Forklift safety is something that you would think is obvious, considering that forklifts are fairly large machines with several moving parts and considerable power. 25% of fatalities resulted from being crushed between the forklift and a different surface. Now let’s take a look at the most common locations and industries of fatal forklift accidents.
As you can see, forklift fatalities occur in virtually every industry you can imagine that deals with manufacturing, mining, construction, or transportation of materials. The proper forklift training will reduce, or even prevent, accidents from happening on the job site.
With over 11% of all forklifts getting into accidents a year, and over 90% of all forklifts getting into accidents within their 8 year lifespan, forklift safety training should not be taken lightly. Drivers Ltd are a Southampton based recruitment agency for driving and warehouse jobs and positions. This morning I was going through some paperwork — the United Arab Emirates, Nigeria, Vietnam, The West Indies, these are just some of the places the Executive Protection Industry has taken me. When I talk to club security staff, they often ask me, “How did you transition to VIP Protection and can I do the same?” And I tell them that in my case, it was a matter of being mentored, getting trained and certified, and utilizing what I learned working in nightclubs to forge a path into the professional world of Close Protection work. Those of you working in the field of nightclub security should know that a lack of a Law Enforcement or military background is not necessarily a hindrance when it comes to doing Executive Protection.
Miguel DeCoste, CPP is an Executive Protection Specialist and the owner of Coast Executive Services. There a many paths to success in this industry, however, taking that first step is paramount!
ICON will officially be presenting our 5 day Celebrity Protection & Behavioral Analysis Course. Wrapped up a great day at the 2014 International Executive Protection & Secure Transportation Conference. The MSc Sports Marketing and Business Management programme offers you the opportunity to study core sport management disciplines of finance, enterprise, global sports business and strategy, while specialising in the area of sports marketing.
Please contact Course Enquiries with any queries regarding postgraduate study and research. Sport is now a multi-billion dollar global industry and the content of the taught modules is reflective of the global context in which sports organisations operate, with use made of a range of international case studies. An integral part of the course is the Consultancy Project, which is an opportunity for students to work on a “live” sports marketing and business management project for an external client, agreed using a project specification negotiated between the student, client and academic supervisor. For full-time students, the taught element is normally completed over a nine month period starting in late September. Students wishing to complete the Masters of Science in Sports Marketing and Business Management must complete the research element, which comprises a dissertation. The thing that struck me the most about UCLan was the amount of time lecturers had for students outside of lectures and seminars.
The course team who teach on the MSc Sports Marketing and Business Management have a wealth of experience both within academia and in the sports industry.
Jessica joined UCLan in March 2004 working as a Research Fellow in the International Football Institute and became a lecturer in 2006. Ingrid joined the School of Sport, Tourism and the Outdoors in 2005 and in 2011 obtained her PhD, looking at Nationalism and Tourist-Host Relationships. Sue’s PhD looked at graduate transition into the sport industry and she continues to research in the areas of employability of sport graduates and professional identity in the sport industry.
The School of Sport and Wellbeing has strong links with a large number of sports organisations, including professional sports teams, public and private sector sports providers and grassroots sports clubs.
Assessment on each of the modules is designed to maximise your learning in relation to both subject-specific knowledge and understanding and wider skills, including communication, problem solving and teamwork. Graduates from this course will be equipped to pursue careers in sports marketing, for example as Marketing Executives within professional sports teams, sports marketing agencies, sports retailers and sportswear and equipment manufacturers. Similarly, with its theoretical base deriving from mainstream marketing and management theory, successful students will also have the ability to take up graduate level positions in business and marketing across a range of non-sports sectors. The strong theoretical and research-informed underpinning equally will prepare student for higher level study, in the field of sports marketing and management.
I would highly recommend this course to other people as my personal experience was fantastic. If you are looking for a template for weekly job scheduling or shift scheduling, check out our weekly shift schedule template or bi-weekly work schedule.
This file contains two worksheets - one with and one without the hours shown in the schedule.
However, when looking at the numbers, forklifts cause around 85 fatalities a year, almost 35 thousand accidents which result in serious injury, and another 61 thousand resulting in non-serious injuries.

