more appropriate such as vapor’s fatigue.
Also it goes along with peoples preference theory, peoples taste and smell sensory are different some have high taste buds and others are low.
I am a heavy diet soda drinker and at one point was getting dry mouth then vapor’s fatigue after any vape session that lasted more than 5 minutes.
I then started rotating between 4 flavors and now I have no problems tasting Cinnamon Roll.
For example if you usually vape Cinnamon Roll and can’t taste the flavor anymore I would recommended trying to vape one of our other desert flavors like Butterscotch or Strawberry Shortcake instead of trying to vape something similar to Cinnamon Roll like Sticky Bun.

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