Organised crime syndicates using Durban's ports of entry are placing the city at risk of becoming a drug trading hub for southern Africa. The International Narcotics Control Board's Doctor Lochan Naidoo has released the organisation's 2013 report in Durban. Cannabis, crystal meth, heroine and crack cocaine are highlighted as the main drugs of abuse in South Africa.
Naidoo says this was the first time that the City featured in the board's detailed analysis of the drug trade across the world. He says Durban is getting many reports of cocaine seizures at King Shaka International Airport, coming internationally from the Gulf States.
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A lot of attention has been paid to a string of recent deaths involving the drug known as Molly. First, drug abuse and addiction has devastating consequences on an individuals, their families, communities and society as a whole. Next, the war on drugs is not nearly as successful as hoped in enforcing strict prohibition on the drugs, as evidenced by the continued availability of these illegal substances.
Finally, when a substance is made illegal, production, distribution and possession then become criminal activities. To satisfy the continued demand of mind altering substances, illegal operations pop up and begin to produce drugs. Despite Molly being popularized by celebrities of late, most notably Miley Cyrus, and the recent rash of overdoses and deaths reported, law enforcement has actually seized less Molly in raids than in previous years. Since none of the production is regulated, a drug can be called whatever it is called and sold as something it is not and there is no way to make any of it safer, given the current legal standards. It is impractical to dismiss these trends with a just-say-no attitude, just as it is impractical to expect prohibition to be effective after decades of failure in this mission.

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She studied at Charles University, in Prague, receiving a master's degree in physical education in 1972. In his many interviews, Trump did not go into the same swoony details, but this maybe was because reporters were more interested in his business deals. It was in that Queens house that he was born June 14, 1946, one of five children of Fred and Mary Trump. Fred was the head of the Trump Organization, a sizable if not too well-known real estate business.
He also was a bit wild growing up a€” throwing erasers at teachers, squirting soda at girls, etc.
Later, he attended Fordham, then transferred to the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.

He says he thought about going into the oil business, but decided to join his father at the Trump Organization. He also hung out in such celebrity haunts as Elaine's and Regine's, and tooled around in a chauffeured silver Cadillac with his initials a€” DJT a€” on the plate.
It wasn't until several years into their marriage that Ivana became a celebrity as a society hostess, high-fashion shopper, Trump Organization executive and mother. The rumor mill was grinding again shortly after Christmas, when the Trumps were reportedly seen arguing on the slopes in Aspen.
Tobacco kills a lot of people, but both THC and MDMA have been shown over the years people have been taking them, to be two very low risk substitutes to alcohol (which also kills far more than MDMA and Marijuana combined.) If these substances were to be legalised, I highly doubt that their chemical constitutions would spontaneously transform into something they are not, and in this sense, I feel your metaphor falls apart somewhat. The other version has it that they met the same year in Maxwell's Plum, a swanky singles bar of the day, where Ivana was eating with several models in town for a Canadian fur fashion show. She had left her Czechoslovak homeland a€” partly to forget a boyfriend who died in a car crash, she said a€” and was working with modest success as a runway and print model in Montreal. By the mid '70s, he had moved to the upper East Side, where the lights and the prospects were brighter than even his family's 23-room house in the exclusive Jamaica Estates section of Queens. So his father shipped him off to the New York Military Academy, at Cornwall-on-Hudson, to shape him up. Trump's name has been linked with several women, including actress Catherine Oxenberg and ice skater Peggy Fleming. As a small boy, the story goes, he glued all the toy blocks he could find together into one huge skyscraper.

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