Not only that, studies have indicated that a majority of these accidents could have been prevented with the proper forklift training, or simply just better training.
It will also train operators on how to deal with elevated loads that can possibly tip the forklift over.
Apply online for HGV driving work with Drivers Ltd to get considered for our HGV jobs in Southampton.
Oh yeah, and this is a good time to mention, that I started off working as a nightclub “bouncer”.
The only route to success is through dedication to the craft, continuous training, and hard work. With over 20 years of experience he has worked with numerous public figures around the globe.
At Eagle Protective Group, we are committed to provide our customers best possible security services as there is nothing more important than the safety of Life & Property. Taught in conjunction with Executive Security International, the 1st class will be held February 22-26 in Colorado and I’m pretty honored to have the Bob Duggan, the founder of ESI teaching it alongside me.
The course is suitable both for professionals working within the sports industry and those with an appropriate undergraduate qualification who aspire to work in management and marketing roles within this sector.
It would normally be expected that this degree be awarded at the level of lower second class or above (or overseas equivalent). The module 'The Sports Industry' explicitly examines the global business context of sport, while Principles and Practice of Sports Marketing incorporates international sports marketing as a key theme.
The Consultancy Project offers students the opportunity to apply the theoretical and practical knowledge that they have developed within the programme in a relevant, practical context. Full-time students will normally complete this in the three months that follow the taught element, whilst part-time students complete this during the course of an academic year. This offered a great opportunity to clear up any issues I had over the content of lectures, which very often only become clear when you try to utilise theories within work at a later date. Therefore, you will be taught by academics who are actively researching and publishing in the area. Jess was awarded a Doctor of Philosophy in Sports Studies from Stirling University in 2004 for her thesis entitled ‘Women’s Football in Scotland: An Interpretive Analysis’ and she has developed a number of publications from this research study.
Prior to joining UCLan, Ingrid gained almost 10 years of industry experience in project implementation and management of developing outdoor recreational and sport opportunities for large public organisations, namely British Waterways and Local Authorities. She has published her research in Managing Leisure and is co-author of the textbook Human Resource Management in the Sport and Leisure Industry.
We regularly invite in guest speakers from industry to speak to students within the modules on this course.
It is organised to ensure that key concepts, theories and, where appropriate, practices relevant to marketing and management in the sports industry form a central role into your learning.
The use of guest speakers on the course is designed to facilitate networking opportunities for students to meet with potential employers.
Assessment types include reports, consultancy projects, essays, oral and multimedia presentations, debates and a dissertation. Graduates from this course will also gain knowledge and skills required to help them set up their own sports-related businesses.
The lecturers on the course made the experience more enjoyable and their constant support throughout the year provided me with the encouragement and confidence I needed to take the next step in pursuing my career in Sports Marketing. We also have another weekly schedule that is a cross between our class schedule template and weekly calendar.
The first one is designed for 15-minute intervals and the second one has 30-minute intervals. Forklift safety training is important because drivers who operate forklifts without the proper training become immediate dangers to themselves and any other employees working in their area. Are you trying to be the cool guy in sunglasses and a suit or do you gain satisfaction at the idea of providing protection and acting as a facilitator for your Client?
Are you willing to move to find more work or are you going to try and carve a niche for yourself within your own location at the risk of failure? Honestly, in my opinion, the only way to do it properly is with training, followed by certification in your field of interest (see What), a ton of networking, and yes, doing practically whatever job you are called upon to do in order to gain experience. YOU have to take the initiative to get away from the computer screen, the xbox, the gym and begin your quest.
Miguel, a strategic partner and graduate of the ICON Executive Protection Academy, is also the author of Tao of the Velvet Rope, a blog focusing on the Nightclub Security Industry. There is a dual focus on the marketing of sport and marketing through sport, with sports marketing being examined from the perspective of both rights holders (sports organisations) and sponsors.
Previous students have worked on projects with a range of sports organisations, including professional sports teams, facilities, local authority and private sector providers and grassroots sports clubs.

Part-time students will normally attend one day a week and complete the taught element in two years. Equally, many of our staff have experience working in management roles within sport, so you can learn from their practical experience as well as academic expertise. Prior to joining UCLan, she also worked as a Research Assistant in the Institute for Sports Research (Stirling University) on contract research projects for Sport England, Sport Scotland and the Scottish Sports Association. Prior to her academic roles, Sue spent five years working in sports facilities management in the public sector. This represents a valuable opportunity for students to meet potential employers and learn about life in the sports industry. Throughout the programme you will engage in a range of learning activities including lectures, seminars, debates, case studies, presentations, online activities, directed readings and group work.
The staff on the programme are friendly and supportive and they also have a considerable experience both within higher education and working in the sports industry. If you need a basic schedule to help you plan your week and don't have Excel, try these spreadsheets in OpenOffice or Google Sheets.
You can make a multi-week schedule by duplicating and renaming a worksheet tab and then updating the start date. The Medical Examiner's Certificate Wallet Card is an integral part of the driver qualification file, this driver card is sold in packs of 25. According to the Industrial Truck Association, there are currently around 855 thousand forklifts in the United States. Let us also remind you that is it required by OSHA that ALL operators of forklifts be properly trained.
This will increase the forklift’s stability and will significantly reduce the chances of an accident occurring.
Can you handle putting yourself in harm’s way, sometimes far from home, often without recognition for a job well done? As the sports industry grows in size and complexity, there is increasing demand for qualified sports marketers and managers. Depending on the availability of suitable partners, students may be able to work on live international sports marketing consultancy projects, with either UK or non-UK-based organisations. In addition, students will have the opportunity to engage in a sports marketing consultancy project, working on live projects with sports organisations. Students who complete the taught element of the programme, in part or in its entirety, may graduate with either a Postgraduate Certificate or Diploma in Sports Marketing and Business Management. Through her research activities Jess has expertise in qualitative research methods and contributes to teaching on Research Methods in Sport. For example, we have had guest lectures given by representatives of Wigan Warriors Rugby League Club, Bolton Wanderers Football Club, St Helens Rugby League Club, David Lloyd Leisure and Preston City Council. Labelmaster has a wide selection of driver's forms that you need to stay in compliance. This means that over 11% of all forklifts in the country will be involved in some type of an accident within the next year. One important thing to note is that a lot of fatalities resulted from the operator or driver jumping from the forklift as it was tipping over. Through a series of taught modules, a consultancy project and a dissertation, the course equips you with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills and understanding necessary to undertake a managerial career in the dynamic global sports market. Students have also visited the UK headquarters of Adidas, where they were given a lecture on the company’s marketing activities. This is an alarmingly high number and makes us wonder if workers are being trained properly on how to operate forklifts, or if they are are simply being ignorant and do not necessarily follow best practices when operating them even though they’ve been trained correctly. The ITA has also reported that the average lifespan of a forklift is around 8 years, which means around 90% of all forklifts will be involved in an accident sometime during their useful life. Regardless of what is causing the problem, it is still apparent that this is a serious problem and needs to be addressed. If you are an operator of a forklift, then you have a very good chance of experiencing some type of accident during the course of your career. To help workers better understand the dangers of operating a forklift, we’ve put together this guide to help remind everyone why forklift safety training is so important.

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